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Sevilla 2012

Sevilla 2012 11min | Short, Drama | 2 October 2012 (Netherlands) Storyline: Three youngsters go on a road trip to Seville that will change their lives forever. User review: A group of friends go on a road trip; a man, his girlfriend and his best male friend. They impulsively decide to make the journey to […]


HEET WATER 2014 4min 28sec | Short | 2014 Plot: A sober and intense picture about researching sexuality. Starring: Simon Baetens & Sam Vd Haute Director: Sven Spur Camera: Manon De Sutter Boom Operator: Mira De Boose Production: KASK (2014) Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media / Version 2 Codec ID : mp42 […]
Mein Sohn Helen 2015_BHMMein Sohn Helen 2015_1Mein Sohn Helen 2015_2Mein Sohn Helen 2015_3Mein Sohn Helen 2015_4Mein Sohn Helen 2015_5Mein Sohn Helen 2015_6Mein Sohn Helen 2015_7Mein Sohn Helen 2015_8

Mein Sohn Helen 2015

Mein Sohn Helen 2015 1h 29min | TV Movie 24 April 2015 User review: This movie had a lot of potential. The actors were very good and Helen made a convincing female, which many movies about transgendered people do not have. The issue here was the far too thin plot. It stretched the same issues […]

Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016

Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016 2 hours 58 minutes | Adult | 9 November 2016 Plot: Homopunk & kinky. The best creative , conceptual, experimental and funny adult movie made in Barcelona. A different way to enjoy adult entertainment. “Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist. The movie” is: -chapter 1: the after party -chapter 2: the producer […]

Pyotr495 (2016)

Pyotr495 (2016) 15min | Short, Horror, Sci-Fi | 18 July 2016 (Canada) Storyline: Set one evening in present day Moscow, 16 year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultranationalist group known for their violent abductions and anti-gay attacks bolstered by Russia’s LGBT propaganda law, but Pyotr has a dangerous secret his attackers could never have accounted […]

Tomka dhe Shoket e tij 1977

Tomka dhe Shoket e tij 1977 Tomka dhe shokët e tij (original title) 1h 20min | Drama, Family | 28 October 1977 (Albania) Storyline: The Wehrmacht arrives in a small Albanian town after Italy capitulates to the Allies. Tomka and his gang decide to exact revenge when the German soldiers set up camp on their […]

Four Days in France 2016

Four Days in France 2016 Jours de France (original title) 2h 17min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 22 March 2017 (France) User review: Gay viewers who expect this film to be a round of hot erotic encounters – or an intense melange of mystery and explicit sex like Giraudie’s Stranger by the Lake – will […]
Is Anybody There 2008_BHMIs Anybody There 2008_1Is Anybody There 2008_2Is Anybody There 2008_3Is Anybody There 2008_4Is Anybody There 2008_5Is Anybody There 2008_6

Is Anybody There 2008

Is Anybody There 2008 PG-13 | 1h 34min | Drama | 1 May 2009 (UK) Storyline: Set in 1980s seaside England, this is the story of Edward, an unusual ten year old boy growing up in an old people’s home run by his parents. Whilst his mother struggles to keep the family business afloat, and […]