The Kidnappers 1953

The Kidnappers 1953
1h 33min | Drama, Family, Romance | 1954 (Austria)


A Scotsman, Jim MacKenzie, living on a primitive homestead in Nova Scotia, is raising his two grandsons, Harry and Davy, following the death of their father in the Boer War. His son’s death has developed antagonism by MacKenzie toward all Dutchmen, which leads to Harry brawling at school with the son of a Dutchman. Harry falls down a cliff and is helped home by the community doctor, Willem Bloem, a Dutchman in love with MacKenzie’s daughter, Kirsty. Due to the old man’s feelings, they must carry on a clandestine romance. Forbidden by their grandfather to have a dog, Harry and Davy “kidnap” an unattended baby and care for the child in a lean-to shack. When found, the baby proves to be the child of MacKenzie’s most-bitter Dutch enemy.

User review:

I also remember this film with great fondness after watching with my grandmother many years ago ,the conversation between the older boy Harry and the young lad still brings a smile to my face..”Is this oor babee Harry..?” answer – “No its mine but you can share it”. I would love to see this heartwarming film again,the memory of the Grandfather giving the children the two red setter dogs at the end still brings a lump to my throat…I would make this film compulsory viewing and would my love children to see this wonderful tale,I suppose really it could be classed as a feel good film and the atmosphere the film provides showing the rural struggles of Scotland at that time makes it almost Dickensian..tremendos film hope its not lost forever.

Director: Philip Leacock
Writer: Neil Paterson (screenplay)
Stars: Jon Whiteley, Vincent Winter, Adrienne Corri

The Kidnappers 1953

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