First Kill 2017_BHMFirst Kill 2017_1First Kill 2017_2First Kill 2017_3First Kill 2017_4First Kill 2017_5First Kill 2017_6

First Kill 2017

First Kill 2017 R | 1h 37min | Action, Thriller | 21 July 2017 (USA) Storyline: In an attempt to reconnect with his son Danny, successful Wall Street broker Will takes his family on a vacation to the cabin where he grew up. While Will and Danny are hunting, their trip takes a deadly turn […]
Jasper Jones 2017_BHMJasper Jones 2017_1Jasper Jones 2017_2Jasper Jones 2017_3Jasper Jones 2017_4Jasper Jones 2017_5Jasper Jones 2017_6

Jasper Jones 2017

Jasper Jones 2017 1h 45min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 2 March 2017 (Australia) Storyline: JASPER JONES is a coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14. On the night that Jasper Jones, the town’s mixed race outcast shows him the dead body of young Laura Wishart, Charlie’s life is changed […]
Any Day 2015_BHMAny Day 2015_1Any Day 2015_2Any Day 2015_3Any Day 2015_4Any Day 2015_5Any Day 2015_6Any Day 2015_7

Any Day 2015

Any Day 2015 1h 40min | Drama, Romance, Thriller | 1 October 2015 (Kuwait) Storyline: Vian McLean is an ex fighter who is filled with resentment. He killed a man with his bare hands and has just spent the last twelve years in prison for the crime. Upon his release from Prison he comes to […]
Manny Dearest 2017_BHMManny Dearest 2017_1Manny Dearest 2017_2Manny Dearest 2017_3Manny Dearest 2017_4Manny Dearest 2017_5Manny Dearest 2017_6

Manny Dearest 2017

Manny Dearest 2017 A Stranger with My Kids (original title) 1h 25min | Thriller | TV Movie 5 February 2017 Storyline: Single mom Karen Clark hires Alex, a manny (a male nanny or au pair) to help with her two young sons, never suspecting Alex has other plans and wants her family as his own, […]
Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_BHMTenderness of the Wolves 1973_1Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_2Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_3Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_4Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_5Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_6Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_7Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_8

Tenderness of the Wolves 1973

Tenderness of the Wolves 1973 Die Zärtlichkeit der Wölfe (original title) 1h 22min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 12 July 1973 (West Germany) Storyline: In 1925, in Germany, Fritz Haarmann is a homosexual, thief and sneak, having a special license from the police. He sells meat in the black market. He also kills boys and […]
The Bye Bye Man 2017_BHMThe Bye Bye Man 2017_1The Bye Bye Man 2017_2The Bye Bye Man 2017_3The Bye Bye Man 2017_4The Bye Bye Man 2017_5

The Bye Bye Man 2017

The Bye Bye Man 2017 16 | 1h 37min | Horror, Thriller | 6 January 2017 (Taiwan) Storyline: When three college students move into an old house off campus, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as The Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon them once they discover his name. The friends must […]
Agonie 2016_BHMAgonie 2016_1Agonie 2016_2Agonie 2016_3Agonie 2016_4Agonie 2016_5Agonie 2016_6Agonie 2016_7Agonie 2016_8

Agonie 2016

Agonie 2016 1h 33min | Drama, Thriller | 8 December 2016 (Germany) Storyline: On the 3rd of October a twenty-four-year-old student from Vienna kills his lover and chops up her corpse. Her torso is found in a dumpster, other body parts and the head are missing. There is no clue about the motive of the […]
The Manipulated Living 2012_BHMThe Manipulated Living_1The Manipulated Living_2The Manipulated Living_3The Manipulated Living_4

The Manipulated Living 2012

The Manipulated Living 2012 7min | Short, Drama, Thriller | 24 August 2012 (USA) Storyline: It’s the short film about a young boy whose life is dark and manipulated in a way of child abuse. The purpose is to help the children and make the word a safer place for them. Director: Harrison J. Bahe […]
Pig Pen 2016_BHMPig Pen 2016_1Pig Pen 2016_2Pig Pen 2016_3Pig Pen 2016_4Pig Pen 2016_5Pig Pen 2016_6Pig Pen 2016_7Pig Pen 2016_8

Pig Pen 2016

Pig Pen 2016 1h 25min | Drama, Thriller | 2016 (USA) Storyline: Forced to fend for himself on the streets, 13-year-old Zack has just been pushed out of his dysfunctional home by Wayne, his mother’s sadistic boyfriend. When the two are brought back together by a murder, only one will survive this bloody tale of […]
Seconds Apart 2011_BHMSeconds Apart 2011_1Seconds Apart 2011_2Seconds Apart 2011_3Seconds Apart 2011_4Seconds Apart 2011_5Seconds Apart 2011_6

Seconds Apart 2011

Seconds Apart 2011 R | 1h 29min | Horror, Thriller | 7 July 2011 (Russia) Storyline: Seth and Jonah are twins with a dangerous ability: telepathy. Things start to spiral out of their control as their classmates end up dying in twisted and bizarre ways. The police suspect them. But, jealousy begins to divide them […]