Sabor Tropical 2009_BHM

Sabor Tropical 2009

Sabor Tropical 2009 1h 59min | Drama, Thriller | 7 January 2010 (Panama) Storyline: A foreign journalist who travels to Panama on assignment for an online publication to cover one of Latin America’s premiere festival celebrations… the carnival of Las Tablas. User review: I enjoyed this movie, it had a lot of interesting twists to […]
The Book of Henry 2017_BHM

The Book of Henry 2017

The Book of Henry 2017 PG-13 | 1h 45min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 23 June 2017 (USA) Storyline: Sometimes things are not always what they seem, especially in the small suburban town where the Carpenter family lives. Single suburban mother Susan Carpenter works as a waitress at a diner, alongside feisty family friend Sheila. […]
Sins of Our Youth 2014_BHM

Sins of Our Youth 2014

Sins of Our Youth 2014 R | 1h 33min | Drama, Thriller | 31 July 2014 (USA) Storyline: Sins of Our Youth is the story of four teenagers who accidentally murder a younger boy while shooting off assault weapons recreationally and the perilous decisions they make in the wake of the murder. Motion Picture Rating […]
The Fetist 1998_BHM

The Fetist 1998

The Fetist 1998 Atsui toiki (original title) 1h 5min | Drama, Thriller | 2 March 1998 (Japan) Storyline: A Japanese LGBT-themed horror film about a young gay man who gradually becomes a serial murderer. User review: Slightly strange Sato entry from 1998 revisiting the gay pinku once again. A young man in a somewhat abusive […]
Mommy’s Little Boy 2017_BHM

Mommy’s Little Boy 2017

Mommy’s Little Boy 2017 1h 28min | Thriller | TV Movie 18 March 2017 Storyline: A young boy takes a stand when his mother’s grief threatens to destroy both of their lives. User review: Some mommy. The sort of mother that should be investigated and dealt with at Child Protective Services. Her older son continuously […]
The Atoning 2017_BHM

The Atoning 2017

The Atoning 2017 1h 29min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 5 September 2017 (USA) Storyline: Vera, Ray, and Sam, a seemingly normal family, are haunted by more than mere ghosts. The lingering horror of their past threatens their ability to function as a loving family until they become enlightened by a mystical encounter. From that […]
Hush Little Baby (2017)_BHM

Hush Little Baby 2017

Hush Little Baby 2017 Thriller | 18 June 2017 (USA) Storyline: Between working full-time, raising a young son, and trying to maintain a relationship with her detached husband, James, Lauren Bell desperately needs some help in watching her newborn, Riley. Thinking she’s found the perfect solution, she hires her neighbor, Owen, to be their nanny. […]
Boys in the Trees 2016_BHM

Boys in the Trees 2016

Boys in the Trees 2016 1h 52min | Drama, Thriller | 20 October 2016 (Australia) Storyline: It’s Halloween 1997 – the last night of high school for Corey, Jango and their skater gang, The Gromits. Childhood is over and adult life beckons. But for Corey, his past has some unfinished business. When he encounters Jonah, […]
Dolly Dearest 1991_BHM

Dolly Dearest 1991

Dolly Dearest 1991 R | 1h 33min | Horror, Thriller | 18 October 1991 (USA) Storyline: An American family moves to Mexico to fabricate dolls, but their toy factory happens to be next to a Sanzian grave and the toys come into possession of an old, malicious spirit. Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) Rated R for […]
Je suis le Seigneur du Chateau 1989_BHM

Je suis le Seigneur du Chateau 1989

Je suis le Seigneur du Chateau 1989 1h 30min | Drama, Thriller | 22 February 1989 (France) Storyline: Thomas is the 12-year-old son of a millionaire who lives in a big mansion surrounded by woods in France. When his mother dies, his father hires a widowed maid to take care of everything while he is […]