El pico 2 (1984)_BHMEl pico 2 (1984)_1El pico 2 (1984)_2El pico 2 (1984)_3El pico 2 (1984)_4El pico 2 (1984)_5El pico 2 (1984)_6El pico 2 (1984)_7El pico 2 (1984)_8El pico 2 (1984)_9

El pico 2 (1984)

El pico 2 (1984) 2h | Drama | 9 November 1984 (Spain) User review: Inferior follow-up dealing equally with delinquency , terrorism , dirty war and other dramatic events about heroin addiction . Violent and thought-provoking look about youthful delinquency , generational problems , drugging in Spain from the 80s , adding continuous flashbacks taken […]
Innocent 2005_BHMInnocent 2005_1Innocent 2005_2Innocent 2005_3Innocent 2005_4Innocent 2005_5Innocent 2005_6

Innocent 2005

Innocent 2005 1h 20min | Drama, Romance | March 2005 (Hong Kong) Storyline: 17-year-old Eric follows his parents to immigrate to Canada and is thus forced to confront different emotional and cultural problems. He must not only adjust to the new environment, but also come to terms with his homosexuality. Standing at the brink of […]
La lengua de las mariposas 1999_BHMLa lengua de las mariposas 1999_1La lengua de las mariposas 1999_2La lengua de las mariposas 1999_3La lengua de las mariposas 1999_4La lengua de las mariposas 1999_5La lengua de las mariposas 1999_6
La lengua de las mariposas 1999

La lengua de las mariposas 1999

La lengua de las mariposas 1999 R | 1h 36min | Drama | 24 September 1999 (Spain) Storyline: For Moncho, it’s an idyllic year: he starts school, he has a wonderful teacher, he makes a friend in Roque, he begins to figure out some of the mysteries of Eros, and, with his older brother, a […]
The Chain Reaction (1996)_BHMThe Chain Reaction 1996_1The Chain Reaction 1996_2The Chain Reaction 1996_3The Chain Reaction 1996_4The Chain Reaction 1996_5The Chain Reaction 1996_6The Chain Reaction 1996_7The Chain Reaction 1996_8

The Chain Reaction 1996

The Chain Reaction 1996 1h 18min | Romance, Adult | Video 1996 Storyline: Johan, an innocent and cute young guy, enters a gay bar for the first time. The bar’s quiet and Johan is clearly transfixed by the barman. He can’t take his eyes off him. His trance is broken by the arrival of the […]
De grot 2001_BHMDe grot 2001_1De grot 2001_2De grot 2001_3De grot 2001_4De grot 2001_5De grot 2001_6

De grot 2001

De grot 2001 1h 30min | Romance, Thriller, Crime | 27 September 2001 (Netherlands) Storyline: Psychological thriller. For a manipulative childhood friend, a geographer smuggles a suitcase of heroin to an Asian city. The woman he hands the smuggled goods to says, just like him, not to have any experience in the drugs trade. How […]
1992 (2016)_BHM1992 (2016)_11992 (2016)_21992 (2016)_31992 (2016)_41992 (2016)_51992 (2016)_61992 (2016)_71992 (2016)_8

1992 (2016)

1992 (2016) 25min | Short, Drama, Romance | 24 January 2016 (France) User review: A lesson or only model for the relation father-son. a film about desire, errors, pleasure and broken of the line between teacher and student. a film who lost, scene by scene, its message. something missing and this fact transforms it in […]
Q – Sexual Desire 2011_BHMQ – Sexual Desire 2011_1Q – Sexual Desire 2011_2Q – Sexual Desire 2011_3Q – Sexual Desire 2011_4Q – Sexual Desire 2011_5Q – Sexual Desire 2011_6Q – Sexual Desire 2011_7Q – Sexual Desire 2011_8

Q – Sexual Desire 2011

Q – Sexual Desire 2011 Q (original title) 1h 43min | Drama, Adult | 14 September 2011 (France) Storyline: In a social context deteriorated by a countrywide economic crisis, the life of several people will be turned upside down after they meet Cecile, a character who symbolizes desire. Amorous 20-year-old girl sets the French countryside […]
Un jour d’été (2006)_BHMUn jour d’été (2006)_1Un jour d’été (2006)_2Un jour d’été (2006)_3Un jour d’été (2006)_4Un jour d’été (2006)_5Un jour d’été (2006)_6Un jour d’été (2006)_7Un jour d’été (2006)_8

Un jour d’été 2006

Un jour d’été 2006 1h 31min | Drama | TV Movie 13 April 2007 Storyline: The sudden death of a teenager during a soccer match puts a small community completely off-balance. User review: It is odd that this film was taken up by the gay film distribution networks and even put on DVD for distribution. […]
Pafnucio Santo 1977_BHMPafnucio Santo 1977_1Pafnucio Santo 1977_2Pafnucio Santo 1977_3Pafnucio Santo 1977_4Pafnucio Santo 1977_5Pafnucio Santo 1977_6

Pafnucio Santo 1977

Pafnucio Santo 1977 1h 40min | Drama, History | 27 October 1977 (Mexico) Storyline: The controversial, sexy, surreal story of a messenger and his journey and encounters with many historical events and people like Auschwitz, the Ku Klux Klan, Frida Kahlo, Cortés and Emiliano Zapata (as a beautiful woman!). User review: This great, almost impossible […]

Baikonur 2011

Baikonur 2011 1h 35min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 1 September 2011 (Germany) Storyline: Iskander, a young man living on the Kazakh steppes, finds French astronaut Julie after her capsule crashes. Julie now has amnesia, but Iskander convinces her they are engaged. (Russian with English subtitles) User review: I thought that it was a delightful […]