Stanley’s Mouth 2015_BHMStanley’s Mouth 2015_1Stanley’s Mouth 2015_2Stanley’s Mouth 2015_3Stanley’s Mouth 2015_4Stanley’s Mouth 2015_5Stanley’s Mouth 2015_6Stanley’s Mouth 2015_7Stanley’s Mouth 2015_8

Stanley’s Mouth 2015

Stanley’s Mouth 2015 1h 1min | Drama | 20 October 2015 (Australia) Storyline: Christian boy Stanley enters the gay scene, encountering new experiences and melancholy as he comes of age. The classic tale of a bird leaving the nest is expressed through textured and experimental imagery. The film is shot vertically in 9:16 aspect ratio […]
The Human Surge 2016_BHMThe Human Surge 2016_1The Human Surge 2016_2The Human Surge 2016_3The Human Surge 2016_4The Human Surge 2016_5

The Human Surge 2016

The Human Surge 2016 El auge del humano (original title) 1h 40min | Drama | 7 July 2017 (UK) Storyline: A 3-country observation of the millenials in Argentina, Mozambique, and the Philippines. User review: It is definitely dark in this movie. The light, when not artificial, is low, allowing the volume to become dramatic. The […]
Johnny 2016_BHMJohnny 2016_1Johnny 2016_2Johnny 2016_3Johnny 2016_4Johnny 2016_5Johnny 2016_6

Johnny 2016

Johnny 2016 19min | Short, Drama | 10 July 2016 (USA) Storyline: A lonely and conflicted older man named Sam hires a young male sex worker named Johnny to spend the night with him in a motel room and be his first sexual experience with another man. Sam has spent his entire life trying to […]
Tomcat 2016_BHMTomcat 2016_1Tomcat 2016_2Tomcat 2016_3Tomcat 2016_4Tomcat 2016_5Tomcat 2016_6Tomcat 2016_7Tomcat 2016_8

Tomcat 2016

Tomcat 2016 Kater (original title) 2h 4min | Drama | 24 November 2016 (Germany) Storyline: Andreas and Stefan lead a happy and passionate life: Together with their beloved tomcat Moses, they live in a beautiful old house in Vienna’s vineyards. They work as a musician and as a scheduler in the same orchestra and they […]
Zack & Luc 2014_BHMZack & Luc 2014_1Zack & Luc 2014_2Zack & Luc 2014_3Zack & Luc 2014_4

Zack & Luc 2014

Zack & Luc 2014 15min | Short, Drama Storyline: A split-screen film telling two versions of the entire story of a relationship. Each memory becomes intertwined with all the others: the firsts, the lasts, the middles, each of the small nothing moments that add up to something in the end. User review: memories. different memories. […]
Vive L’Amour 1994_BHMVive L’Amour 1994_1Vive L’Amour 1994_2Vive L’Amour 1994_3Vive L’Amour 1994_4Vive L’Amour 1994_5Vive L’Amour 1994_6Vive L’Amour 1994_7Vive L’Amour 1994_8

Vive L’Amour 1994

Vive L’Amour 1994 Ai qing wan sui (original title) 1h 58min | Drama | 18 November 1994 (Italy) Storyline: The film focuses on three city folks who unknowingly share the same apartment: Mei, a real estate agent who uses it for her sexual affairs; Ah-jung, her current lover; and Hsiao-ang, who’s stolen the key and […]
Rock N Roll Dreams 1995_BHMRock N Roll Dreams 1995_1Rock N Roll Dreams 1995_2Rock N Roll Dreams 1995_3Rock N Roll Dreams 1995_4Rock N Roll Dreams 1995_5Rock N Roll Dreams 1995_6

Rock N Roll Dreams 1995

Rock N Roll Dreams 1995 1h 14min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | Video 7 June 1995 Storyline: This 1995 film has been re-edited from the original footage and re-mastered. As the story goes: A lonely pretty boy (Patrick Pinney played by Tommy Strasser) is all alone on Christmas eve on his first day away from […]
Street Warriors 1977_BHMStreet Warriors 1977_1Street Warriors 1977_2Street Warriors 1977_3Street Warriors 1977_4Street Warriors 1977_5Street Warriors 1977_6

Street Warriors 1977

Street Warriors 1977 Perros callejeros (original title) 1h 43min | Action, Crime, Drama | 1982 (Italy) Storyline: A gang of fifteen-year-old living in the suburbs of Barcelona have specialized in car theft. With that cars they are engaged in giving the “pull”, storming shops to sell goods and attack couples in secluded places in order […]
Damon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_BHMDamon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_1Damon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_2Damon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_3Damon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_4Damon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_5Damon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_6

Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together 2006

Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together 2006 46min | Documentary, Biography, Romance | 19 July 2006 (Australia) User review: Neither documentary nor porn, this unscripted movie falls with a thud between. Damon and Hunter are two nice but inarticulate well-hung young men who’ve done some porn and are now in a relationship. They talk to […]
Serene Hunter_BHMSerene Hunter_1Serene Hunter_2Serene Hunter_3Serene Hunter_4

Serene Hunter 2007

Serene Hunter 2007 13min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 5 May 2007 (USA) Storyline: A randy gay Parisian moves in with his new boyfriend – just as an old flame from Los Angeles comes back into town. User review: One of seven gay shorts on the “S is for Sexy” DVD collection from Wolfe Video. […]