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Labor Day 2013

Labor Day 2013 12 | 1h 51min | Drama, Romance | 30 August 2013 (Usa) Storyline: A depressed mother’s husband has left her for she could not bear a second child. Living alone with her only son, she has an unlikely meeting with an injured escaped convict, and reluctantly takes him into her own care. […]
Taking Earth 2017_BHMTaking Earth 2017_1Taking Earth 2017_2Taking Earth 2017_3Taking Earth 2017_4Taking Earth 2017_5Taking Earth 2017_6Taking Earth 2017_7Taking Earth 2017_8

Taking Earth 2017

Taking Earth 2017 1h 40min | Sci-Fi | 2017 (South Africa) Storyline: The human race is thrown into chaos as an alien invasion takes control of the planet in an effort to find one boy out of 7 billion people who holds the power to destroy them. User review: Well I have to concur with […]
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Arje 2004

Arje 2004 92min | Drama | 2004 (Russia) Storyline: A drama about a doctor Arje who discovers his illness and decides to go to Israel in order to meet Sonya – the love of his life. User review: Memories of a wartime childhood blend into the present day in Roman Kachanov’s “Arye,” a more-than-respectable film […]
Something Like Summer 2017_BHMSomething Like Summer 2017_1Something Like Summer 2017_2Something Like Summer 2017_3Something Like Summer 2017_4Something Like Summer 2017_5Something Like Summer 2017_6Something Like Summer 2017_7Something Like Summer 2017_8

Something Like Summer 2017

Something Like Summer 2017 1h 55min | Drama, Musical, Romance | 25 February 2017 (Australia) Storyline: Benjamin Bentley is an openly gay 17 year-old boy in Houston, Texas, with not so many friends. He suddenly becomes infatuated with Tim Wyman, a handsome, popular – apparently straight – newcomer. When a not-so-accident brings them together, their […]
You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016_BHMYou Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016_1You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016_2You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016_3You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016_4You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016_5You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016_6

You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016

You Can’t Escape Lithuania 2016 Nuo Lietuvos nepabegsi (original title) 1h 20min | Crime, Drama | 18 November 2016 (Lithuania) Storyline: After his star actress, Indre, murders her mother, rich-kid filmmaker Romas plans her escape from Lithuania. His Mexican boyfriend Carlos helps them reluctantly. On the road, Romas begins shooting an improvised experimental film. As […]
The Fosters 2013 S05E01 720p HDTV_BHMThe Fosters 2013 S05E01 720p HDTV_1The Fosters 2013 S05E01 720p HDTV_2The Fosters 2013 S05E01 720p HDTV_3The Fosters 2013 S05E01 720p HDTV_4

The Fosters 2013 S05E01 720p HDTV

The Fosters 2013 S05E01 720p HDTV Resist 1h | Drama, Romance | Episode aired 11 July 2017 Storyline: Stef frantically searches for Callie after she offers to help Diamond; Jesus struggles with his TBI and unleashes his anger after discovering Brandon helped Emma with a deeply-personal decision; and protests continue over Anchor Beach Charter’s privatization, […]
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Wir 2003

Wir 2003 1h 41min | Drama | 29 January 2004 (Germany) Storyline: A group of school friends meet real life in Germany after school is over. From failed love affairs to unpaid bills, growing up means learning that life is not as you imagined it. User review: This German version of L’Auberge Espagnole has nothing […]
Men in the Nude 2006_BHMMen in the Nude 2006_1Men in the Nude 2006_2Men in the Nude 2006_3Men in the Nude 2006_4Men in the Nude 2006_5Men in the Nude 2006_6

Men in the Nude 2006

Men in the Nude 2006 1h 34min | Drama, Romance | 5 October 2006 (Hungary) Storyline: A married, middle-age writer falls in love with a teen boy. User review: It’s not everyday that Hungary produces gay films, so when they do, you most certainly pay attention. Despite the name, Men in the Nude is not […]
Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_BHMDesire Will Set You Free (2015)_1Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_2Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_3Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_4Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_5Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_6Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_7Desire Will Set You Free (2015)_8

Desire Will Set You Free 2015

Desire Will Set You Free 2015 1h 32min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 5 May 2016 (Germany) Storyline: Desire Will Set You Free is a feature film that explores life in contemporary Berlin with an often critical and sometimes humorous eye. Based on a true story, the plot follows the relationship of an American writer […]
Any Day 2015_BHMAny Day 2015_1Any Day 2015_2Any Day 2015_3Any Day 2015_4Any Day 2015_5Any Day 2015_6Any Day 2015_7

Any Day 2015

Any Day 2015 1h 40min | Drama, Romance, Thriller | 1 October 2015 (Kuwait) Storyline: Vian McLean is an ex fighter who is filled with resentment. He killed a man with his bare hands and has just spent the last twelve years in prison for the crime. Upon his release from Prison he comes to […]