Young Thugs Nostalgia 1988_BHMYoung Thugs Nostalgia 1988_1Young Thugs Nostalgia 1988_2Young Thugs Nostalgia 1988_3Young Thugs Nostalgia 1988_4Young Thugs Nostalgia 1988_5Young Thugs Nostalgia 1988_6

Young Thugs: Nostalgia 1988

Young Thugs: Nostalgia 1988 Kishiwada shônen gurentai: Bôkyô (1998) 1h 34min | Comedy, Drama | 26 September 1998 (Japan) User review: This was a pleasant surprise. As a sort of prequel to the film Young Thugs: Innocent Blood, which was a memorable but disjointed tale of teenage waste and wanton self-destruction, I wasn’t sure what […]
The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_BHMThe Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_1The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_2The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_3The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_4The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_5The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_6

The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens

The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens 6h 34min | Documentary | Episode aired 10 June 1998 Storyline: Professor Robert Winston looks at the physical changes brought about by puberty. Footage shot inside the body reveals how sexual development happens. Star: Andrew Blackall Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : […]
Il saprofita 1974_BHMIl saprofita 1974_1Il saprofita 1974_2Il saprofita 1974_3Il saprofita 1974_4Il saprofita 1974_5Il saprofita 1974_6Il saprofita 1974_7Il saprofita 1974_8

Il saprofita 1974

Il saprofita 1974 1h 40min | Drama, Romance | 28 October 1974 (Italy) Storyline: By all accounts, this slick production aims at exposing the corruption of southern Italian Catholicism. A young seminarian who can’t be ordained because of a speech impediment leaves the seminary to take a job with a wealthy baroness’ crippled son. The […]
In extremis (2000)_BHMIn extremis (2000)_1In extremis (2000)_2In extremis (2000)_3In extremis (2000)_4In extremis (2000)_5In extremis (2000)_6In extremis (2000)_7In extremis (2000)_8

In extremis 2000

In extremis 2000 1h 50min | Drama, Romance | 23 August 2000 (France) Storyline: Thomas is a bisexual man involved in several relationships. When suddenly one of his relationships, single mother Ann, dies, Thomas feels a responsibility towards her 13 year old son Gregoire. He tries to obtain custody. User review: The French title of […]
De grot 2001_BHMDe grot 2001_1De grot 2001_2De grot 2001_3De grot 2001_4De grot 2001_5De grot 2001_6

De grot 2001

De grot 2001 1h 30min | Romance, Thriller, Crime | 27 September 2001 (Netherlands) Storyline: Psychological thriller. For a manipulative childhood friend, a geographer smuggles a suitcase of heroin to an Asian city. The woman he hands the smuggled goods to says, just like him, not to have any experience in the drugs trade. How […]
Impudicizia – Malu 1991_BHMImpudicizia – Malu 1991_1Impudicizia – Malu 1991_2Impudicizia – Malu 1991_3Impudicizia – Malu 1991_4Impudicizia – Malu 1991_5Impudicizia – Malu 1991_6

Impudicizia 1991

Impudicizia 1991 1h 20min | Drama | 5 July 1991 (Turkey) Storyline: Florentine is a young, beautiful and passionate woman with a desire for love. Feeling abandoned by her husband’s impotency, she searches for outside affection and seduction within brief, but often passionate encounters. During this web of desire she encounters Dorothy. Unknown to Florentine […]
Kroppen 1981 – Disk1_BHMKroppen 1981 – Disk1_1Kroppen 1981 – Disk1_2Kroppen 1981 – Disk1_3Kroppen 1981 – Disk1_4Kroppen 1981 – Disk1_5Kroppen 1981 – Disk1_6

Kroppen 1981 – Disk1

Kroppen 1981 – Disk1 30min | TV Series (1981– ) Plot: Medical series for children and with Trond-Viggo Torgersen. Episode1: Medical series for children and with Trond-Viggo Torgersen from 1981. What is a cell, and how is it structured? Trond-Viggo shows and explains how the body works. With images and through conversations with children makes […]
Not Angels But Angels 1994_BHMNot Angels But Angels 1994_1Not Angels But Angels 1994_2Not Angels But Angels 1994_3Not Angels But Angels 1994_4Not Angels But Angels 1994_5Not Angels But Angels 1994_6Not Angels But Angels 1994_7Not Angels But Angels 1994_8

Not Angels But Angels 1994

Not Angels But Angels 1994 1h 20min | Documentary Storyline: Interviews with a procurer and with nineteen boys and young men who are prostitutes in Prague. The youths range in age from 14 to 19. They hustle at the central train station and at clubs. Most of their clients are foreign tourists, many are German. […]
Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_BHMNur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_1Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_2Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_3Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_4Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_5Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_6Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_7Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012_8

Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012

Nur neun Jahre Gluck 2012 16min | Short, Biography, Drama | 2012 (Germany) Storyline: The film deals with Daniel’s life. His path, involuntarily broken in his childhood, still weighs heavily on him. His focus is on his fate with which he tries to deal after many years. He begins to tell his story to his […]

Acne 2008

Acne 2008 Acné (original title) 1h 27min | Comedy, Drama | 12 December 2008 (Mexico) Storyline: At the age of 13, Rafael Bregman has already lost his virginity, but has never kissed a girl. With his pimple-riddled face, his dysfunctional family, and a lowered self-esteem, getting this much anticipated first kiss proves trickier than expected. […]