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Tomcat 2016

Tomcat 2016 Kater (original title) 2h 4min | Drama | 24 November 2016 (Germany) Storyline: Andreas and Stefan lead a happy and passionate life: Together with their beloved tomcat Moses, they live in a beautiful old house in Vienna’s vineyards. They work as a musician and as a scheduler in the same orchestra and they […]
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Serene Hunter 2007

Serene Hunter 2007 13min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 5 May 2007 (USA) Storyline: A randy gay Parisian moves in with his new boyfriend – just as an old flame from Los Angeles comes back into town. User review: One of seven gay shorts on the “S is for Sexy” DVD collection from Wolfe Video. […]
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Flower 2017

Flower 2017 16min | Adult, Short | July 2 2017 Plot: Helix Studios presents an erotic exposé directed and filmed by Matt Lambert and featuring music from Pansy Division Director: Matt Lambert Models: Blake Mitchell, Sean Ford, Joey Mills, Corbin Colby, Landon Vega Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media / Version 2 Codec […]
The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_BHMThe Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_1The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_2The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_3The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_4The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_5The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_6The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_7The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011_8

The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011

The Rebellion of Red Maria 2011 I antarsia tis kokkinis Marias (2011) 1h 35min | Crime, Drama | 3 November 2011 (Argentina) Storyline: In a city – with heavy metal music haunting the heroes and the voice of Maria Callas being heard, an aged man, ex-terrorist, who dresses like a woman, the “red Maria”, lives […]
Street Trash 1987 UNRATED_BHMStreet Trash 1987 UNRATED_1Street Trash 1987 UNRATED_2Street Trash 1987 UNRATED_3Street Trash 1987 UNRATED_4Street Trash 1987 UNRATED_5Street Trash 1987 UNRATED_6

Street Trash 1987 UNRATED

Street Trash 1987 UNRATED 1h 31min | Comedy, Horror | 9 May 1987 (Japan) Storyline: When a liquor store owner finds a case of “Viper” in his cellar, he decides to sell it to the local hobos at one dollar a bottle, unaware of its true properties. The drinks causes its consumers to melt, very […]
Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_BHMPanya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_1Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_2Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_3Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_4Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_5Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_6Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_7Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_8

Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013

Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013 Comedy | 7 March 2013 (Thailand) Storyline: This is the third sequel of a That film about northeastern schoolchildren. In this episode, the young kids of a remote village join the local temple on a merit making trip to India. Once there, they get separated from the group. As […]
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15: The Movie 2003

15: The Movie 2003 1h 30min | Drama, Comedy | 23 October 2003 (Singapore) Storyline: Fast, frenetic, and furious, 15 is the story of five Singaporian teenagers who, abandoned by the system and estranged from their parents and life in general, build their own world in which gangs, drugs, fighting, piercing, self-harm and suicide are […]
The Squid and the Whale 2005_BHMThe Squid and the Whale 2005_1The Squid and the Whale 2005_2The Squid and the Whale 2005_3The Squid and the Whale 2005_4The Squid and the Whale 2005_5The Squid and the Whale 2005_6

The Squid and the Whale 2005

The Squid and the Whale 2005 R | 1h 21min | Comedy, Drama | 16 December 2005 (USA) Storyline: In 1986, In Brooklyn, New York, the dysfunctional family of pseudo intellectuals composed by the university professor Bernard and the prominent writer Joan split. Bernard is a selfish, cheap and jealous decadent writer that rationalizes every […]
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Antarctica 2008

Antarctica 2008 R | 1h 52min | Drama, Romance | 2008 (Israel) Storyline: In two days, Omer will hit a milestone; his 30th birthday. Like many his age, he hasn’t found himself. But then Omer is hardly looking. Instead he chooses to loose himself among the stacks of books at the local library, where he […]
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L’homme que j’aime 1997

L’homme que j’aime 1997 1h 31min | Drama, Romance, Sport | TV Movie 5 December 1997 Storyline: This is a combination coming out and first love story. The swimmer and diver Lucard is interested in attractive Martin. The film follows the characters’ coming out with all its difficulties, the bitter-sweet pleasures of first love and […]