1:54 (2016)

1:54 (2016) 1h 46min | Drama | 15 March 2017 (France) Storyline: Tim, a shy 16 years old athlete, is both brilliant and talented. But the pressure he undergoes pushes him to the edge, where human limits reach the pint of no return. User review: This film is an extraordinary performance by Antoine Olivier Pilon, […]
El Bosque de Karadima 2015_BHMEl Bosque de Karadima 2015_1El Bosque de Karadima 2015_2El Bosque de Karadima 2015_3El Bosque de Karadima 2015_4El Bosque de Karadima 2015_5El Bosque de Karadima 2015_6

El Bosque de Karadima 2015

El Bosque de Karadima 2015 1h 38min | Drama | 23 April 2015 (Chile) Storyline: Based on true events, involving powerful Catholic priest Fernando Karadima, who committed crimes of child abuse and pedophile between 1980’s-2000’s. The struggle of his victims, to be able to reveal the truth and look for justice. User review: Impressive movie, […]
A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_1A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_2A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_3A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_4A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_5A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_6A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_7A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_8

A Gunman Called Papaco 1986

A Gunman Called Papaco 1986 Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco (original title) 1h 10min | Adult, Western | 1986 (Brazil) Storyline: The adventures of a bisexual gunman named Papaco who wants to deliver a special delivery to anyone who pays for it. User review: Here’s the main thing: If Papaco was being touted as a bisexual […]
Daughters of Darkness (1975)_BHMDaughters of Darkness (1975)_1Daughters of Darkness (1975)_2Daughters of Darkness (1975)_3Daughters of Darkness (1975)_4Daughters of Darkness (1975)_5Daughters of Darkness (1975)_6

Daughters of Darkness 1975

Daughters of Darkness 1975 1h 2min | Adult, Horror Storyline: A young man moves into a cheap boarding house in San Francisco that turns out to be a front for an oversexed cult of lascivious Satanists. User review: A man thinks he’s gotten lucky by finding a cheap room to rent. Not only is the […]
Tenemos la carne 2016_BHMTenemos la carne 2016_1Tenemos la carne 2016_2Tenemos la carne 2016_3Tenemos la carne 2016_4Tenemos la carne 2016_5Tenemos la carne 2016_6Tenemos la carne 2016_7Tenemos la carne 2016_8Tenemos la carne 2016_9Tenemos la carne 2016_10Tenemos la carne 2016_11Tenemos la carne 2016_12Tenemos la carne 2016_13

Tenemos la carne 2016

Tenemos la carne 2016 1h 19min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror | 6 October 2016 (Germany) Storyline: After wandering a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter, two siblings find their way into one of the last remaining buildings. Inside, they find a man who will make them a dangerous offer to survive […]
Learning 2015_BHMLearning 2015_1Learning 2015_2Learning 2015_3Learning 2015_4Learning 2015_5Learning 2015_6Learning 2015_7Learning 2015_8

Learning 2015

Learning 2015 1 hr 22 min | Adult | 2015 Plot: From the director of the smash-hit Starving. Daniel (River Taylor) is a deeply-closeted, homeless, 20 year-old street urchin from a working class neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s never had sex with another man yet dreams about it – all the time. When he […]
Nova Dubai 2014_3Nova Dubai 2014_1Nova Dubai 2014_2Nova Dubai 2014_4Nova Dubai 2014_5Nova Dubai 2014_6

Nova Dubai 2014

Nova Dubai 2014 55min | Drama, History, Adult | 26 November 2014 (Italy) Storyline: In a middle class neighborhood in a city in the countryside of Brazil, the real estate speculation is a menace to the affective memory of a group of friends. Their answer to this imminent transformation is to fuck in the construction […]
Call me a Ghost 2017_BHMCall me a Ghost 2017_1Call me a Ghost 2017_2Call me a Ghost 2017_3Call me a Ghost 2017_4Call me a Ghost 2017_5Call me a Ghost 2017_6Call me a Ghost 2017_7Call me a Ghost 2017_8

Call me a Ghost 2017

Call me a Ghost 2017 22min | Short, Adult | 21 February 2017 Storyline: About a young man who seems to have it all: he’s talented, intelligent and attractive. Still, something feels permanently out of place, and he falls into commanding sadness. He can feel the desolation taking over when he receives a visit from […]
The Sex of the Angels 2012_BHMThe Sex of the Angels 2012_1The Sex of the Angels 2012_2The Sex of the Angels 2012_3The Sex of the Angels 2012_4The Sex of the Angels 2012_5The Sex of the Angels 2012_6The Sex of the Angels 2012_7The Sex of the Angels 2012_8

The Sex of the Angels 2012

The Sex of the Angels 2012 El sexo de los ángeles (original title) 1h 45min | Drama, Romance | 4 May 2012 (Spain) Storyline: Struggling martial artist and dancer Bruno loves his girlfriend Carla, but when he meets fellow dancer Rai, serious sparks begin to fly, opening the couple up to new possibilities. A new […]
The Chain Reaction (1996)_BHMThe Chain Reaction 1996_1The Chain Reaction 1996_2The Chain Reaction 1996_3The Chain Reaction 1996_4The Chain Reaction 1996_5The Chain Reaction 1996_6The Chain Reaction 1996_7The Chain Reaction 1996_8

The Chain Reaction 1996

The Chain Reaction 1996 1h 18min | Romance, Adult | Video 1996 Storyline: Johan, an innocent and cute young guy, enters a gay bar for the first time. The bar’s quiet and Johan is clearly transfixed by the barman. He can’t take his eyes off him. His trance is broken by the arrival of the […]