The Family Tree 2011_BHM

The Family Tree 2011

The Family Tree 2011 R | 1h 27min | Comedy, Drama | 26 August 2011 (Usa) Storyline: The Burnetts are dysfunctional. Jack and Bunnie barely speak, he fantasizes about women at work, she’s having an affair with a neighbor and possibly others. Daughter Kelly is foul-mouthed; their son Eric is a militant Christian and an […]
We Need to Talk About Kevin 2011_BHM

We Need to Talk About Kevin 2011

We Need to Talk About Kevin 2011 R | 1h 52min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 12 May 2011 (France) Storyline: Eva Khatchadourian is trying to piece together her life following the “incident”. Once a successful travel writer, she is forced to take whatever job comes her way, which of late is as a clerk […]
Amateur Teens 2015_BHM

Amateur Teens 2015

Amateur Teens 2015 1h 32min | Drama | 30 September 2015 (Switzerland) Storyline: A group of normal 14-year-old teenagers at a secondary school in Zürich with the normal yearnings for love and acceptance. But the power of social media, with its high-gloss selfies and perpetual pressure towards cooler and sexier, increasingly forces the kids to […]
Sabor Tropical 2009_BHM

Sabor Tropical 2009

Sabor Tropical 2009 1h 59min | Drama, Thriller | 7 January 2010 (Panama) Storyline: A foreign journalist who travels to Panama on assignment for an online publication to cover one of Latin America’s premiere festival celebrations… the carnival of Las Tablas. User review: I enjoyed this movie, it had a lot of interesting twists to […]

Tá 2007

Tá 2007 5min | Short | 24 August 2007 (Brazil) Storyline: Two twenty-something boys in a public restroom. They sniff coke, talk about sex, get dirty. But the film takes on another tone as they reveal what it is that they really want. User review: Short films don’t always get the attention they deserve on […]
Sargento Garcia 2000_BHM

Sargento Garcia 2000

Sargento Garcia 2000 16min | Short, Drama, Romance | August 2000 (Brazil) Storyline: The meeting between a young boy and a tough seargent in the 70’s. User review: An interesting little film, coming from an area of the world not renowned for their gay-themed films (even though recently things are changing, with a sizable production […]

Masturbation: Putting the Fun Into Self-Loving 2002

Masturbation: Putting the Fun Into Self-Loving 2002 8min | Short, Comedy | Video 6 June 2002 Storyline: Dr. Sigmund Winston, along with the help of his trusty sidekick Billy, teaches the students of the 1950s how to put more excitement into self-loving. User review: Can one understand Tepnapa’s film as a mere parody of 1950’s […]
Edge of Seventeen 1998_BHM

Edge of Seventeen 1998

Edge of Seventeen 1998 1h 39min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 20 April 2000 (Australia) Storyline: A gay teen finds out who he is and what he wants, who his friends are, and who loves him, in this autobiographical tale set in middle America in the 1980s. Growing up, learning about life, love, sex, friends, […]
Head On 1998_BHM

Head On 1998

Head On 1998 1h 44min | Drama, Romance | 13 August 1998 (Australia) Storyline: Nineteen-year-old Ari confronts both his sexuality and his Greek family. Ari despises his once-beloved parents, former radical activists, for having entombed themselves in insular tradition. Ari is obsessed with gay sex, although he does make an unenthusiastic attempt to satisfy the […]
Una noche 2012_BHM

Una noche 2012

Una noche 2012 1h 30min | Drama, Romance | 18 January 2013 (Taiwan) Storyline: Mired in the nervous desperation of Havana, Raul dreams of escaping to Miami. When accused of assault, his only option is to flee. He appeals to his best friend, Elio, to abandon everything and help him reach his destiny, 90 miles […]