How to Be a Man 2013_BHMHow to Be a Man 2013_1How to Be a Man 2013_2How to Be a Man 2013_3How to Be a Man 2013_4How to Be a Man 2013_5How to Be a Man 2013_6How to Be a Man 2013_7How to Be a Man 2013_8

How to Be a Man 2013

How to Be a Man 2013 1h 25min | Comedy | 15 March 2014 (USA) Storyline: When former comedian Mark McCarthy is faced with a rare form of cancer, he hires a young, impressionable cameraman to document his crude and comical lessons on what it means to be a man for his unborn son. User […]
A Boy Named Cocoy 1992_BHMA Boy Named Cocoy 1992_1A Boy Named Cocoy 1992_2A Boy Named Cocoy 1992_3A Boy Named Cocoy 1992_4

A Boy Named Cocoy 1992

A Boy Named Cocoy 1992 27min | Drama, Short Storyline: A young man arrives in Manila to find work. There he meets another boy who helps him and takes him in. Slowly, he realizes that this guy is gay and may be helping him just for sex. This breaks his heart and disillusions him. He […]

Growing Up – Boys

Growing Up – Boys 49min | Documentary | 2002 Plot: This series offers a highly visual insight into the minds and bodies of teenagers and uses their own experiences to track their progress from child to adulthood. The focus is on the boys Jesse, Andy, Mark and Dominic and the girls Sharmaine, Claudia, and the […]
Dimenticare Venezia 1979_BHMDimenticare Venezia 1979_1Dimenticare Venezia 1979_2Dimenticare Venezia 1979_3Dimenticare Venezia 1979_4Dimenticare Venezia 1979_5Dimenticare Venezia 1979_6

Dimenticare Venezia 1979

Dimenticare Venezia 1979 1h 50min | Drama | 14 April 1979 (Italy) Storyline: A gay brother visits his childhood home where his lesbian sister still lives. They reminisce about the better past and their parents. User review: This movie is the best I’ve ever seen. It revolves around a brother and sister, both gay and […]
Dishonored Bodies 2015_BHMDishonored Bodies 2015_1Dishonored Bodies 2015_2Dishonored Bodies 2015_3Dishonored Bodies 2015_4Dishonored Bodies 2015_5Dishonored Bodies 2015_6

Dishonored Bodies 2015

Dishonored Bodies 2015 1h 46min | Short | 24 Aug. 2015 (Spain) Plot: Nine sexy, shocking, and always intriguing films from Spain’s most exciting queer filmmaker. Take an explicit trip through a cruising ground in the body of a curious guy, peek in to the bedroom of a couple as they discover themselves and each […]
Wild Awakening 2016_BHMWild Awakening 2016_1Wild Awakening 2016_2Wild Awakening 2016_3Wild Awakening 2016_4Wild Awakening 2016_5Wild Awakening 2016_6Wild Awakening 2016_7

Wild Awakening 2016

Wild Awakening 2016 Salvaje despertar (original title) 1h 45min | Drama | 30 September 2016 (Spain) Storyline: Toni (Fabian Castro) and Emma (Julia Hernandez) are brother and sister who owns a stable farm. Ramon (Richie Ormon) and his son, Aaron (Christian Blanch) works for them. Toni is openly gay who loves to party, Emma has […]
David 2009_BHMDavid 2009_1David 2009_2David 2009_3David 2009_4David 2009_BHM

David 2009

David 2009 15min | Short | 2009 Plot: New short film by José Ramón Samper Bernad, which has been produced by Artegalia Films, and shot in Alicante. The film gives a unique and particular view of the world of male prostitution, in the hands of two characters: a mature man who seeks pleasure through the […]
Reincarnate 2010_BHMReincarnate 2010_1Reincarnate 2010_2Reincarnate 2010_3Reincarnate 2010_4Reincarnate 2010_5Reincarnate 2010_6Reincarnate 2010_7

Reincarnate 2010

Reincarnate 2010 1h 13min | Drama | 2010 (Netherlands) Storyline: A teacher and his student go on a trip to a magical island where there is urban life and tourist attractions as well as a palace and temples. Moreover, a haunting past still gnaws, spreads, mates and mutates in a loop that cannot be eliminated. […]
Ride Of Spring_BHMRide Of Spring_1Ride Of Spring_2Ride Of Spring_3Ride Of Spring_4

Ride Of Spring

Ride Of Spring 9min | Adult, Short | Silent movie by Pr0nator. Director: Pr0nator Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41) File size : 71.5 MiB Duration : 8 min 59 s Overall bit rate mode : Variable Overall bit rate : 1 111 kb/s Writing application : Lavf56.1.0
Des majorettes dans l.espace 1997_BHMDes majorettes dans l.espace 1997_1Des majorettes dans l.espace 1997_2Des majorettes dans l.espace 1997_3Des majorettes dans l.espace 1997_4Des majorettes dans l.espace 1997_5

Des majorettes dans l’espace 1997

Des majorettes dans l’espace 1997 6min | Short | 14 August 1998 (UK) Storyline: Dimitri, a Soviet cosmonaut of Soyouz 27 likes majorettes. Catherine and Laurent like making love. Jean-Paul II loves airports. Vincent loves boys. User review: Am I really the first person in cyberspace to offer comment on these films? They are of […]