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Score 1974

Score 1974 1h 30min | Comedy, Drama, Adult | 28 February 1974 (Canada) Storyline: Liberated ’70s couple seduce another couple into experimentation with bisexuality and group-sex. User review: A bisexual couple seduces another couple. That’s about it, but the movie is still fascinating. It was made long before AIDS (and, ironically, one of the actors […]
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Eating Out 2 – 2006

Eating Out 2 – 2006 Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (original title) 1h 19min | Comedy, Romance | 5 July 2007 (Germany) Storyline: How far would you go to get the person of your dreams? In Eating Out, Kyle convinced his straight roommate to pretend to be gay to get the girl. Now, with the […]
Antes de Palavras 2013_BHMAntes de Palavras 2013_1Antes de Palavras 2013_2Antes de Palavras 2013_3Antes de Palavras 2013_4Antes de Palavras 2013_5Antes de Palavras 2013_6

Antes de Palavras 2013

Antes de Palavras 2013 14min | Short, Romance | 25 September 2013 (Brazil) Storyline: A fragmented account of the growing attraction between Celio (Maurício Destri) and Dario (Henrique Larré); two classmates who are brought together by a series of serendipitous encounters and their own naive curiosity. As they attempt to internally come to terms with […]
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Tom at the Farm 2013

Tom at the Farm 2013

Tom at the Farm 2013 Tom à la ferme (original title) 1h 42min | Drama, Thriller | 16 April 2014 (France) Storyline: The story of Tom, who is in the grip of grief and depression following the death of his lover. When he meets the family of the deceased, it is revealed the mother was […]
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Whole New Thing 2005

Whole New Thing 2005 1h 32min | Comedy, Drama | 12 September 2005 (Canada) Storyline: After years of being home schooled by hippie parents, Emerson is enrolled at his local high school. The intelligent and androgynous youth confounds his classmates and captures the attention of his English teacher. The teacher-student relationship leads to problems for […]

Toast 2010

Toast 2010 1h 36min | Biography, Comedy, Drama | TV Movie 30 December 2010 Storyline Wolverhampton,1967: nine year old Nigel Slater loves his mother though she is a hopeless cook, her finest offering being toast whilst he has great culinary aspirations. When she dies of asthma Nigel is left with a distant father but worse […]
Love of siam  (2007)_3

Love of siam 2007

Love of siam 2007 Rak haeng Siam (original title) 2h 34min | Drama, Mystery, Romance | 22 November 2007 (Thailand) Storyline Two young boys are best friends living quiet family lives in Bangkok. Their lives are disrupted when one boy’s older sister goes missing on a jungle trip. The shattered family moves away, separating the […]
Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros (2006)_10

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros 2005

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros 2005 Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (original title) 1h 40min | Comedy, Drama | 4 April 2007 (France) Storyline Can a 12-year old lad who wishes he were a girl navigate the mean streets of Manila? Maxi cooks, cleans, and sews for his father and older brothers who are petty […]

Mysterious Skin 2004

Mysterious Skin 2004 1h 45min | Drama | 24 June 2005 (USA) Storyline: Brian Lackey is determined to discover what happened during an amnesia blackout when he was eight years old, and then later woke with a bloody nose. He believes he was abducted by aliens, and N. McCormick, a fellow player on Brian’s childhood […]
Enemies with Benefits_1

Enemies with Benefits 2016

Enemies with Benefits 2016 1h 5min | Comedy | Video 15 January 2016 Storyline 19 year old Jamie just wants someone to love. With no one to call his own he just decides to put an end to it all. That is until a visitor from beyond shows Jamie that his life has meaning and […]