Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_BHMYo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_1Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_2Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_3Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_4Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_5Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_6Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_7Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016_8

Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016

Yo exhibicionista I exhibitionist 2016 2 hours 58 minutes | Adult | 9 November 2016 Plot: Homopunk & kinky. The best creative , conceptual, experimental and funny adult movie made in Barcelona. A different way to enjoy adult entertainment. “Yo exhibicionista/ I exhibitionist. The movie” is: -chapter 1: the after party -chapter 2: the producer […]
Baby Shark 2005_BHMBaby Shark 2005_1Baby Shark 2005_2Baby Shark 2005_3Baby Shark 2005_4

Baby Shark 2005

Baby Shark 2005 Bébé requin (original title) 15min | Short | 18 May 2005 (France) User review: Perhaps the best Pascal-Alex Vincent’s short film to date, “Bebé Requin” neatly weaves three stories of teenage relationships and the lack of communication in postmodern society. And by postmodern we could understand ‘fragmented’, that yearns for the whole. […]
Speech & Debate 2017_BHMSpeech & Debate 2017_1Speech & Debate 2017_2Speech & Debate 2017_3Speech & Debate 2017_4Speech & Debate 2017_5Speech & Debate 2017_6Speech & Debate 2017_7Speech & Debate 2017_8

Speech & Debate 2017

Speech & Debate 2017 PG-13 | 1h 45min | Comedy, Drama | 7 April 2017 (USA) Storyline: Frustrated by the hypocrisy they see in their parents, teachers, and the entire school board, an unlikely trio set out to find a common truth and make their voices heard as they revive a defunct school club and […]
Blessure (2009)_BHMBlessure (2009)_1Blessure (2009)_2Blessure (2009)_3Blessure (2009)_4

Blessure 2009

Blessure 2009 8min | Short Adapted Synopsis: “Marie and Steven are a young and happy couple. Or so it would appear. Only when Tom, a cutie from Steven’s football team turns up on Marie’s doorstop to return his sports bag, does Marie really know her husband as much as she thought she did?” User review: […]
El pico 2 (1984)_BHMEl pico 2 (1984)_1El pico 2 (1984)_2El pico 2 (1984)_3El pico 2 (1984)_4El pico 2 (1984)_5El pico 2 (1984)_6El pico 2 (1984)_7El pico 2 (1984)_8El pico 2 (1984)_9

El pico 2 (1984)

El pico 2 (1984) 2h | Drama | 9 November 1984 (Spain) User review: Inferior follow-up dealing equally with delinquency , terrorism , dirty war and other dramatic events about heroin addiction . Violent and thought-provoking look about youthful delinquency , generational problems , drugging in Spain from the 80s , adding continuous flashbacks taken […]
Unspoken Passion 2008_BHMUnspoken Passion 2008_1Unspoken Passion 2008_2Unspoken Passion 2008_3Unspoken Passion 2008_4Unspoken Passion 2008_5Unspoken Passion 2008_6Unspoken Passion 2008_7Unspoken Passion 2008_8

Unspoken Passion 2008

Unspoken Passion 2008 Sikil (original title) 1h 49min | Drama | 4 January 2008 (USA) Storyline: Sikil tells the story of two men and a woman who are involved in a bizarre love triangle. These three friends grew up in a small town south of Manila. Enzo is a young closet gay prostitute who’s obsessed […]
Barracuda E02_BHMBarracuda E02_1Barracuda E02_2Barracuda E02_3Barracuda E02_4

Barracuda E02

Barracuda E02 54min | Drama, Sport | Episode aired 17 July 2016 Storyline: After Danny’s success in Albury, he trains hard with the swim squad. And he’s finally earned their respect. However coach Torma unsettles Danny by insisting he change his stroke to butterfly. He believes Danny will never win gold with freestyle. Director: Robert […]

Barracuda E01

Barracuda E01 53min | Drama, Sport | Episode aired 10 July 2016 Storyline: Daniel moves closer to his dream of winning Olympic gold when he wins a scholarship and starts training under respected coach Frank Torma. But he faces stiff competition from golden boy swimming champion Martin. Country: Australia Language: English Release Date: 10 July […]
Un bacio 2016_BHMUn bacio 2016_1Un bacio 2016_2Un bacio 2016_3Un bacio 2016_4Un bacio 2016_5Un bacio 2016_6Un bacio 2016_7Un bacio 2016_8
Un bacio 2016

Un bacio 2016

Un bacio 2016 1h 42min | Drama | 31 March 2016 (Italy) Storyline: The story of three teenager friends not accepted by their peers. User review: Set in a provincial Italian school where a teenage boy has just been adopted by progressive thinking parents. They need to be as this is Lorenzo and he is […]
After School (2015)_BHMAfter School (2015)_1After School (2015)_2After School (2015)_3After School (2015)_4

After School 2015

After School 2015 7min | Short, Drama, Romance | June 2015 (USA) Storyline: Fifteen year-old JACK is forced to come face-to-face with his growing romantic feelings for his best friend DANNY. User review: one of many films about friendship between two boys. confessions, differences ,events. and the revelation about the other, different by the first […]