Siemiany 2009_BHM

Siemiany 2009

Siemiany 2009 19min | Short, Drama | November 2009 (Belgium) Storyline: Andrzej and Michal are two young teenagers who come together every summer in the small tourist village Siemiany on the countryside. Their friendship has grown into years of great memories. And the boredom of the countryside and the feeling of unity amongst the boys, […]

Tá 2007

Tá 2007 5min | Short | 24 August 2007 (Brazil) Storyline: Two twenty-something boys in a public restroom. They sniff coke, talk about sex, get dirty. But the film takes on another tone as they reveal what it is that they really want. User review: Short films don’t always get the attention they deserve on […]
Sargento Garcia 2000_BHM

Sargento Garcia 2000

Sargento Garcia 2000 16min | Short, Drama, Romance | August 2000 (Brazil) Storyline: The meeting between a young boy and a tough seargent in the 70’s. User review: An interesting little film, coming from an area of the world not renowned for their gay-themed films (even though recently things are changing, with a sizable production […]
Dante’s Cove S02xE02 Playing with Fire_BHM

Dante’s Cove S02xE02 Playing with Fire

Dante’s Cove S02xE02 Playing with Fire 52min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | Episode aired 15 September 2006 Storyline: Following Cory’s death, Van commits herself more to the study of Tresum magic in which she approaches Grace and asks for help in teachings. Grace initially refuses, but changes her mind later when she learns about Diana’s […]
The Fosters 2013 S05E08 720p_BHM

The Fosters 2013 S05E08 720p

The Fosters 2013 S05E08 720p Engaged 41min | Drama, Romance | Episode aired 29 August 2017 Storyline: Brandon throws a party which turns south when secrets are revealed. Mariana and Jude try to convince the students to vote against their school going private. Director: Kees Van Oostrum Writers: Megan Lynn, Kris Q. Rehl (story editor) […]
No Ordinary Joe 2005_BHM

No Ordinary Joe 2005

No Ordinary Joe 2005 13min | Short, Romance | 2 April 2005 (UK) Storyline: Closeted gay boy Matthew is having a bit of trouble keeping his feelings to himself and Joe Orton outta his daydreams User review: its virtue – to show, in realistic manner, the war of a teenager against himself. its sin – […]
Una noche 2012_BHM

Una noche 2012

Una noche 2012 1h 30min | Drama, Romance | 18 January 2013 (Taiwan) Storyline: Mired in the nervous desperation of Havana, Raul dreams of escaping to Miami. When accused of assault, his only option is to flee. He appeals to his best friend, Elio, to abandon everything and help him reach his destiny, 90 miles […]
The Fosters 2013 S05E07_BHM

The Fosters 2013 S05E07

The Fosters 2013 S05E07 Chasing Waterfalls 1h | Drama, Romance | Episode aired 22 August 2017 Storyline: Callie and Aaron get closer than ever before while Lena’s parents come back to town for a visit. Mariana tries to get closer to Logan, but it backfires when his girlfriend catches wind of it. Writers: Brad Bredeweg, […]
All About BelAmi 2001_BHM

All About BelAmi 2001

All About BelAmi 2001 2h 35min | Documentary, Adult | Video User review: Five Stars for a documentary? YEAH! Few things could be more pleasant than spending two and a half hours with the handsomest man in the world (Lukas Ridgeston), the cutest guy in the world (Johan Paulik), the sexiest guy in the world […]

World’s Greatest Dad 2009

World’s Greatest Dad 2009 R | 1h 39min | Comedy, Drama | 24 September 2010 (Ireland) Storyline: Lance Clayton is a man who has learned to settle. He dreamed of being a rich and famous writer, but has only managed to make it as a high school poetry teacher. His only son Kyle is an […]