The Raspberry Reich 2004_BHMThe Raspberry Reich 2004_1The Raspberry Reich 2004_2The Raspberry Reich 2004_3The Raspberry Reich 2004_4The Raspberry Reich 2004_5The Raspberry Reich 2004_6The Raspberry Reich 2004_7The Raspberry Reich 2004_8

The Raspberry Reich 2004

The Raspberry Reich 2004 1h 30min | Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance | 1 April 2004 (Germany) Storyline: A left-wing terrorist group, consisting of several homosexual men and a female leader, kidnaps the son of a wealthy industrialist. User review: It’s been a while since I saw this film, so I’ll talk about as much as […]
Uncle David 2010_BHMUncle David 2010_1Uncle David 2010_2Uncle David 2010_3Uncle David 2010_4Uncle David 2010_5Uncle David 2010_6

Uncle David 2010

Uncle David 2010 1h 35min | Comedy, Horror, Thriller | 25 March 2010 (UK) Storyline: Uncle David depicts the disturbing relationship between an Uncle and his nephew through to its sinister climax. User review: If you are aware of the work of David Hoyle then you’ll understand that a David Hoyle movie is probably going […]

G: Lost in Frankfurt 2015

G: Lost in Frankfurt 2015 1h 28min | Drama | 11 June 2015 (Germany) Storyline: G is a small study on the excitement a new life can bring. The film talks about the many levels of sensing and experiencing the complexity of the big city with its electronic music, clubs and the licentious sex between […]
Little Gay Boy 2013_BHMLittle Gay Boy 2013_1Little Gay Boy 2013_2Little Gay Boy 2013_3Little Gay Boy 2013_4Little Gay Boy 2013_5Little Gay Boy 2013_6Little Gay Boy 2013_7Little Gay Boy 2013_8

Little Gay Boy 2013

Little Gay Boy 2013 1h 12min | Drama | 31 January 2014 (Poland) Storyline: A young gay boy, from his birth to his teenage years, in which he experiments his sexuality and his own boundaries, to the day he finally meets his father. User review: Technically an assembly of Hickling’s short film trilogy (L’Annonciation or […]
You’ll Never Be Alone 2016_BHMYou’ll Never Be Alone 2016_1You’ll Never Be Alone 2016_2You’ll Never Be Alone 2016_3You’ll Never Be Alone 2016_4You’ll Never Be Alone 2016_5You’ll Never Be Alone 2016_6

You’ll Never Be Alone 2016

You’ll Never Be Alone 2016 Nunca vas a estar solo (original title) 1h 21min | Action, Drama | 10 November 2016 (Chile) Storyline: First feature film directed by Alex Anwandter. You’ll never be alone tells the story of Juan, a withdrawn manager at a mannequin factory who after his teenage gay son suffers a violent […]
The Boy Next Door 2008_BHMThe Boy Next Door (2008_1The Boy Next Door (2008_2The Boy Next Door (2008_3The Boy Next Door (2008_4The Boy Next Door (2008_5The Boy Next Door (2008_6

The Boy Next Door 2008

The Boy Next Door 2008 14min | Short, Drama, Romance | 5 October 2008 (UK) Storyline: A closeted male travels and hires male prostitutes while away. Upon arrival, the hustler is nervous, uncomfortable and takes Valium to cope. Host suddenly gets a call and must leave. Gives the hustler money and tells him to stay. […]
Judas Kiss 2011_BHMJudas Kiss 2011_1Judas Kiss 2011_2Judas Kiss 2011_3Judas Kiss 2011_4Judas Kiss 2011_5Judas Kiss 2011_6Judas Kiss 2011_7Judas Kiss 2011_8

Judas Kiss 2011

Judas Kiss 2011 1h 34min | Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi | 1 April 2011 (USA) Storyline: Failed filmmaker Zachary Wells is convinced by his best friend and hotshot director Topher into replacing him as a judge in their film school’s annual festival. Zach’s one-night stand with a student backfires when that student walks into an interview […]
Solos 2007_BHMSolos 2007_1Solos 2007_2Solos 2007_3Solos 2007_4Solos 2007_5Solos 2007_6Solos 2007_7Solos 2007_8

Solos 2007

Solos 2007 1h 17min | Drama, Romance | 18 April 2007 (Singapore) Storyline: Inspired by true events, SOLOS explores relationships among three individuals who are struggling to open up their feelings towards each other. Filmmakers Kan Lume and Loo Zihan co-directed this pathos that dramatizes the selfishness of love and its tragic outcomes. Set in […]

Starcrossed 2005

Starcrossed 2005 15min | Drama, Short | 24 April 2005 (USA) Storyline: Darren and Connor are two star-crossed lovers bound together by blood. Set in a suburban neighborhood, Star-crossed is an atmospheric story of two brothers whose relationship develops into something more than society could ever handle. Unable to deny their feelings for each other […]
Weekend 2011_BHMWeekend 2011_1Weekend 2011_2Weekend 2011_3Weekend 2011_4Weekend 2011_5Weekend 2011_6
Weekend 2011

Weekend 2011

Weekend 2011 1h 37min | Drama, Romance | 4 November 2011 (UK) Storyline: On a Friday night after a drunken house party with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a gay club, alone and on the pull. Just before closing time he picks up Glen but what’s expected to be just a one-night stand […]