El Bosque de Karadima 2015_BHMEl Bosque de Karadima 2015_1El Bosque de Karadima 2015_2El Bosque de Karadima 2015_3El Bosque de Karadima 2015_4El Bosque de Karadima 2015_5El Bosque de Karadima 2015_6

El Bosque de Karadima 2015

El Bosque de Karadima 2015 1h 38min | Drama | 23 April 2015 (Chile) Storyline: Based on true events, involving powerful Catholic priest Fernando Karadima, who committed crimes of child abuse and pedophile between 1980’s-2000’s. The struggle of his victims, to be able to reveal the truth and look for justice. User review: Impressive movie, […]
The Raspberry Reich 2004_BHMThe Raspberry Reich 2004_1The Raspberry Reich 2004_2The Raspberry Reich 2004_3The Raspberry Reich 2004_4The Raspberry Reich 2004_5The Raspberry Reich 2004_6The Raspberry Reich 2004_7The Raspberry Reich 2004_8

The Raspberry Reich 2004

The Raspberry Reich 2004 1h 30min | Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance | 1 April 2004 (Germany) Storyline: A left-wing terrorist group, consisting of several homosexual men and a female leader, kidnaps the son of a wealthy industrialist. User review: It’s been a while since I saw this film, so I’ll talk about as much as […]
Porn Theater 2002_BHMPorn Theater 2002_1Porn Theater 2002_2Porn Theater 2002_3Porn Theater 2002_4Porn Theater 2002_5Porn Theater 2002_6

Porn Theater 2002

Porn Theater 2002 La chatte à deux têtes (2002) 1h 30min | Adult, Drama | 20 November 2002 (France) Storyline: A tale set in a decaying Parisian porn theatre, where within its dark confines, male patrons–soldiers, transvestites, married men–regularly engage in anonymous sex acts. In the ticket booth of the theatre, a wise Italian woman […]
Cowboys janken ook 2013_BHMCowboys janken ook 2013_1Cowboys janken ook 2013_2Cowboys janken ook 2013_3Cowboys janken ook 2013_4Cowboys janken ook 2013_5Cowboys janken ook 2013_6Cowboys janken ook 2013_7Cowboys janken ook 2013_8

Cowboys janken ook 2013

Cowboys janken ook 2013 25min | Short, Drama, Family | 6 July 2013 (UK) Storyline: Sven (18) and Gijs (18) are best friends. When the two boys find themselves in a fight after an evening out, Gijs ends up in a coma. Sven wrestles with guilt and the fear that he will lose his best […]
The Brothers 1973_BHMThe Brothers 1973_1The Brothers 1973_2The Brothers 1973_3The Brothers 1973_4The Brothers 1973_5The Brothers 1973_6The Brothers 1973_7The Brothers 1973_8

The Brothers 1973

The Brothers 1973 1h 06min | Adult, Drama, Romance |1973 Storyline: In this film by Jason Soto, The Brothers, a soldier home on leave from Vietnam discovers love … the love of his brother! User review: Though Bruce’s training had been in visual art, Norman’s background was filmmaking, which he studied at UCLA and AFI. […]
Wetlands 2013_BHMWetlands 2013_1Wetlands 2013_2Wetlands 2013_3Wetlands 2013_4Wetlands 2013_5Wetlands 2013_6Wetlands 2013_7Wetlands 2013_8

Wetlands 2013

Wetlands 2013 Feuchtgebiete (original title) 18 | 1h 49min | Comedy, Drama | 11 August 2013 (Switzerland) Storyline: The eccentric 18 year-old Helen narrates the story of her life, including stories about her preferred sexual practices that involve vegetables, her attitude towards hygiene, drugs, her best friend Corinna and her challenging childhood. The frame story […]
The Canyons 2013_BHMThe Canyons 2013_1The Canyons 2013_2The Canyons 2013_3The Canyons 2013_4The Canyons 2013_5The Canyons 2013_6The Canyons 2013_7The Canyons 2013_8

The Canyons 2013

The Canyons 2013 R | 1h 39min | Drama, Thriller | 29 July 2013 (USA) Storyline: When Christian, an LA trust-fund kid with casual ties to Hollywood, learns of a secret affair between Tara and the lead of his film project, Ryan, he spirals out of control, and his cruel mind games escalate into an […]
A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_1A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_2A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_3A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_4A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_5A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_6A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_7A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_8

A Gunman Called Papaco 1986

A Gunman Called Papaco 1986 Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco (original title) 1h 10min | Adult, Western | 1986 (Brazil) Storyline: The adventures of a bisexual gunman named Papaco who wants to deliver a special delivery to anyone who pays for it. User review: Here’s the main thing: If Papaco was being touted as a bisexual […]
Daughters of Darkness (1975)_BHMDaughters of Darkness (1975)_1Daughters of Darkness (1975)_2Daughters of Darkness (1975)_3Daughters of Darkness (1975)_4Daughters of Darkness (1975)_5Daughters of Darkness (1975)_6

Daughters of Darkness 1975

Daughters of Darkness 1975 1h 2min | Adult, Horror Storyline: A young man moves into a cheap boarding house in San Francisco that turns out to be a front for an oversexed cult of lascivious Satanists. User review: A man thinks he’s gotten lucky by finding a cheap room to rent. Not only is the […]
Tenemos la carne 2016_BHMTenemos la carne 2016_1Tenemos la carne 2016_2Tenemos la carne 2016_3Tenemos la carne 2016_4Tenemos la carne 2016_5Tenemos la carne 2016_6Tenemos la carne 2016_7Tenemos la carne 2016_8Tenemos la carne 2016_9Tenemos la carne 2016_10Tenemos la carne 2016_11Tenemos la carne 2016_12Tenemos la carne 2016_13

Tenemos la carne 2016

Tenemos la carne 2016 1h 19min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror | 6 October 2016 (Germany) Storyline: After wandering a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter, two siblings find their way into one of the last remaining buildings. Inside, they find a man who will make them a dangerous offer to survive […]