Another Country 1984_BHMAnother Country 1984_1Another Country 1984_2Another Country 1984_3Another Country 1984_4Another Country 1984_5Another Country 1984_6Another Country 1984_7Another Country 1984_8

Another Country 1984

Another Country 1984 1h 30min | Biography, Drama, Romance | June 1984 (UK) Storyline: Based on the award winning play by Julian Mitchell, the film explores the effect of Public School life in the 1930’s on Guy Bennett as his homosexuality and unwillingness to “play the game” turns him eastwards towards communist Russia. User review: […]
Far West (2003)_BHMFar West (2003)_1Far West (2003)_2Far West (2003)_3Far West (2003)_4

Far West 2003

Far West 2003 17min | Comedy, Short | 21 January 2003 (France) Storyline: In the desert no one can hear you scream. User review: Eric (though he prefers Ricky) is unhappy that he has to leave Paris for a week to visit his grandfather on the farm. He’d much rather practice his dance routines with […]
Handsome Devil 2016_BHMHandsome Devil 2016_1Handsome Devil 2016_2Handsome Devil 2016_3Handsome Devil 2016_4Handsome Devil 2016_5Handsome Devil 2016_6

Handsome Devil 2016

Handsome Devil 2016 1h 35min | Drama | 21 April 2017 (Ireland) Storyline: Ned and Conor are forced to share a bedroom at their boarding school. The loner and the star athlete at this rugby-mad school form an unlikely friendship until it’s tested by the authorities. User review: An Irish coming-of-age drama film, about an […]
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In the Name of 2013

In the Name of 2013 W imie… (original title) 1h 42min | Drama, Thriller | 8 February 2013 (Germany) Storyline: Adam, a Catholic priest who discovered his calling as a servant of God at the relatively late age of 21, now lives in a village in rural Poland working with behavioral problem teens who fight […]


COMING OUT 2017 5min 34sec | Short | 2017 Review: The gay short film Coming Out tells the story of two best friends, Lukas and Chris. They have trouble expressing their feelings about each other. Due to their insecurities, they both seek advice online anonymous chat room. In this chat room, they get advice from […]
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Closets 2015

Closets 2015 19min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi | August 2015 (USA) Storyline: CLOSETS is an interesting, unusual film with a sci-fi twist. It features a tormented 16 year old boy called Henry who, on 12 March 1986, time travels through his bedroom closet and meets up with a similar present day teenager, Ben, occupying his […]
Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_BHMPourquoi Mon Fils 2015_1Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_2Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_3Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_4Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_5Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_6

Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015

Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015 Pourquoi mon fils? (original title) 21min | Short, Drama | 12 June 2015 (France) Plot: This is the time for Thomas and Louis to announce to their parents their homosexual bond. If for Louis everything seems to go for the best, on the other hand for the father of Thomas, Hervé, […]
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1992 (2016)

1992 (2016) 25min | Short, Drama, Romance | 24 January 2016 (France) User review: A lesson or only model for the relation father-son. a film about desire, errors, pleasure and broken of the line between teacher and student. a film who lost, scene by scene, its message. something missing and this fact transforms it in […]
En Colo 2010_BHMEn Colo 2010_1En Colo 2010_2En Colo 2010_3En Colo 2010_4

En Colo 2010

En Colo 2010 8min | Short | 18 November 2010 (France) Storyline: At a meeting of the game “Truth or Dare?” two young boys, Matthew and Maxime, are challenging to embrace. The kiss will cause them some excitement. From that time, teens who witnessed this scene are allusions more or less directly to the possible […]
Stadt Land Fluss 2011_BHMStadt Land Fluss 2011_1Stadt Land Fluss 2011_2Stadt Land Fluss 2011_3Stadt Land Fluss 2011_4Stadt Land Fluss 2011_5Stadt Land Fluss 2011_6

Stadt Land Fluss 2011

Stadt Land Fluss 2011 1h 28min | Drama, Romance | 19 May 2011 (Germany) Storyline: A drama that tracks the relationship between two young apprentices working on an agricultural complex south of Berlin. User review: “Harvest” is a minimalist docu-drama concerning life in a German farming community. Utterly realistic production that uses a cast of […]