Totally Fucked Up (1993)_BHMTotally Fucked Up (1993)_1Totally Fucked Up (1993)_2Totally Fucked Up (1993)_3Totally Fucked Up (1993)_4Totally Fucked Up (1993)_5Totally Fucked Up (1993)_6

Totally Fucked Up 1993

Totally Fucked Up 1993 Totally F***ed Up (original title) 1h 18min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 13 January 1995 (UK) Storyline: Life really sucks for a group of gay and lesbian teenagers living in Los Angeles. Their parents kicked them out, they’re broke and bored, their lovers cheat on them, they’re harassed by gay-bashers. If […]
Under One Roof 2002_BHMUnder One Roof 2002_1Under One Roof 2002_2Under One Roof 2002_3Under One Roof 2002_4Under One Roof 2002_5Under One Roof 2002_6Under One Roof 2002_7Under One Roof 2002_8

Under One Roof 2002

Under One Roof 2002 1h 16min | Romance, Comedy | 25 May 2002 (USA) Storyline: It’s Sex and the City meets The Wedding Banquet for young San Franciscan Daniel Chang, living at home with his clueless, traditional mother. Desperate for a grandchild, she’s eager to see him married and spends much of her time planning […]
Ups & Downs 1981_BHMUps & Downs 1981_1Ups & Downs 1981_2Ups & Downs 1981_3Ups & Downs 1981_4Ups & Downs 1981_5

Ups & Downs 1981

Ups & Downs 1981 1h 37min | Comedy User review: I only took the time to track down this film, because one of the writers is my headmaster at my private school. He attended that same school as a child and has also taught there. This movie is representitive of our school. A North American […]
How to Be a Man 2013_BHMHow to Be a Man 2013_1How to Be a Man 2013_2How to Be a Man 2013_3How to Be a Man 2013_4How to Be a Man 2013_5How to Be a Man 2013_6How to Be a Man 2013_7How to Be a Man 2013_8

How to Be a Man 2013

How to Be a Man 2013 1h 25min | Comedy | 15 March 2014 (USA) Storyline: When former comedian Mark McCarthy is faced with a rare form of cancer, he hires a young, impressionable cameraman to document his crude and comical lessons on what it means to be a man for his unborn son. User […]
Den bsta sommaren 2000_BHMDen bsta sommaren 2000_1Den bsta sommaren 2000_2Den bsta sommaren 2000_3Den bsta sommaren 2000_4Den bsta sommaren 2000_5Den bsta sommaren 2000_6

Den bästa sommaren 2000

Den bästa sommaren 2000 1h 31min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 8 March 2000 (Sweden) Storyline: The summer of ’58, the year Sweden almost won the world championship in soccer over Brazil, Yngve Johansson accepts two children to live with him during the summer, as told through the eyes of a young boy. His name […]

Red Dog: True Blue 2016

Red Dog: True Blue 2016 1h 28min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 26 December 2016 (Australia) Storyline: An iconic Australian story of family, friendship and adventure, between a young boy and a scrappy one-of-a-kind dog that would grow up to become an Australian legend. User review: Australia’s favorite dog is back and this time he […]
800 Balas_BHM800 Balas_1800 Balas_2800 Balas_3800 Balas_4800 Balas_5800 Balas_6

800 Balas 2002

800 Balas 2002 R | 2h 4min | Action, Comedy, Drama | 18 October 2002 (Spain) Storyline: Julián Torralba is a former movie stuntman in Almeria, Spain. He and several of his colleagues, who once made a living in American Westerns shot in Spain, now are reduced to doing stunt shows for minuscule audiences on […]
Growing Up Smith 2015_BHMGrowing Up Smith 2015_1Growing Up Smith 2015_2Growing Up Smith 2015_3Growing Up Smith 2015_4Growing Up Smith 2015_5Growing Up Smith 2015_6

Growing Up Smith 2015

Growing Up Smith 2015 PG-13 | 1h 42min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 3 February 2017 (USA) Storyline: GOOD OL’ BOY is the story of Smith, a ten-year-old boy from India growing up in Small Town, America in 1979. While the boy’s family straddles the fine line between embracing the American Dream and preserving their […]
Good Boy! 2003_BHMGood Boy! 2003_1Good Boy! 2003_2Good Boy! 2003_3Good Boy! 2003_4Good Boy! 2003_5Good Boy! 2003_6

Good Boy! 2003

Good Boy! 2003 PG | 1h 27min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 10 October 2003 (Canada) Storyline: Owen Baker is a 12-year-old loner who has been working as a neighborhood dog-walker so he can earn the privilege of getting a dog of his own. His hard work pays off when his parents let him adopt […]
Far West (2003)_BHMFar West (2003)_1Far West (2003)_2Far West (2003)_3Far West (2003)_4

Far West 2003

Far West 2003 17min | Comedy, Short | 21 January 2003 (France) Storyline: In the desert no one can hear you scream. User review: Eric (though he prefers Ricky) is unhappy that he has to leave Paris for a week to visit his grandfather on the farm. He’d much rather practice his dance routines with […]