Terri 2011_BHMTerri 2011_1Terri 2011_2Terri 2011_3Terri 2011_4Terri 2011_5Terri 2011_6Terri 2011_7Terri 2011_8

Terri 2011

Terri 2011 R | 1h 45min | Comedy, Drama | 8 August 2012 (France) Storyline: The story of a large fifteen-year-old boy in a small town as he struggles to adjust to his difficult life. Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) Rated R for sexual content, language and some drug and alcohol use – all involving teens […]
Rufus 2 – 2017_BHMRufus 2 – 2017_1Rufus 2 – 2017_2Rufus 2 – 2017_3Rufus 2 – 2017_4Rufus 2 – 2017_5Rufus 2 – 2017_6

Rufus 2 – 2017

Rufus 2 – 2017 46min | Comedy, Family | TV Movie 16 January 2017 Storyline: Rufus is a dog but turns into a human with a pendant. He meets a girl named Kat who asks him to go out. Kat is a cat who can also turn into a human as well. Director: Savage Steve […]

The Real ONeals S02E10 HDTV x264-RBB

The Real ONeals S02E10 HDTV x264-RBB 21min | Comedy | Episode aired 17 January 2017 Season 02 , Episode 10 – “The Real Acceptance” After Kenny and Brett officially become a couple, Kenny starts to think of plan on how he should break the news to his parents. Meanwhile, Jimmy surprises everyone when he scores […]
Afrodita 1993_BHMAfrodita 1993_1Afrodita 1993_2Afrodita 1993_3Afrodita 1993_4Afrodita 1993_5Afrodita 1993_6

Afrodita 1993

Afrodita 1993 1h 18min | TV Movie 2 May 1993 Storyline: Being constantly bullied by his peers, 11-yr old Michal Ronec develops a friendship with a man and the man’s horse Aphrodite. Details: Country: Slovakia Language: Slovak Release Date: 2 May 1993 (Slovakia) Director: Lubomir Kocka Writer: Zbynek Malinsky Stars: Marcela Fuksova, Bohdan Krnac, Dominik […]
Utopians 2015_BHMUtopians 2015_1Utopians 2015_2Utopians 2015_3Utopians 2015_4Utopians 2015_5Utopians 2015_6Utopians 2015_7Utopians 2015_8

Utopians 2015

Utopians 2015 Tung lau hap woo (original title) 1h 34min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 16 January 2016 (Japan) User review: This film tells the story of a university student in Hong Kong, who lives with his mother and has a Catholic girlfriend. One day, he attends a class on Greek philosophy, and he gets […]
Little Secrets 2001_BHMLittle Secrets 2001_1Little Secrets 2001_2Little Secrets 2001_3Little Secrets 2001_4Little Secrets 2001_5Little Secrets 2001_6

Little Secrets 2001

Little Secrets 2001 PG | 1h 36min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 23 August 2002 (USA) Storyline: Emily Lindstrom, 14, is an aspiring concert violinist; she’s spending the summer practicing for a big audition while her girlfriends are at camp. She’s also got a thriving neighborhood business: for 50 cents, she’ll keep your secret. Her […]
Holes 2003_BHMHoles 2003_1Holes 2003_2Holes 2003_3Holes 2003_4Holes 2003_5Holes 2003_6

Holes 2003

Holes 2003 PG | 1h 57min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | 18 April 2003 (USA) Storyline: “But if you forget to come back for Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.” Those were the exact words spoken to young Elya Yelnats the day he forgot to repay Madame Zeroni. […]
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010_BHMThe Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010_1The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010_2The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010_3The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010_4The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010_5The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010_6

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf 2010 1h 23min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy | TV Movie 22 October 2010 Storyline: A family inherited a castle in Romania they go to see the castle where something weird is going on before she knows it a young woman called Jordan the daughter in the family is turning into […]
Hollenritt 2008_BHMHollenritt 2008_1Hollenritt 2008_2Hollenritt 2008_3Hollenritt 2008_4

Hollenritt 2008

Hollenritt 2008 Höllenritt (original title) 30min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 30 May 2008 (Germany) Storyline: Jakob has a huge problem. His father is going to pick him up for the week- end for the first time since his parents’ divorce. Jakob hates his father and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him […]
StarStruck 2010_BHMStarStruck 2010_1StarStruck 2010_2StarStruck 2010_3StarStruck 2010_4StarStruck 2010_5StarStruck 2010_6

StarStruck 2010

StarStruck 2010 1h 30min | Comedy, Family, Music | TV Movie 14 February 2010 Storyline: Jessica Olsen goes to Los Angeles with nothing more in mind that visiting her grandparents while her sister tries to meet Christopher Wilde. One night she meets Christopher Wilde. They go on an adventure around Los Angeles and start to […]