Le dernier des fous (2006)_BHMLe dernier des fous 2006_1Le dernier des fous 2006_2Le dernier des fous 2006_3Le dernier des fous 2006_4Le dernier des fous 2006_5Le dernier des fous 2006_6Le dernier des fous 2006_7Le dernier des fous 2006_8

Le dernier des fous 2006

Le dernier des fous 2006 1h 35min | Drama | 3 January 2007 (France) User review: It was apparently very hard for Laurent Achard to archive his strange cinematographic new project : almost ten years have passed since his last movie “Plus qu’hier, moins que demain”, released in 1998. And when you see “Le dernier […]
Afrodita 1993_BHMAfrodita 1993_1Afrodita 1993_2Afrodita 1993_3Afrodita 1993_4Afrodita 1993_5Afrodita 1993_6

Afrodita 1993

Afrodita 1993 1h 18min | TV Movie 2 May 1993 Storyline: Being constantly bullied by his peers, 11-yr old Michal Ronec develops a friendship with a man and the man’s horse Aphrodite. Details: Country: Slovakia Language: Slovak Release Date: 2 May 1993 (Slovakia) Director: Lubomir Kocka Writer: Zbynek Malinsky Stars: Marcela Fuksova, Bohdan Krnac, Dominik […]
The Girl 2014_BHMThe Girl 2014_1The Girl 2014_2The Girl 2014_3The Girl 2014_4The Girl 2014_5The Girl 2014_6The Girl 2014_7The Girl 2014_8

The Girl 2014

The Girl 2014 1h 19min | Sci-Fi, Thriller | November 2014 (USA) Storyline: A kidnapped girl is rescued by a young boy, and in return is compelled to save him from the horrors that lie in his home. User review: For a class act like Michael Biehn… (The Terminator/Aliens) I was interested in this movie. […]
Claire in Motion 2016_BHMClaire in Motion 2016_1Claire in Motion 2016_2Claire in Motion 2016_3Claire in Motion 2016_4

Claire in Motion 2016

Claire in Motion 2016 1h 23min | Drama | 13 January 2017 (USA Storyline: Claire is sure of herself, her work and family, until – like a bad dream – her husband disappears, leaving a trail of puzzling secrets that shatter her certainty. User review: Greetings again from the darkness. A math professor and an […]
Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016_BHMLegends of the Hidden Temple 2016_1Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016_2Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016_3Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016_4Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016_5Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016_6

Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016

Legends of the Hidden Temple 2016 1h 5min | Adventure, Family | 26 November 2016 (USA) Storyline: What seems to be a boring jungle tour turns into a fight for survival when three siblings stumble into a hidden temple. Now, their knowledge and their wits are put to the test as they have to complete […]
Wednesdays 2011_BHMWednesdays 2011_1Wednesdays 2011_2Wednesdays 2011_3Wednesdays 2011_4Wednesdays 2011_5Wednesdays 2011_6

Wednesdays 2011

Wednesdays 2011 Woensdagen (original title) 9min | Short, Drama Storyline: Every Wednesday, 8-year old Kris accompanies 28-year old Willem to the swimming pool where they have a whole lot of fun together. They swim, go down the slide and eat fries. Just when Kris thought that this was the usual fun-filled Wednesday, Willem confronts him […]
Tom Sawyer 1973_BHMTom Sawyer 1973_1Tom Sawyer 1973_2Tom Sawyer 1973_3Tom Sawyer 1973_4Tom Sawyer 1973_5Tom Sawyer 1973_6

Tom Sawyer 1973

Tom Sawyer 1973 1h 43min | Adventure, Musical, Family | 15 March 1973 (USA) Storyline: Tom Sawyer and his pal Huckleberry Finn have great adventures on the Mississippi River, pretending to be pirates, attending their own funeral, and witnessing a murder. User review: This film captures the essence of Tom Sawyer. The wonder and freedom […]
Uskyld 2012_BHMUskyld 2012_1Uskyld 2012_2Uskyld 2012_3Uskyld 2012_4Uskyld 2012_5Uskyld 2012_6Uskyld 2012_7Uskyld 2012_8

Uskyld 2012

Uskyld 2012 1h 45min | Drama | 2 November 2012 (Norway) Storyline: Two brothers in their 40s are found dead in the forest. By their side lies a woman, very weak, but still alive. “All that matters is past” is the story of how Janne meets William after many years of separation. She leaves her […]
Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3_BHMDer Laden 1998 – Teil 3_1Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3_2Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3_3Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3_4Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3_5Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3_6

Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3

Der Laden 1998 – Teil 3 4h 33min | Drama, War | TV Mini-Series (1998– ) Plot: The main figure is the beginning of nine-year-old Esau Matt, who leads the story as a narrator. In the summer of 1919 the Esaus family moved from Grausteen to Bossdom, where the parents bought a bakery shop. This […]

Lost and Found 2016

Lost and Found 2016 1h 30min | Adventure, Family, Mystery | 22 February 2016 (USA) Storyline: Sent to spend the summer on a remote and mysterious island, teenage brothers embark on a thrilling treasure hunt to restore their family’s lost fortune. User review: Independent films often involve edgy subjects that can make them inappropriate for […]