Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_BHMDie Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_1Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_2Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_3Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_4Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_5Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_6

Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977

Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977 1h 28min | Family, Adventure | TV Movie 25 December 1977 User review: It’s not easy to describe this film to non-Germans, unfamiliar with either Max von der Grün’s children’s novel or those that are unfamiliar with Germany’s post-ww2 social issues. However, if you born after 1970 in (then) West-Germany, it is […]
Burlesk King 1999_BHMBurlesk King 1999_1Burlesk King 1999_2Burlesk King 1999_3Burlesk King 1999_4Burlesk King 1999_5Burlesk King 1999_6Burlesk King 1999_7Burlesk King 1999_8

Burlesk King 1999

Burlesk King 1999 1h 49min | Drama | 10 March 1999 (Philippines) Storyline: The son of an abusive American father and a Filipina mother, Harry escapes to Manila with vengeance on his mind. After finding work as a Macho Dancer in the city’s gay clubs, Harry creates a nurturing circle of friends and finds the […]
Little Thirteen 2012_BHMLittle Thirteen 2012_1Little Thirteen 2012_2Little Thirteen 2012_3Little Thirteen 2012_4Little Thirteen 2012_5Little Thirteen 2012_6Little Thirteen 2012_7Little Thirteen 2012_8

Little Thirteen 2012

Little Thirteen 2012 1h 30min | Drama, Romance | 5 July 2012 (Germany) Storyline: Sarah is 13. She and her best friend Charly (16) have already lost count of the men they have been to bed with: one night stands, nameless, and interchangeable – no commitments. Then Sarah meets 18-year-old Lukas in a chat room, […]
Clay Farmers 1988_BHMClay Farmers 1988_1Clay Farmers 1988_2Clay Farmers 1988_3Clay Farmers 1988_4Clay Farmers 1988_5Clay Farmers 1988_6Clay Farmers 1988_7Clay Farmers 1988_8

Clay Farmers 1988

Clay Farmers 1988 1h | Drama Storyline: Mike, a young hired hand in California is working a small farm with a close friend, Dan. Mike is content on the farm and obviously attracted to the handsome Dan. Dan seems to be attracted to Mike as well but is a drifter and not happy as a […]
Ranenyy angel 2016_BHMRanenyy angel 2016_1Ranenyy angel 2016_2Ranenyy angel 2016_3Ranenyy angel 2016_4Ranenyy angel 2016_5Ranenyy angel 2016_6Ranenyy angel 2016_7Ranenyy angel 2016_8

Ranenyy angel 2016

Ranenyy angel 2016 1h 53min | Drama | 11 May 2016 (France) User review: In Kazakhstan life is hard and childhood, as we know it, is virtually non-existent. Children and adults alike do what they can to get by. Emir Baigazin’s remarkable. virtually plot less film is divided into a number of chapters, each one […]
Die Welle 2008_BHMDie Welle 2008_1Die Welle 2008_2Die Welle 2008_3Die Welle 2008_4Die Welle 2008_5Die Welle 2008_6

Die Welle 2008

Die Welle 2008 1h 47min | Drama, Thriller | 18 January 2008 (USA) Storyline: High school teacher, Rainer Wegner, may be popular with the students, but he’s also unorthodox. He’s forced to teach autocracy for the school’s project week. He’s less than enthusiastic at first, but the response of the students is surprising to say […]
Little Gay Boy 2013_BHMLittle Gay Boy 2013_1Little Gay Boy 2013_2Little Gay Boy 2013_3Little Gay Boy 2013_4Little Gay Boy 2013_5Little Gay Boy 2013_6Little Gay Boy 2013_7Little Gay Boy 2013_8

Little Gay Boy 2013

Little Gay Boy 2013 1h 12min | Drama | 31 January 2014 (Poland) Storyline: A young gay boy, from his birth to his teenage years, in which he experiments his sexuality and his own boundaries, to the day he finally meets his father. User review: Technically an assembly of Hickling’s short film trilogy (L’Annonciation or […]
The Unborn 2009 UNCUT_BHMThe Unborn 2009 UNCUT_1The Unborn 2009 UNCUT_2The Unborn 2009 UNCUT_3The Unborn 2009 UNCUT_4The Unborn 2009 UNCUT_5The Unborn 2009 UNCUT_6

The Unborn 2009 UNCUT

The Unborn 2009 UNCUT PG-13 | 1h 28min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | 9 January 2009 (Canada) Storyline: While babysitting a boy and his baby brother, Casey Beldon has a dreadful nightmare involving a weird dog and an evil child, and she tells her best friend Romy over the phone. Casey is haunted by this […]
The Boy Next Door 2008_BHMThe Boy Next Door (2008_1The Boy Next Door (2008_2The Boy Next Door (2008_3The Boy Next Door (2008_4The Boy Next Door (2008_5The Boy Next Door (2008_6

The Boy Next Door 2008

The Boy Next Door 2008 14min | Short, Drama, Romance | 5 October 2008 (UK) Storyline: A closeted male travels and hires male prostitutes while away. Upon arrival, the hustler is nervous, uncomfortable and takes Valium to cope. Host suddenly gets a call and must leave. Gives the hustler money and tells him to stay. […]
The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_BHMThe Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_1The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_2The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_3The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_4The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_5The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_6

The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens

The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens 6h 34min | Documentary | Episode aired 10 June 1998 Storyline: Professor Robert Winston looks at the physical changes brought about by puberty. Footage shot inside the body reveals how sexual development happens. Star: Andrew Blackall Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : […]