I Am David 2003_BHMI Am David 2003_1I Am David 2003_2I Am David 2003_3I Am David 2003_4I Am David 2003_5I Am David 2003_6

I Am David 2003

I Am David 2003 PG | 1h 30min | Drama | 5 November 2004 (UK) Storyline: Twelve-year-old David escapes from a Communist concentration camp with little more than a compass, a sealed letter, a loaf of bread, and instructions to carry the letter to Copenhagen, Denmark. David is thrust into the free world for the […]
My Life So Far 1999_BHMMy Life So Far 1999_1My Life So Far 1999_2My Life So Far 1999_3My Life So Far 1999_4My Life So Far 1999_5My Life So Far 1999_6

My Life So Far 1999

My Life So Far 1999 PG-13 | 1h 38min | Biography, Comedy, Drama | 26 August 1999 (Singapore) Storyline: Memoir of the lives of a family growing up on a post World War I British estate headed up by a strong disciplinarian, her daughter, her inventor husband, their ten year old son, and his older […]
Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_BHMDong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_1Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_2Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_3Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_4Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_5Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_6Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_7Dong Dong De Jia Qi 1984_8

Dong dong de jiaqi 1984

Dong dong de jiaqi 1984 Dong dong de jiàqi (original title) 1h 33min | Drama | 1984 (Taiwan) Storyline: When a young brother and sister spend a pivotal summer away from home, they are changed. Ting-Ting and Tung-Tung (Wang Qiguang) are children of the city, but when their mother is struck ill, they must leave […]
Keby som mal pusku_BHMKeby som mal pusku_1Keby som mal pusku_2Keby som mal pusku_3Keby som mal pusku_4Keby som mal pusku_5Keby som mal pusku_6Keby som mal pusku_7

Keby som mal pusku 1971

Keby som mal pusku 1971 1h 30min | Comedy, Drama | 12 November 1971 (Czechoslovakia) User review: i am privileged to be the first one to comment on this amazing gem..i just watched it…like most others from the beautiful category of the “Czech new wave”, it doesn’t leave u with words for easy description.. there […]

Alla älskar Alice 2002

Alla älskar Alice 2002 1h 59min | Drama | 4 October 2002 (Sweden) Storyline: A dramatic love story of a man, two women and three children. When love suddenly explodes in these people’s lives it creates a pressure wave that changes the lives of everyone. Johan is married with Lotta and has two children, when […]
Arje 2004_BHMArje 2004_1Arje 2004_2Arje 2004_3Arje 2004_4Arje 2004_5Arje 2004_6Arje 2004_7

Arje 2004

Arje 2004 92min | Drama | 2004 (Russia) Storyline: A drama about a doctor Arje who discovers his illness and decides to go to Israel in order to meet Sonya – the love of his life. User review: Memories of a wartime childhood blend into the present day in Roman Kachanov’s “Arye,” a more-than-respectable film […]
Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_BHMTenderness of the Wolves 1973_1Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_2Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_3Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_4Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_5Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_6Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_7Tenderness of the Wolves 1973_8

Tenderness of the Wolves 1973

Tenderness of the Wolves 1973 Die Zärtlichkeit der Wölfe (original title) 1h 22min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 12 July 1973 (West Germany) Storyline: In 1925, in Germany, Fritz Haarmann is a homosexual, thief and sneak, having a special license from the police. He sells meat in the black market. He also kills boys and […]
I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_BHMI’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_1I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_2I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_3I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_4I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_5I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_6I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_7I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_8

I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009

I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009 Je suis heureux que ma mère soit vivante (original title) 1h 31min | Drama | 30 September 2009 (France) Storyline: Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching, Thomas finds her single, with a […]
The Eye Above the Well 1988_BHMThe Eye Above the Well 1988_1The Eye Above the Well 1988_2The Eye Above the Well 1988_3The Eye Above the Well 1988_4The Eye Above the Well 1988_5The Eye Above the Well 1988_6

The Eye Above the Well 1988

The Eye Above the Well 1988 Het oog boven de put (original title) 1h 34min | Documentary | 29 September 1988 (Netherlands) Storyline: A poetic depiction of life and ritual in the south Indian state of Kerala. We see how knowledge is passed down from generation to generation: within the family, through the village economy, […]
Escape from Sobibor 1987_BHMEscape from Sobibor 1987_1Escape from Sobibor 1987_2Escape from Sobibor 1987_3Escape from Sobibor 1987_4Escape from Sobibor 1987_5Escape from Sobibor 1987_6Escape from Sobibor 1987_7Escape from Sobibor 1987_8

Escape from Sobibor 1987

Escape from Sobibor 1987 2h 23min | Drama, History, War | TV Movie 12 April 1987 Storyline: During WWII, the death camp at Treblinka had an escape, causing the Commandant at a similar camp in Sobibor to vow that his camp would never experience the same thing. But those who were its captives, the Jewish […]