Hugo och Josefin 1967_BHMHugo och Josefin 1967_1Hugo och Josefin 1967_2Hugo och Josefin 1967_3Hugo och Josefin 1967_4Hugo och Josefin 1967_5Hugo och Josefin 1967_6

Hugo och Josefin 1967

Hugo och Josefin 1967 1h 22min | Family, Comedy, Drama | 16 December 1967 (Sweden) Storyline: Josefin is a six-year-old girl who lives isolated in the countryside, where her father is a priest. She has no friends until she meets Hugo. He is a carefree boy who rather walk in the forest than go to […]
Skipped Parts 2000_BHMSkipped Parts 2000_1Skipped Parts 2000_2Skipped Parts 2000_3Skipped Parts 2000_4Skipped Parts 2000_5Skipped Parts 2000_6

Skipped Parts 2000

Skipped Parts 2000 R | 1h 40min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 6 December 2001 (Philippines) Storyline: It’s 1963. Poor little rich girl Lydia and her 14-year-old love-child Sam are banished from North Carolina while her powerful father runs for governor. They end up in Wyoming where she parties and Sam finds he’s one of […]
Castillos de carton 2009_BHMCastillos de carton 2009_1Castillos de carton 2009_2Castillos de carton 2009_3Castillos de carton 2009_4Castillos de carton 2009_5Castillos de carton 2009_6Castillos de carton 2009_7Castillos de carton 2009_8

Castillos de carton 2009

Castillos de carton 2009 Castillos de cartón (original title) 1h 34min | Drama, Romance | 30 October 2009 (Spain) Storyline: An art student surprises his classmate and fellow artist by keeping the portrait he has painted of her when she believed she would own it after it was completed. The surprising turn of events continues […]
Die Welle 2008_BHMDie Welle 2008_1Die Welle 2008_2Die Welle 2008_3Die Welle 2008_4Die Welle 2008_5Die Welle 2008_6

Die Welle 2008

Die Welle 2008 1h 47min | Drama, Thriller | 18 January 2008 (USA) Storyline: High school teacher, Rainer Wegner, may be popular with the students, but he’s also unorthodox. He’s forced to teach autocracy for the school’s project week. He’s less than enthusiastic at first, but the response of the students is surprising to say […]
Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_BHMMaskeblomstfamilien 2010_1Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_2Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_3Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_4Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_5Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_6Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_7Maskeblomstfamilien 2010_8

Maskeblomstfamilien 2010

Maskeblomstfamilien 2010 1h 38min | Drama | 1 October 2010 (Norway) Storyline: It’s the summer of 1951 in Oslo. Lillian and Amund Wang are blessed with their first and only child. A boy. Or is it a girl? Outside there’s a solar eclipse, and all the birds stops singing. Young Adrian isn’t getting the operation […]
The Outsiders 1983_BHMThe Outsiders 1983_1The Outsiders 1983_2The Outsiders 1983_3The Outsiders 1983_4The Outsiders 1983_5The Outsiders 1983_6

The Outsiders 1983 UNCUT

The Outsiders 1983 UNCUT PG | 1h 54min | Crime, Drama | 25 March 1983 (USA) Storyline: The movie details a town split between the wealthy South Zone gang called ‘The Socials’ and the poor North Zone gang called ‘The Greasers’. Dallas Winston, Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade from ‘The Greasers’ befriend the rich Cherry […]
Zlati Uhori 1979_BHMZlati Uhori 1979_1Zlati Uhori 1979_2Zlati Uhori 1979_3Zlati Uhori 1979_4Zlati Uhori 1979_5Zlati Uhori 1979_6Zlati Uhori 1979_7Zlati Uhori 1979_8

Zlati Uhori 1979

Zlati Uhori 1979 Drama | TV Movie 1979 Storyline: A little boy, named Prdelka, traveled with his father from Prague to the country during the Second World War. There, the boy became friends with a local fisherman and learned to catch the golden eels. Eventually, his father and mother were arrested by the Nazis and […]
Le Petit Roi 1933_BHMLe Petit Roi 1933_1Le Petit Roi 1933_2Le Petit Roi 1933_3Le Petit Roi 1933_4Le Petit Roi 1933_5Le Petit Roi 1933_6

Le Petit Roi 1933

Le Petit Roi 1933 Comedy, Drama | 21 November 1933 (France) User review: Based on an André Lichtenberger novel , « Le Petit Roi « had been impossible to see for years because of royalties;after the unquestionable success of « Poil De Carotte » (1932),it was only natural that the great Julien Duvivier teamed up […]
Bless Me, Ultima 2013_BHMBless Me, Ultima 2013_1Bless Me, Ultima 2013_2Bless Me, Ultima 2013_3Bless Me, Ultima 2013_4Bless Me, Ultima 2013_5Bless Me, Ultima 2013_6Bless Me, Ultima 2013_7Bless Me, Ultima 2013_8

Bless Me, Ultima 2013

Bless Me, Ultima 2013 PG-13 | 1h 46min | Drama, War | 22 February 2013 (USA) Storyline: A drama set in New Mexico during WWII, centered on the relationship between a young man and an elderly medicine woman who helps him contend with the battle between good and evil that rages in his village. Motion […]
The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2007_BHMThe Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2007_1The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2007_2The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2007_3The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2007_4The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2007_5The Water Horse Legend of the Deep 2007_6
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2007

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2007

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2007 PG | 1h 52min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 10 January 2008 (Australia) Storyline: A boy finds an interesting egg. His curiosity leads him to protect it and want to figure out what will come out of it. He didn’t realize that it would turn into something […]