Palo Alto 2013_BHM

Palo Alto 2013

Palo Alto 2013 R | 1h 40min | Drama | 9 May 2014 (USA) Storyline: Shy, sensitive April is the class virgin, torn between an illicit flirtation with her soccer coach Mr. B and an unrequited crush on sweet stoner Teddy. Emily, meanwhile, offers sexual favors to every boy to cross her path – including […]
My Life So Far 1999_BHM

My Life So Far 1999

My Life So Far 1999 PG-13 | 1h 38min | Biography, Comedy, Drama | 26 August 1999 (Singapore) Storyline: Memoir of the lives of a family growing up on a post World War I British estate headed up by a strong disciplinarian, her daughter, her inventor husband, their ten year old son, and his older […]
Padre padrone_BHM

Padre padrone 1977

Padre padrone 1977 1h 54min | Biography, Drama | 17 May 1977 (France) Storyline: The true story of the life of Gavino Ledda, the son of a Sardinian shepherd, and how he managed to escape his harsh, almost barbaric existence by slowly educating himself, despite violent opposition from his brutal father. User review: Despite the […]
Rascal 1969_BHM

Rascal 1969

Rascal 1969 1h 25min | Drama, Family | 11 June 1969 (USA) Storyline: A comedy filled with tenderness as a baby raccoon snuggles his way into the life of a lonely boy. He becomes the boy’s only companion during his father’s frequent absences. Because of Rascal, both father and son realize their responsibility to each […]
Da jeg traff Jesus… med sprettert 2000_BHM

Da jeg traff Jesus… med sprettert 2000

Da jeg traff Jesus… med sprettert 2000 1h 28min | Biography, Comedy | 1 September 2000 (Norway) Storyline: Little Oddemann uses every means available to find Jesus, including his slingshot. The film takes us to Norway in the late 30’s, where we meet a series of burlesque and humorous characters, whose antics convince Oddemann that […]
Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977_BHM

Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977

Die Vorstadtkrokodile 1977 1h 28min | Family, Adventure | TV Movie 25 December 1977 User review: It’s not easy to describe this film to non-Germans, unfamiliar with either Max von der Grün’s children’s novel or those that are unfamiliar with Germany’s post-ww2 social issues. However, if you born after 1970 in (then) West-Germany, it is […]
Death at Oslo Central Station 1990_BHM

Death at Oslo Central Station 1990

Death at Oslo Central Station 1990 Døden på Oslo S (original title) 1h 39min | Action, Crime, Drama | 3 May 1991 (Sweden) Storyline: A young boy named Pelle falls in love with the drug addict Lena. Then he and his friend Proffen tries to save her from the drugs. User review: Much has been […]
Avalon High 2010_BHM

Avalon High 2010

Avalon High 2010 1h 30min | Drama, Family, Fantasy | TV Movie 12 November 2010 Storyline: Allie Pennington, the daughter of two Knights-of-the-Round-Table scholars, begins classes at Avalon High where, new to the area, she slowly discovers herself involved in the prophecy of King Arthur’s reincarnation. Her being there is no accident. The Order of […]
Osada havranu 1978_BHM

Osada havranu 1978

Osada havranu 1978 1h 4min | Adventure | September 1978 (Czechoslovakia) Storyline: A river in flood carries a small boy to the Raven settlement. The hunters want to kill him, but when a ravenfeather floats down onto him the boy is saved, for ravens are sacred in the stronghold. The boy is adopted into the […]
Oorlogsgeheimen 2014_BHM

Oorlogsgeheimen 2014

Oorlogsgeheimen 2014 1h 35min | Drama, Family, History | 3 July 2014 (Netherlands) Storyline: Summer 1943. Tuur and Lambert are best friends. The surrounding of their idyllic village has no secrets for the teenagers. From the farm of Lamberts dad to the marl caves in the woods – it’s their world. But the war is […]