Damon & Hunter – Doing It Together 2006_BHM

Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together 2006

Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together 2006 46min | Documentary, Biography, Romance | 19 July 2006 (Australia) User review: Neither documentary nor porn, this unscripted movie falls with a thud between. Damon and Hunter are two nice but inarticulate well-hung young men who’ve done some porn and are now in a relationship. They talk to […]
ArmyBoy 2015_BHM

ArmyBoy 2015

ArmyBoy 2015 73 min | Adult | 20115 Plot: A situational, lustful coming-of-age story within the confines of an army training school Review: Shipped to a training camp, seven new recruits are tested by the stern, but handsome sergeant Logan Moore: endless march, combatant route and physical exercises keep these young men busy most of […]
Ride Of Spring_BHM

Ride Of Spring

Ride Of Spring 9min | Adult, Short | Silent movie by Pr0nator. Director: Pr0nator Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41) File size : 71.5 MiB Duration : 8 min 59 s Overall bit rate mode : Variable Overall bit rate : 1 111 kb/s Writing application : Lavf56.1.0
Hemmungslos 2009_BHM

Hemmungslos 2009

Hemmungslos 2009 Infidèles (original title) 1h 38min | Adult, Drama | 25 October 2009 (Germany) Storyline: Claude Pérès invited an actor to make love with him. They do not know each other. They do not know whether they like each other. They do not know what will happen. They meet in a flat. They are […]
Anonymous 2004_BHM

Anonymous 2004

Anonymous 2004 1h 22min | Drama | February 2004 (Germany) Storyline: A man’s sexual addiction threatens to take over his life, costing him his lover, his apartment and possibly his job. After five years, Todd escapes from his stale relationship by secretly prowling public toilets and the Internet looking for anonymous sex. When his boyfriend […]
Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye 2003_BHM

Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye 2003

Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye 2003 1h 21min | Drama, Adult | 12 December 2003 (USA) Storyline: The film takes place in a seemingly abandoned house where a group of people engage in wordless acts of passion. It covers a period from evening to morning, and the sexual couplings among the members of the […]
The cable guy 2016_BHM

The cable guy 2016

The cable guy 2016 16min | Adult, Short | 2016 Plot: Classics are classics for a reason! Take the good old story of the cable guy fixing something in your house, looking hot as hell, and mix it with some realistic touching, biting and heavy breathing. A modern fairy tale for those wishing nothing more […]
Viva 2015_BHM

Viva 2015

Viva 2015 R | 1h 40min | Drama | 19 August 2016 (Ireland) Storyline: When everything is for sale, what’s the value of love? Jesus does make up for a troupe of drag performers in Havana, but dreams of being a performer. When he finally gets his chance to be on stage, a stranger emerges […]
Roomies 2015_BHM

Roomies 2015

Roomies 2015 9min | Adult, Short | 2015 Synopsis: There wasn’t a single place in Barcelona hotter than that room. Despite of all the protesting voices breaking into the apartment, coming from street protests about which no one knew, Josh and Johan could smell the danger from way closer. Roommates, you know, can be real […]
Toby Ross – Schoolmates_BHM

Schoolmates 1986 scene

Schoolmates 1986 scene 13min 46sec | Adult | 1986 Plot: An artistic, action-packed pre-condom classic in which a bunch of big dicked, smooth, college-aged, lanky boys study each other’s anatomy more than textbooks. A cutesy narrator frames the vignettes, but with a soundtrack featuring the likes of Pink Floyd (unlicensed, to be sure), trippiness is […]