Soundless Wind Chime 2009

Soundless Wind Chime 2009
1h 50min | Drama, Romance | 23 July 2009 (Hong Kong)


Ricky leaves Hong Kong for Switzerland to look for the lost soul and the past of his deceased Swiss lover, Pascal. Ricky struggles with the confusion of memories, reality and illusion.

User review:
Watch this movie only if you like watching grass sway back and forth in the wind. It’s a total waste of time unless you like EXTREMELY slow movies where you make up your own storyline as the movie progress….practically no script except for a spattering of a word or two every now and then….. It’s like a first year drama student trying extremely hard to produce and ‘arty-farty’ movie….without success..! The acting by the main stars are mediocre at best. Many visuals in the movie are totally irrelevant and only added to lengthen the pain in watching grass swaying back and forth. At the end of the movie, you will be left with a feeling of being robbed of more than an hour of your life and lots of un-answerred questions in the plot and the storyline of this movie. I would not recommend you to watch this movie unless you really really have nothing to do and like torturing yourself ..

Director: Kit Hung
Stars: Yulai Lu, Bernhard Bulling, Marie Omlin

Soundless Wind Chime 2009

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 2
File size : 6.55 GiB
Duration : 1 h 40 min
Overall bit rate : 9 314 kb/s

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