Navajeros 1980

Navajeros 1980
1h 35min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 6 October 1980 (Spain)


José Manuel Gómez Perales alias “El Jaro” lives with his band, also teenagers and their girlfriends. One day he meets Mercedes, a prostitute who want him away from the bad way. Then appears Toñi, a drug addict from which he falls.

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A group of friends and delinquents led by El Jaro (Jose Luis Manzano) forced into street hustling and ever-expanding life of crime ; El Jaro lives and makes love with a mature woman (Isela Vega) but he then impregnates the sister named Toñi (Veronica Castro) of one of them . When the Marques (Quique San Francisco) rapes El Jaro the inseparable friends seek revenge . One day when Toñi announces him she’s pregnant, Jaro decides that she doesn’t abort . So, they’ll have to gather some money and in order to do anything that’s necessary . When Toñi becomes pregnant the boys embark on a series of armed robberies to raise the money that they will need to take care of the situation. As problem follows upon problem it seems that it will cost them much more than just money . Meanwhile , a journalist (Jose Sacristan) is investigating El Jaro’s criminal life .

¨Navajeros¨ is one of several movies which Eloy De La Iglesia deals with youth delinquency in Spain, in the early 80’s along with “Colegas” ,”El Pico”, “El Pico 2” and later ¨La Estanquera De Vallecas ¨ , among others. His style is pretty much urban and realistic as well in the atmosphere as in the dialogue . A great look at teenage life and friendship in the margined side let the flick flow efficiently and being realized in ¨ Jose Antonio De La Loma’s Perros Callejeros¨ style . In Navajeros we watch the day-by-day of a group of adolescents committing violent crimes . We see their troubles growing in such a low-class “barrio” from Madrid outskirts . De la Iglesia shows the ugliness of those “barrios” , toughness and cold existence . The screenplay is such strong and disagreeable events , including violent scenes , though also with some ingenuousness , but in 1980, a few years after General Franco died it wasn’t naive at all. Jose Luis Manzano plays his part to the hilt , unafraid of Eloy De Iglesia’s unsympathetic camera and the viciousness of his character . Good casting with usual Spanish secondaries as Jose Manuel Cervino , Enrique San Francisco , Alfredo Lucchetti, Maria Martin , among others . Passable photography with juicy atmosphere by Antonio Cuevas, but unfortunately turns too much murky in some video print , being necessary a a correct remastering . Musical score includes songs by that time such as the successful Los Chichos .The motion picture is professionally directed by Eloy De La Iglesia , a good Spanish movies director. He began working in cinema in 1966, though he became notorious in the years of the Spanish transition to democracy with provoking and polemic films as ¨El Pico 1 and El Pico 2¨ , ¨El Diputado¨, ¨The priest , ¨Clockwork terror¨ , ¨La Otra Alcoba¨ , ¨El Techo de Cristal¨, ¨La Semana Del Asesino¨ , and after ¨Bulgarian lovers¨ and many others . Drugs, delinquency, terrorism and generational problems are the habitual subjects in his films , and specially dedicated to the underworld of heroin ; as well as the gay world . With the passing of time hasn’t had no mercy with most of Eloy’s movies, but there they are : they represent a time and a way of life in the history of Spain ; and now they may seem a little bit naive . As Eloy De La Iglesia chose young and natural actors Jose Luis Manzano , Pirri, or San Francisco were the usual ones . Rating : 5,5 , Acceptable and passable.

Director: Eloy de la Iglesia
Writers: Eloy de la Iglesia (screenplay), Gonzalo Goicoechea (screenplay)
Stars: José Luis Manzano, Isela Vega, Verónica Castro

Navajeros 1980

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