Miroirs d’été 2007

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Miroirs d’été 2007
14min | Short, Drama


Julian is a melancholic teenager on holiday at the family cottage. Parents, brother, lakeside, and a world that seems out-of-place. Coming-of-age in Summertime.

User review:

“Miroirs d’été” or “Mirrors” is a French(-language) 13-minute short film from 2007, so this one will soon have its 10th anniversary. The director and one of the writers is Etienne Desrosiers and for him it is probably the by far most known work, even if this one dates back a bit already. The reason is that the lead actor here is Xavier Dolan. But lets be honest: Nothing about this short film really stands out and this applies to the direction as well as the script. But it also applies to Dolan’s acting. I am fairly certain he is a much better filmmaker than actor. Then again he was only 18 or so when this was made, so you can’t be too harsh on him. I personally don’t think this film delivered in terms of drama, coming-of-age or romance. A very forgettable film. I give it a thumbs-down and the IMDb rating is pretty accurate.

Director: Etienne Desrosiers
Writers: Etienne Desrosiers (scenario & adaptation), Pascal Soudeins (collaborating writer)
Stars: Xavier Dolan, Stéphane Demers, Julie Beauchemin

Miroirs d'été 2007

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Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
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