El pico 2 (1984)

El pico 2 (1984)
2h | Drama | 9 November 1984 (Spain)

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Inferior follow-up dealing equally with delinquency , terrorism , dirty war and other dramatic events about heroin addiction . Violent and thought-provoking look about youthful delinquency , generational problems , drugging in Spain from the 80s , adding continuous flashbacks taken from the first installment . Intelligent film about juvenile delinquency and upon prison life where the starring is harassed and humiliated until that fury and revenge emerge . It deals with the delinquent junkie named Paco who along with his stiff dad , the Guardia Civil commandant (Fernando Guillen) go to Madrid . There they live at a familiar ( with the queens of Spanish comedy as Rafaela Aparicio and Gracita Morales) home . But Paco is locked-up accused for killing a couple . It’s an interesting film developed in two parts : in and out prison . The best part is narrated into prison because of it reflects the astonishing existence of the inmates , with fights , threats ,murders and where rules the strongest’s law . Later on , he is freed and forced into street hustling and ever-expanding life of crime . Paco again hag out with Betty (Lali Espinet or Andrea Albani for the ‘S’ movies) , an Argentinian whore who deliver him heroin . Paco also hags out with a broken-out convict nicknamed Leendakari (Jaume Valls) . Both of them scheme and carry out robberies to earn money in and around Madrid . As the trio attacks an armored van but the events get worse .

¨El Pico 2¨ is one of several movies dealing with youth delinquency in Spain during the 70s and early 80s along with ¨Perros Callejeros I and II¨, ¨ Los Ultimos Golpes Del Torete¨, ¨Yo el Vaquilla¨, mostly realized by Jose Antonio De La Loma , ¨Navajeros , “Colegas”, “El Pico ” and especially ¨Deprisa , Deprisa¨ by Carlos Saura and later on , ¨La Estanquera De Vallecas ¨ , among others . Most films mixed exploitation , nudity , violence , with asocial commentary . Seen today, his films are unique documents on how life was lived and perceived during that period . These films were notorious in the years of the Spanish transition to democracy including provoking and polemic issues and played by unknown young people . His style is pretty much urban and realistic as well in the atmosphere as in the fresh dialog and attempted to take a position in favor of outcast people . Drugs , delinquency , and generational problems are the habitual subjects in these films and specially dedicated to the underworld of heroin and a very realistic look at drug addiction . We see their troubles growing in such streets , neighborhoods and some fine locations . These flicks show the ugliness of those “barrios” , toughness and cold existence of people , including great looks at young life and friendship in the margined side ,letting the stories flow efficiently and being realized in realistic style . Passing of time hasn’t had mercy with most of those movies , but they represented a time and a way of life in the history of Spain ; and now they may seem a little bit naive . Eloy De La Iglesia with his ¨El pico I and II¨ we watch the day-by-day of delinquents committing violent crimes , however De La Iglesia got to make a both lyric and documentary-style flick . The director creates a sort of Spanish Neo-Realism by tackling the juvenile delinquency in the prison and streets from a sociological point of view . The screenplay by Gonzalo Goicoechea is such strong with disagreeable events , though also with some ingenuousness , but in 1980, a few years after General Franco died it wasn’t naive at all . Eloy De La Iglesia chose young and natural actors who play their part to the hilt , unafraid of filmmaker’s unsympathetic camera and the particularity of the characters . Atmospheric photography with juicy atmosphere by Javier Aguirresarrobe , deemed one of the best international cameramen . Many years later , Aguirresarrobe would become the best Spanish photographer and even working in Hollywood : ¨Twilight saga¨ , ¨The road¨ and ¨Fright night¨ .

The film regularly directed by Eloy De La Iglesia though with some flaws and gaps . De La Iglesia is a talented Spanish movies director , he began working in cinema in 1966, though he became notorious in the years of the Spanish transition to democracy with shocking and polemic films as ¨El Pico 1 and 2¨ , ¨El Diputado¨, ¨The priest , ¨Clockwork terror¨ , ¨La Otra Alcoba¨ , ¨El Techo De Cristal¨, ¨La Semana Del Asesino¨ , and after that , ¨Bulgarian lovers¨ and many others . Drugs , delinquency, terrorism and generational problems are the habitual subjects in his films , and specially dedicated to the underworld of heroin ; as well as the gay world . Seen today , his films are unique documents on how life was lived and perceived during that period . And unlike other filmmakers from the period , De La Iglesia is a pretty good filmmaker . The eye De La Iglesia had for social commentary as the attitudes of police and delinquents in realistic manner , sometimes mixed together quite badly with comedy . At his best , his films still had the gritty edge , the naturalistic approach and the poignancy that made them successful at the time . At his works , they show how thin is the line between contention and excess , between drama and exploitation . As Eloy De La Iglesia chose young and natural actors Jose Luis Manzano , Pirri, or Antonio Flores were the usual ones . All of them early deceased by drugging , including the filmmaker . Rating : acceptable and passable.

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El pico 2 (1984)

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