The Eye Above the Well 1988_BHMThe Eye Above the Well 1988_1The Eye Above the Well 1988_2The Eye Above the Well 1988_3The Eye Above the Well 1988_4The Eye Above the Well 1988_5The Eye Above the Well 1988_6

The Eye Above the Well 1988

The Eye Above the Well 1988 Het oog boven de put (original title) 1h 34min | Documentary | 29 September 1988 (Netherlands) Storyline: A poetic depiction of life and ritual in the south Indian state of Kerala. We see how knowledge is passed down from generation to generation: within the family, through the village economy, […]
College Boys Live 2009_BHMCollege Boys Live 2009_1College Boys Live 2009_2College Boys Live 2009_3College Boys Live 2009_4College Boys Live 2009_5College Boys Live 2009_6

College Boys Live 2009

College Boys Live 2009 1h 34min | Documentary | 9 June 2009 (USA) Storyline: In a quiet Orlando, Florida, suburb three young men struggle to escape the wreckage of their pasts and create new lives for themselves. Their new home is, a voyeur web cam house rigged with 32 cameras, where their every move […]
Webcam Boys 2016_BHMWebcam Boys 2016_1Webcam Boys 2016_2Webcam Boys 2016_3Webcam Boys 2016_4Webcam Boys 2016_5Webcam Boys 2016_6

Webcam Boys 2016

Webcam Boys 2016 56min | Documentary | 2016 Plot: Over the last five years more than 100,000 British men have done webcam shows for money. Following the lives of four men, this documentary goes inside this multi-billion-pound global industry. Martyn works full-time as a webcam model, performing sex shows, often with his male friends, for […]
First Position 2011_BHMFirst Position 2011_1First Position 2011_2First Position 2011_3First Position 2011_4First Position 2011_5First Position 2011_6First Position 2011_7First Position 2011_8

First Position 2011

First Position 2011 1h 35min | Documentary | 10 August 2012 (Taiwan) Storyline: First Position follows six talented young dancers (ages 9-19) from five continents as they prepare for a worldwide ballet competition that could transform their lives overnight. User review: Producer/Director Beth Kargman has put together a wonderful documentary that follows six young ballet […]

Growing Up – Boys

Growing Up – Boys 49min | Documentary | 2002 Plot: This series offers a highly visual insight into the minds and bodies of teenagers and uses their own experiences to track their progress from child to adulthood. The focus is on the boys Jesse, Andy, Mark and Dominic and the girls Sharmaine, Claudia, and the […]
Sickfuckpeople 2013_BHMSickfuckpeople 2013_1Sickfuckpeople 2013_2Sickfuckpeople 2013_3Sickfuckpeople 2013_4Sickfuckpeople 2013_5Sickfuckpeople 2013_6

Sickfuckpeople 2013

Sickfuckpeople 2013 1h 15min | Documentary, Drama | 28 April 2013 (Canada) Storyline: A documentary triptych about a group of homeless kids, who have survived their drug-addicted childhood, grew up and start to live an adult life. It’s a story about a boy facing the surreal, degenerated society of his native village full of hate […]
Fulboy 2015_BHMFulboy 2015_1Fulboy 2015_2Fulboy 2015_3Fulboy 2015_4Fulboy 2015_5Fulboy 2015_6

Fulboy 2015

Fulboy 2015 1h 22min | Documentary, Biography, Sport | March 2015 (UK) Storyline: On the verge of achieving his dream career, Tomás allows his older brother Martin Farina an inside look at his life as a professional football player. Martin, never able to fulfill his own dream of playing football, steps into the world of […]
Muchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osad_a (2015)_BHMMuchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osad_a (2015)_1Muchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osad_a (2015)_2Muchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osad_a (2015)_3Muchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osad_a (2015)_4

Muchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osadía 2015

Muchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osadía 2015 19min | Documentary, Short, Biography | March 2015 (Mexico) Storyline: Dance and prostitution play the same role for Jonathan’s body; virtuosity, desire, technique, and sex intertwine, granting coherence to a way of life that offers many answers to few questions; a leitmotiv that reconciles […]
Doggers 2015_BHMDoggers 2015_1Doggers 2015_2Doggers 2015_3Doggers 2015_4Doggers 2015_5Doggers 2015_6

Doggers 2015

Doggers 2015 17min | Short, Adult | 19 September 2015 (Portugal) Storyline: This documentary short film was made in collaboration with Miguel Arroja who had been capturing action on camera since 2001. After he saw my work he wanted to share his precious footage with me. I was impressed with the activities at the place. […]

Twin Brothers – 53 Scenes in Chronological Order 2011

Twin Brothers – 53 Scenes in Chronological Order 2011 Pangpangbröder, 53 scener från en barndom (original title) 1h 20min | Documentary | 30 September 2011 (Sweden) Storyline: Gustav and Oskar are twins. Oskar has Achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism. Both have blue eyes and blonde hair. They approach life in different ways. The director, […]