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Passing Hearts 2004

Passing Hearts 2004 En del av mitt hjärta (original title) 15min | Short | 24 January 2004 (Sweden) User review: The only reason I’m not giving “Passing Hearts” a 10 is because I don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect film. But this one came pretty darn close. A short film with […]
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Barracuda E04

Barracuda E04 57min | Drama, Sport | Episode aired 31 July 2016 Storyline: It’s the opening night of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and the nation is buzzing with excitement. It’s been two years since Danny’s public loss and humiliation at the Commonwealth Games and he is still consumed with overwhelming disappointment and anger. He […]
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Barracuda E03

Barracuda E03 54min | Drama, Sport | Episode aired 24 July 2016 Storyline: Fresh from his world record-breaking swim, Danny’s dreams come true when he is accepted into the Australian squad for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. He celebrates with Taylor but their developing relationship takes a turn when Taylor introduces Danny to […]
The Real ONeals S02E12 720p HDTV_BHMThe Real ONeals S02E12 720p HDTV_1The Real ONeals S02E12 720p HDTV_2The Real ONeals S02E12 720p HDTV_3The Real ONeals S02E12 720p HDTV_4

The Real ONeals S02E12 720p HDTV

The Real ONeals S02E12 720p HDTV 30min | Comedy | Episode aired 14 February 2017 Season 02 , Episode 12 – “The Real Brother’s Keeper” Kenny learns about drinking from Jimmy, who views himself as an alcohol tutor for his brother, but Jimmy’s teaching plans go awry when Brett joins them. Meanwhile, Eileen finds out […]
The Fosters 2013 S04E13 720p HDTV_BHMThe Fosters 2013 S04E13 720p HDTV_1The Fosters 2013 S04E13 720p HDTV_2The Fosters 2013 S04E13 720p HDTV_3The Fosters 2013 S04E13 720p HDTV_4

The Fosters 2013 S04E13 720p HDTV

The Fosters 2013 S04E13 720p HDTV 1h | Drama, Romance | TV Series (2013– ) Season 04, Episode 13 – “Cruel and Unusual” Callie rejects a proposition from a guard in juvenile hall, making an enemy in the process. Meanwhile, Callie’s father is angry at Stef and Lena; Brandon puts Mariana in a bad position; […]
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Barracuda E02

Barracuda E02 54min | Drama, Sport | Episode aired 17 July 2016 Storyline: After Danny’s success in Albury, he trains hard with the swim squad. And he’s finally earned their respect. However coach Torma unsettles Danny by insisting he change his stroke to butterfly. He believes Danny will never win gold with freestyle. Director: Robert […]

Barracuda E01

Barracuda E01 53min | Drama, Sport | Episode aired 10 July 2016 Storyline: Daniel moves closer to his dream of winning Olympic gold when he wins a scholarship and starts training under respected coach Frank Torma. But he faces stiff competition from golden boy swimming champion Martin. Country: Australia Language: English Release Date: 10 July […]
The Fosters 2013 S04E12 720p_BHMThe Fosters 2013 S04E12 720p_1The Fosters 2013 S04E12 720p_2The Fosters 2013 S04E12 720p_3The Fosters 2013 S04E12 720p_4

The Fosters 2013 S04E12 720p

The Fosters 2013 S04E12 720p 1h | Drama, Romance | Episode aired 7 February 2017 Season 04, Episode 12 – “Dream a Little Dream” Jesus has a nightmare that he’s unable to save Mariana while he’s unconscious at the hospital. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena learn that Callie is in legal trouble; Mariana seeks comfort from […]
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The Real ONeals S02E11 720p

The Real ONeals S02E11 720p The Real Third Wheel 21min | Comedy | Episode aired 7 February 2017 Storyline: Kenny’s jealousy over Brett’s relationship with his best girl makes him realize what a bad friend he’s been to Allison. Director: Todd Holland Writers: David Windsor (developed by), Casey Johnson (developed by) Stars: Martha Plimpton, Jay […]
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After School 2015

After School 2015 7min | Short, Drama, Romance | June 2015 (USA) Storyline: Fifteen year-old JACK is forced to come face-to-face with his growing romantic feelings for his best friend DANNY. User review: one of many films about friendship between two boys. confessions, differences ,events. and the revelation about the other, different by the first […]