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My name is love 2008

My name is love 2008 Love (original title) 20min | Short, Drama, Romance | 8 March 2008 (Sweden) Storyline: Love and Sebastian meet by coincidence in the street in the Swedish summer night. They happen to share the same secret, but their encounter will have severe consequences for the both of them. An innocent flirtation […]
The Truants 2016_BHMThe Truants 2016_1The Truants 2016_2The Truants 2016_3The Truants 2016_4

The Truants 2016

The Truants 2016 13min | Short, Drama | 12 May 2016 (UK) Storyline: Two teenage boys break free from school to embark on a dangerous adventure, as they truant their way across the threatening industrial landscape which surrounds them. User review: Following the devastatingly hard-hitting Throw Me to the Dogs, promising and visceral director Aaron […]
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1992 (2016)

1992 (2016) 25min | Short, Drama, Romance | 24 January 2016 (France) User review: A lesson or only model for the relation father-son. a film about desire, errors, pleasure and broken of the line between teacher and student. a film who lost, scene by scene, its message. something missing and this fact transforms it in […]
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Share 2015

Share 2015 13min | Short, Drama | 14 March 2015 (USA) Storyline: A 15-year-old girl returns to school after an explicit video of her goes viral. Director: Pippa Bianco Writer: Pippa Bianco Stars: Taissa Farmiga, Keir Gilchrist, Andre Royo Format : Matroska Format version : Version 4 / Version 2 File size : 207 MiB […]
En Colo 2010_BHMEn Colo 2010_1En Colo 2010_2En Colo 2010_3En Colo 2010_4

En Colo 2010

En Colo 2010 8min | Short | 18 November 2010 (France) Storyline: At a meeting of the game “Truth or Dare?” two young boys, Matthew and Maxime, are challenging to embrace. The kiss will cause them some excitement. From that time, teens who witnessed this scene are allusions more or less directly to the possible […]
Un chant d’amour 1954_BHMUn chant d’amour 1954_1Un chant d’amour 1954_2Un chant d’amour 1954_3Un chant d’amour 1954_4Un chant d’amour 1954_5Un chant d’amour 1954_6

Un chant d’amour 1954

Un chant d’amour 1954 26min | Short, Fantasy, Romance | 11 December 1972 (Denmark) Storyline: Inmates in a French prison are attempting to fulfill their sexual and emotional needs under the confines of their individual cells. Two inmates in particular, who are in adjacent cells, try to make that connection to the other, both physical […]
The Joy of Sex Education_BHMThe Joy of Sex Education_1The Joy of Sex Education_2The Joy of Sex Education_3The Joy of Sex Education_4

Growing Up: A New Approach to Sex Education, No. 1 (1971)

Growing Up: A New Approach to Sex Education, No. 1 (1971) 23min | Short, Documentary | 1971 (UK) Plot: From the impenetrably euphemistic to the breathtakingly explicit, this intriguing anthology takes us through 60 yearsof sex education in Britain from the 1910s to the 1970s.All ‘unmentionable matters’ pertaining to sex are dealt with, from the […]
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Wednesdays 2011

Wednesdays 2011 Woensdagen (original title) 9min | Short, Drama Storyline: Every Wednesday, 8-year old Kris accompanies 28-year old Willem to the swimming pool where they have a whole lot of fun together. They swim, go down the slide and eat fries. Just when Kris thought that this was the usual fun-filled Wednesday, Willem confronts him […]
Hollenritt 2008_BHMHollenritt 2008_1Hollenritt 2008_2Hollenritt 2008_3Hollenritt 2008_4

Hollenritt 2008

Hollenritt 2008 Höllenritt (original title) 30min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 30 May 2008 (Germany) Storyline: Jakob has a huge problem. His father is going to pick him up for the week- end for the first time since his parents’ divorce. Jakob hates his father and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him […]
Antes de Palavras 2013_BHMAntes de Palavras 2013_1Antes de Palavras 2013_2Antes de Palavras 2013_3Antes de Palavras 2013_4Antes de Palavras 2013_5Antes de Palavras 2013_6

Antes de Palavras 2013

Antes de Palavras 2013 14min | Short, Romance | 25 September 2013 (Brazil) Storyline: A fragmented account of the growing attraction between Celio (Maurício Destri) and Dario (Henrique Larré); two classmates who are brought together by a series of serendipitous encounters and their own naive curiosity. As they attempt to internally come to terms with […]