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Blind Date 2016

Blind Date 2016 24min | Adult, Short | Nov 16 2016 Storyline: The boy action is non-stop in this one of a kind film noir thriller that proves that even in death there can be a “happy ending!” In fact this 25 minute short film is crammed with no less then 3 of them as […]
The Manipulated Living 2012_BHMThe Manipulated Living_1The Manipulated Living_2The Manipulated Living_3The Manipulated Living_4

The Manipulated Living 2012

The Manipulated Living 2012 7min | Short, Drama, Thriller | 24 August 2012 (USA) Storyline: It’s the short film about a young boy whose life is dark and manipulated in a way of child abuse. The purpose is to help the children and make the word a safer place for them. Director: Harrison J. Bahe […]
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Reel 2013

Reel 2013 13min | Short, Drama | 21 March 2014 (Sweden) Storyline: It is the last day before Victor has to move to another city with his parents. So he and his best friend Robert do all the things they liked to do together so much: skateboarding, spraying, hanging out. But something is different this […]
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Mercurio 2011

Mercurio 2011 4min | Music ormat : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media / Version 2 Codec ID : mp42 (mp42/mp41/isom/avc1) File size : 30.8 MiB Duration : 4 min 43 s Overall bit rate mode : Variable Overall bit rate : 912 kb/s
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Nelson 2015

Nelson 2015 11min | Short, Drama | October 2015 (Belgium) Storyline: Two teenage boys are looking to lose their virginity and visit a pair of prostitutes. But will the experience be anything like they expect? Directors: Juliette Klinke, Thomas Xhignesse Writers: Juliette Klinke, Thomas Xhignesse Stars: Axel Capite, Arnaud Castaigne, Julie Sokolowski Country: Belgium Language: […]
The Red Bike 2011_BHMThe Red Bike 2011_1The Red Bike 2011_2The Red Bike 2011_3The Red Bike 2011_4

The Red Bike 2011

The Red Bike 2011 12min | Short, Drama, Family | 10 September 2011 (UK) Storyline: One boy, one bike, one day. Director: Andrew Steggall Writers: Andrew Steggall, Cynthia De Souza (development executive) Stars: Joe Mulcrone, Dido Miles, Guy Blofeld Country: UK Language: English Release Date: 10 September 2011 (UK) Filming Locations: Bath, Somerset, England, UK […]
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David 2009

David 2009 15min | Short | 2009 Plot: New short film by José Ramón Samper Bernad, which has been produced by Artegalia Films, and shot in Alicante. The film gives a unique and particular view of the world of male prostitution, in the hands of two characters: a mature man who seeks pleasure through the […]
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The Apple Tree 2012

The Apple Tree 2012 30min | Short, Drama, Romance | 15 January 2012 (USA) Storyline: When Gabe and Jonathan fall in love in the 1940s, they decide to spend their life together in secret. But when Jonathan unexpectedly passes away years later, Gabe is faced with the fact that many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender […]
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Far West 2003

Far West 2003 17min | Comedy, Short | 21 January 2003 (France) Storyline: In the desert no one can hear you scream. User review: Eric (though he prefers Ricky) is unhappy that he has to leave Paris for a week to visit his grandfather on the farm. He’d much rather practice his dance routines with […]
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Ride Of Spring

Ride Of Spring 9min | Adult, Short | Silent movie by Pr0nator. Director: Pr0nator Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41) File size : 71.5 MiB Duration : 8 min 59 s Overall bit rate mode : Variable Overall bit rate : 1 111 kb/s Writing application : Lavf56.1.0