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New Boy 2007_BHM

New Boy 2007

New Boy 2007 12 | 11min | Short, Drama | 27 February 2009 (Mexico) Storyline: It’s the first day of school in Ireland for Joseph, an African lad of about ten or 12. The teacher introduces him to the class, he sits, and as the day progresses he remembers moments of his schooling back home. […]
Tapin du soir 1996_BHM

Tapin du soir 1996

Tapin du soir 1996 5min | Drama, Comedy | Episode aired 8 November 1996 User review: I like this short a lot, because it uses its time very effectively. We learn exactly what we need to know about the two characters, in order to make the ending work. Even so, I would like to see […]
Surprise 2015_BHM

Surprise 2015

Surprise 2015 10min | Short, Drama, Family | 28 April 2015 (USA) Storyline: A mother and son confess their secrets. Director: Leslie Bumgarner Writer: Trilby Beresford Stars: Tess Harper, Austin Fryberger Country: USA Language: English Release Date: 28 April 2015 (USA) Surprise (2015) 10 min|Short, Drama, Family|April 28, 2015 5.5Rating: 5.5 / 10 from 49 […]
Guests 2014_BHM

Guests 2014

Guests 2014 12min | Short, Drama, Family Storyline: When Charlie (Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez) and his family move to a warmer climate for the sake of his father’s (played by Matthew Modine) illness, he finds himself teetering between battles of the thought of losing his father with a conflict he has with a ferocious bully […]
Hellion 2012_BHM

Hellion 2012

Hellion 2012 6min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 21 January 2012 (USA) Storyline: Little seven-year old, Petey, falls prey to his older brothers’ hellion ways. User review: Kat Candler’s six-minute short film Hellion promises to grow — funding-permitted — into a mayhem-filled feature-length film; but, for now, the short serves as a medias in res […]
Late Summer 2001_BHM

Late Summer 2001

Late Summer 2001 28min | Short, Drama | April 2001 (Italy) Storyline: A photographer remembers that special summer that he spent with his somewhat older cousin, the feelings that were awakened, and the unexpected turn of events behind his “best” photo. User review: There are many gay-themed films which harken back “to that time when […]
Bombshell 2012_BHM

Bombshell 2012

Bombshell 2012 15min | Short, Drama Storyline: A ten year-old tomboy must weigh her loyalty to her trusted older brother as she becomes complicit in a hate crime to win his affection. Director: Erin Sanger Writer: Erin Sanger Stars: Sofi Choinski, Logan Riley Bruner, Shane Nepveu Country: USA Language: English Bombshell (2012) 15 min|Short, Drama|N/A […]
The Daytime Doorman_BHM

The Daytime Doorman 2016

The Daytime Doorman 2016 O Porteiro do Dia (original title) 25min | Short, Comedy, Drama | November 2016 (Brazil) Storyline: After exchanging glances between “good mornings” and “good afternoons”, Marcelo realizes it’s time to try to go further with Márcio, the doorman in his building. Two worlds will collide through these men’s bodies. User review: […]
Remission 2014_BHM

Remission 2014

Remission 2014 19min | Short, Drama | 14 April 2014 (USA) Storyline: Two young men and a boy roam the overgrown English countryside, seeking to escape a deadly virus. The two men are forced to take a horrific decision after the boy’s behaviour puts them in increasing danger – but is it too late to […]