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Les minets sauvages 1984_BHM

Les minets sauvages 1984

Les minets sauvages 1984 1h 30min | Adult | Video User review: “Les Minets Sauvages” is Jean-Michel Cadinot’s darkest, and most sexually violent film of his impressive career. The film deals with the power struggle among youths at a rough juvenile prison outside of Paris. The film opens with actor Didier Hamel entering the prison […]
Kirill Chepirta

Kirill Cherpita (Kain Rivers) – Talented singer

Kirill Cherpita (Kain Rivers) – Talented singer Kain Rivers is a semi-finalist of The Voice Kids and Kids’ New Wave. He is a young talented 12 years old singer as you see if you watch the above youtube clip. Unfortunetly I don’t understand what they say, but if my conclusion is correct, the other boy […]
Da i Da 2014_BHM

Da i Da 2014

Da i Da 2014 1h 55min | Drama | 26 March 2014 (Hong Kong) Storyline: After starring in Valeriya Gay Germanika’s feature debut Everybody Dies But Me screened in Cannes in 2008, actress Agniya Kuznetsova is reunited with the director on Yes And Yes. Kuznetsova plays an inquisitive girl from the outskirts of Moscow, embarking […]
Agnus Dei – Cordero de Dios_BHM

Agnus Dei: Cordero de Dios 2011

Agnus Dei: Cordero de Dios 2011 1h 24min | Documentary, Biography, Drama | 5 October 2011 (France) Storyline: Jesus was sexually abused by a priest when he was an 11 year old boy. As an adult, he decides not only to denounce his aggressor but also to find him and confront him. Director: Alejandra Sánchez […]
Arje 2004_BHM

Arje 2004

Arje 2004 92min | Drama | 2004 (Russia) Storyline: A drama about a doctor Arje who discovers his illness and decides to go to Israel in order to meet Sonya – the love of his life. User review: Memories of a wartime childhood blend into the present day in Roman Kachanov’s “Arye,” a more-than-respectable film […]
Pantasya 2007_BHM

Pantasya 2007

Pantasya 2007 1h 30min | Drama | 20 March 2007 (Philippines) Storyline: A digital feature has five episodes that all deal with wild gay fantasies involving men in uniform. It starts with “Biyahe,” about a jilted taxi driver and his jealous passenger who find comfort in each other’s lovesick arms. The second episode is “Linya,” […]
Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013_BHM

Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013

Panya Raenu 3 Rupu Rupee 2013 Comedy | 7 March 2013 (Thailand) Storyline: This is the third sequel of a That film about northeastern schoolchildren. In this episode, the young kids of a remote village join the local temple on a merit making trip to India. Once there, they get separated from the group. As […]
Hans Roeckle und der Teufel 1974_BHM

Hans Roeckle und der Teufel 1974

Hans Roeckle und der Teufel 1974 Hans Röckle und der Teufel (original title) 1h 15min | Family, Fantasy | 5 July 1974 (East Germany) User review: This movie is based on a contemporary children’s book, not the usual Grimm Brothers stock. Hans Röckle is a puppeteer, inventor, blacksmith and more. He is challenged by the […]
Top je bio vreo 2014_BHM

Top je bio vreo 2014

Top je bio vreo 2014 1h 40min | Drama, War | 15 January 2015 (Serbia) Storyline: A grenade fired from a nearby hill kills the parents of a ten year old boy during the siege of Sarajevo in 1992. The Boy looses his ability to speak. A lady neighbor adopts and takes care of him. […]
Plac zabaw 2016_BHM

Plac zabaw 2016

Plac zabaw 2016 1h 22min | Drama, Thriller | 18 November 2016 (Poland) Storyline: Final day of school in a small Polish town. It’s the very last chance for a 12 year old Gabrysia to tell her classmate that she had fallen in love with him. She sets up a secret meeting and blackmails the […]