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El Bosque de Karadima 2015_BHMEl Bosque de Karadima 2015_1El Bosque de Karadima 2015_2El Bosque de Karadima 2015_3El Bosque de Karadima 2015_4El Bosque de Karadima 2015_5El Bosque de Karadima 2015_6

El Bosque de Karadima 2015

El Bosque de Karadima 2015 1h 38min | Drama | 23 April 2015 (Chile) Storyline: Based on true events, involving powerful Catholic priest Fernando Karadima, who committed crimes of child abuse and pedophile between 1980’s-2000’s. The struggle of his victims, to be able to reveal the truth and look for justice. User review: Impressive movie, […]
Little Gay Boy 2013_BHMLittle Gay Boy 2013_1Little Gay Boy 2013_2Little Gay Boy 2013_3Little Gay Boy 2013_4Little Gay Boy 2013_5Little Gay Boy 2013_6Little Gay Boy 2013_7Little Gay Boy 2013_8

Little Gay Boy 2013

Little Gay Boy 2013 1h 12min | Drama | 31 January 2014 (Poland) Storyline: A young gay boy, from his birth to his teenage years, in which he experiments his sexuality and his own boundaries, to the day he finally meets his father. User review: Technically an assembly of Hickling’s short film trilogy (L’Annonciation or […]
Porn Theater 2002_BHMPorn Theater 2002_1Porn Theater 2002_2Porn Theater 2002_3Porn Theater 2002_4Porn Theater 2002_5Porn Theater 2002_6

Porn Theater 2002

Porn Theater 2002 La chatte à deux têtes (2002) 1h 30min | Adult, Drama | 20 November 2002 (France) Storyline: A tale set in a decaying Parisian porn theatre, where within its dark confines, male patrons–soldiers, transvestites, married men–regularly engage in anonymous sex acts. In the ticket booth of the theatre, a wise Italian woman […]
Le Petit Roi 1933_BHMLe Petit Roi 1933_1Le Petit Roi 1933_2Le Petit Roi 1933_3Le Petit Roi 1933_4Le Petit Roi 1933_5Le Petit Roi 1933_6

Le Petit Roi 1933

Le Petit Roi 1933 Comedy, Drama | 21 November 1933 (France) User review: Based on an André Lichtenberger novel , « Le Petit Roi « had been impossible to see for years because of royalties;after the unquestionable success of « Poil De Carotte » (1932),it was only natural that the great Julien Duvivier teamed up […]
A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_1A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_2A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_3A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_4A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_5A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_6A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_7A Gunman Called Papaco 1986_8

A Gunman Called Papaco 1986

A Gunman Called Papaco 1986 Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco (original title) 1h 10min | Adult, Western | 1986 (Brazil) Storyline: The adventures of a bisexual gunman named Papaco who wants to deliver a special delivery to anyone who pays for it. User review: Here’s the main thing: If Papaco was being touted as a bisexual […]
Amerikanka 2001_BHMAmerikanka 2001_1Amerikanka 2001_2Amerikanka 2001_3Amerikanka 2001_4Amerikanka 2001_5Amerikanka 2001_6

Amerikanka 2001

Amerikanka 2001 1h 30min | Comedy | 27 January 2001 (Hungary) User review: One of the best movies I have ever seen. It is very different from mainstream films that you can see in most of the movie-theaters worldwide. I think it will be interesting not to only Russians , but also to people of […]
Navajeros 1980_BHMNavajeros 1980_1Navajeros 1980_2Navajeros 1980_3Navajeros 1980_4Navajeros 1980_5Navajeros 1980_6Navajeros 1980_7Navajeros 1980_8

Navajeros 1980

Navajeros 1980 1h 35min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 6 October 1980 (Spain) Storyline: José Manuel Gómez Perales alias “El Jaro” lives with his band, also teenagers and their girlfriends. One day he meets Mercedes, a prostitute who want him away from the bad way. Then appears Toñi, a drug addict from which he falls. […]
El pico 2 (1984)_BHMEl pico 2 (1984)_1El pico 2 (1984)_2El pico 2 (1984)_3El pico 2 (1984)_4El pico 2 (1984)_5El pico 2 (1984)_6El pico 2 (1984)_7El pico 2 (1984)_8El pico 2 (1984)_9

El pico 2 (1984)

El pico 2 (1984) 2h | Drama | 9 November 1984 (Spain) User review: Inferior follow-up dealing equally with delinquency , terrorism , dirty war and other dramatic events about heroin addiction . Violent and thought-provoking look about youthful delinquency , generational problems , drugging in Spain from the 80s , adding continuous flashbacks taken […]
Posledniy pobeg 1981_BHMPosledniy pobeg 1981_1Posledniy pobeg 1981_2Posledniy pobeg 1981_3Posledniy pobeg 1981_4Posledniy pobeg 1981_5Posledniy pobeg 1981_6

Posledniy pobeg 1981

Posledniy pobeg 1981 1h 32min | Drama | July 1981 (Soviet Union) Storyline: The hero of the film Scrubs – a war veteran who works in a school for troubled teens. On the day of release from the special school his favorite pupil Victor waited in vain for his mother – she did not come […]
Un bacio 2016_BHMUn bacio 2016_1Un bacio 2016_2Un bacio 2016_3Un bacio 2016_4Un bacio 2016_5Un bacio 2016_6Un bacio 2016_7Un bacio 2016_8
Un bacio 2016

Un bacio 2016

Un bacio 2016 1h 42min | Drama | 31 March 2016 (Italy) Storyline: The story of three teenager friends not accepted by their peers. User review: Set in a provincial Italian school where a teenage boy has just been adopted by progressive thinking parents. They need to be as this is Lorenzo and he is […]