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Navajeros 1980_BHMNavajeros 1980_1Navajeros 1980_2Navajeros 1980_3Navajeros 1980_4Navajeros 1980_5Navajeros 1980_6Navajeros 1980_7Navajeros 1980_8

Navajeros 1980

Navajeros 1980 1h 35min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 6 October 1980 (Spain) Storyline: José Manuel Gómez Perales alias “El Jaro” lives with his band, also teenagers and their girlfriends. One day he meets Mercedes, a prostitute who want him away from the bad way. Then appears Toñi, a drug addict from which he falls. […]
El pico 2 (1984)_BHMEl pico 2 (1984)_1El pico 2 (1984)_2El pico 2 (1984)_3El pico 2 (1984)_4El pico 2 (1984)_5El pico 2 (1984)_6El pico 2 (1984)_7El pico 2 (1984)_8El pico 2 (1984)_9

El pico 2 (1984)

El pico 2 (1984) 2h | Drama | 9 November 1984 (Spain) User review: Inferior follow-up dealing equally with delinquency , terrorism , dirty war and other dramatic events about heroin addiction . Violent and thought-provoking look about youthful delinquency , generational problems , drugging in Spain from the 80s , adding continuous flashbacks taken […]
Posledniy pobeg 1981_BHMPosledniy pobeg 1981_1Posledniy pobeg 1981_2Posledniy pobeg 1981_3Posledniy pobeg 1981_4Posledniy pobeg 1981_5Posledniy pobeg 1981_6

Posledniy pobeg 1981

Posledniy pobeg 1981 1h 32min | Drama | July 1981 (Soviet Union) Storyline: The hero of the film Scrubs – a war veteran who works in a school for troubled teens. On the day of release from the special school his favorite pupil Victor waited in vain for his mother – she did not come […]
Un bacio 2016_BHMUn bacio 2016_1Un bacio 2016_2Un bacio 2016_3Un bacio 2016_4Un bacio 2016_5Un bacio 2016_6Un bacio 2016_7Un bacio 2016_8
Un bacio 2016

Un bacio 2016

Un bacio 2016 1h 42min | Drama | 31 March 2016 (Italy) Storyline: The story of three teenager friends not accepted by their peers. User review: Set in a provincial Italian school where a teenage boy has just been adopted by progressive thinking parents. They need to be as this is Lorenzo and he is […]
Moja Australia 2011_BHMMoja Australia 2011_1Moja Australia 2011_2Moja Australia 2011_3Moja Australia 2011_4Moja Australia 2011_5Moja Australia 2011_6

Moja Australia 2011

Moja Australia 2011 1h 37min | Drama | 14 April 2011 (Poland) Storyline: City of Lodz in Poland, after the Second World War. Two brothers, Tadek and Andrzej, grow up without a father, and their mother, so busy at work, does not notice when the boys join a rowdy and anti-Semitic organization.Only when during a […]
Jonny kommt 1988_BHMJonny kommt 1988_1Jonny kommt 1988_2Jonny kommt 1988_3Jonny kommt 1988_4Jonny kommt 1988_5Jonny kommt 1988_6

Jonny kommt 1988

Jonny kommt 1988 1h 45min | Family | TV Movie 25 December 1988 Plot: 12-year-old johnny lives in a shelter. No father, his mother abandoned him. They have the opportunity to get into the family of a local doctor. In a family of three children: almost grown daughter and the boys are 11 and 5 […]
Krucke 1993_BHMKrucke 1993_1Krucke 1993_2Krucke 1993_3Krucke 1993_4Krucke 1993_5Krucke 1993_6

Krucke 1993

Krucke 1993 Krücke (original title) 1h 38min | 26 May 1994 (Germany) Plot: In the turmoil of the last war days, the 13-year-old Tom loses his mother. From Silesia, he succeeded in fleeing to Vienna, where he clung to the war cripple crutch, which is flooded with little crooks. Together, the two conquer each other […]
Jan auf der Zille 1986_BHMJan auf der Zille 1986_1Jan auf der Zille 1986_2Jan auf der Zille 1986_3Jan auf der Zille 1986_4Jan auf der Zille 1986_5Jan auf der Zille 1986_6Jan auf der Zille 1986_7Jan auf der Zille 1986_8

Jan auf der Zille 1986

Jan auf der Zille 1986 1h 26min | Drama, War | 26 March 1986 (East Germany) Storyline: 1934, Germany. Jan is a 13 year old boy, who is raised without a mother. His father, a communist, is accused of a political murder, and predicted to be shot by the police when he was on the […]
Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_BHMSchulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_1Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_2Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_3Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_4Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_5Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_6Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_7Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972_8

Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972

Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen 1972 1h 37min | Comedy, Drama | February 1972 (Austria) Storyline: A contemporary sexual education guide has been published by the Christian Young Men’s Association of Hamburg to help boys and girls understand and enjoy a healthy sex life. But the question is, can young people […]
Die Wilden Kerle 2_BHMDie Wilden Kerle 2_1Die Wilden Kerle 2_2Die Wilden Kerle 2_3Die Wilden Kerle 2_4Die Wilden Kerle 2_5Die Wilden Kerle 2_6Die Wilden Kerle 2_7Die Wilden Kerle 2_8

Die Wilden Kerle 2 – 2005

Die Wilden Kerle 2 – 2005 1h 35min | Comedy, Family, Sport | 17 February 2005 (Germany) Storyline: The Wild Bunch junior soccer team wants to play against the national team, but rules stipulate they can’t unless their playing field can provide emergency exits, bathroom facilities, dressing rooms, grand stand seating and security for handling […]