Avalon High 2010_BHMAvalon High 2010_1Avalon High 2010_2Avalon High 2010_3Avalon High 2010_4Avalon High 2010_5Avalon High 2010_6

Avalon High 2010

Avalon High 2010 1h 30min | Drama, Family, Fantasy | TV Movie 12 November 2010 Storyline: Allie Pennington, the daughter of two Knights-of-the-Round-Table scholars, begins classes at Avalon High where, new to the area, she slowly discovers herself involved in the prophecy of King Arthur’s reincarnation. Her being there is no accident. The Order of […]

Good Kids 2016

Good Kids 2016 R | 1h 26min | Comedy | 21 October 2016 (USA) Storyline: Four high school students look to redefine themselves after graduation. Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) Rated R for sexual content, language, and drug and alcohol use – all involving teens User review: The film is, for all intents and purposes, watchable. […]

Lost and Found 2016

Lost and Found 2016 1h 30min | Adventure, Family, Mystery | 22 February 2016 (USA) Storyline: Sent to spend the summer on a remote and mysterious island, teenage brothers embark on a thrilling treasure hunt to restore their family’s lost fortune. User review: Independent films often involve edgy subjects that can make them inappropriate for […]
Boy Missing 2016_BHMBoy Missing 2016_1Boy Missing 2016_2Boy Missing 2016_3Boy Missing 2016_4Boy Missing 2016_5Boy Missing 2016_6Boy Missing 2016_7Boy Missing 2016_8

Boy Missing 2016

Boy Missing 2016 Secuestro (original title) 1h 45min | Thriller | 19 August 2016 (Spain) Storyline: Víctor is a child who is found casually roaming by a country road. His mother, Patricia, a well-known lawyer specialist in media trails, realizes about it and she goes to the hospital, where explains to the police that Víctor […]
Osada havranu 1978_BHMOsada havranu 1978_1Osada havranu 1978_2Osada havranu 1978_3Osada havranu 1978_4Osada havranu 1978_5Osada havranu 1978_6

Osada havranu 1978

Osada havranu 1978 1h 4min | Adventure | September 1978 (Czechoslovakia) Storyline: A river in flood carries a small boy to the Raven settlement. The hunters want to kill him, but when a ravenfeather floats down onto him the boy is saved, for ravens are sacred in the stronghold. The boy is adopted into the […]
Voyage 2013_BHMVoyage 2013_1Voyage 2013_2Voyage 2013_3Voyage 2013_4Voyage 2013_5Voyage 2013_6Voyage 2013_7Voyage 2013_8

Voyage 2013

Voyage 2013 1h 39min | Drama | 9 November 2014 (Hong Kong) Storyline: Voyage centers on a young psychiatrist who ventures on a lone voyage from Hong Kong along the coast of South-East Asia to overcome the sad experiences he had made with former clients. User review: This film tells the story of a young […]
Eating Out 2 – 2006_BHMEating Out 2 – 2006_1Eating Out 2 – 2006_2Eating Out 2 – 2006_3Eating Out 2 – 2006_4Eating Out 2 – 2006_5Eating Out 2 – 2006_6

Eating Out 2 – 2006

Eating Out 2 – 2006 Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (original title) 1h 19min | Comedy, Romance | 5 July 2007 (Germany) Storyline: How far would you go to get the person of your dreams? In Eating Out, Kyle convinced his straight roommate to pretend to be gay to get the girl. Now, with the […]
Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2_6Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2_1Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2_2Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2_3Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2_4Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2_5

Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2

Der Laden 1998 – Teil 2 4h 33min | Drama, War | Episode aired 1998 Storyline: The main figure is the beginning of nine-year-old Esau Matt, who leads the story as a narrator. In the summer of 1919, the Esaus family moved from Grausteen to Bossdom, where the parents bought a bakery shop. This was […]
American History X 1998_BHMAmerican History X 1998_1American History X 1998_2American History X 1998_3American History X 1998_4American History X 1998_5American History X 1998_6
American History X 1998

American History X 1998

American History X 1998 18 | 1h 59min | Crime, Drama | 20 November 1998 (USA) Storyline: Derek Vineyard is paroled after serving 3 years in prison for brutally killing two black men who tried to break into/steal his truck. Through his brother, Danny Vineyard’s narration, we learn that before going to prison, Derek was […]

Shtorm na sushe 1976

Shtorm na sushe 1976 1h 17min | Family | November 1976 (Soviet Union) Director: Eduard Bocharov Writers: Eduard Bocharov (as E. Bocharov), Anatoli Galiyev (as A. Galiev) Stars: Sasha Makartsev, Aleksandr Silin, Ilya Yermolayev Format : AVI Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave File size : 694 MiB Duration : 1 h 16 min Overall bit […]