Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984_BHMBreaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984_1Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984_2Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984_3Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984_4Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984_5Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984_6

Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984

Breaking It… A Story About Virgins 1984 1h 22min | Adult, Comedy | Video 1984 Storyline: A narrator shows the first sexual experience of various people, from a teenage boy’s encounter with an older woman to a high school student’s seduction of her teacher. User review: What the title suggests is being broken here refers […]
Speech & Debate 2017_BHMSpeech & Debate 2017_1Speech & Debate 2017_2Speech & Debate 2017_3Speech & Debate 2017_4Speech & Debate 2017_5Speech & Debate 2017_6Speech & Debate 2017_7Speech & Debate 2017_8

Speech & Debate 2017

Speech & Debate 2017 PG-13 | 1h 45min | Comedy, Drama | 7 April 2017 (USA) Storyline: Frustrated by the hypocrisy they see in their parents, teachers, and the entire school board, an unlikely trio set out to find a common truth and make their voices heard as they revive a defunct school club and […]
dik 2011_BHMdik 2011_1dik 2011_2dik 2011_3dik 2011_4

dik 2011

dik 2011 10min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 9 April 2011 (Australia) Storyline: A concerned father of a six year old takes it the wrong way. User review: This short film is about a father discovering his six year old son who writes about ‘dik’. In just the space of ten minutes (and that includes […]
Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005_BHMMax und Moritz Reloaded 2005_1Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005_2Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005_3Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005_4Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005_5Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005_6

Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005

Max und Moritz Reloaded 2005 1h 27min | Action, Comedy | 28 April 2005 (Germany) User review: Max und Moritz reloaded is an old story by Wilhelm Busch about two really mean brats that torture their environment and are force the tortured ones to respond. The reloaded film reinterprets the age old story in a […]
Beneath the Darkness (2011)_BHMBeneath the Darkness (2011)_1Beneath the Darkness (2011)_2Beneath the Darkness (2011)_3Beneath the Darkness (2011)_4Beneath the Darkness (2011)_5Beneath the Darkness (2011)_6

Beneath the Darkness 2011 UNTOUCHABLES

Beneath the Darkness 2011 UNTOUCHABLES R | 1h 36min | Horror, Thriller | 22 March 2012 (Kuwait) Storyline: In Smithville, Texas, the teenagers Brian, Abby, Travis and Danny are classmates of the Smithville High School and best friends. One day, they are reading Macbeth for a class and they decide to investigate the rumors that […]
Pieles 2017_BHMPieles 2017_1Pieles 2017_2Pieles 2017_3Pieles 2017_4Pieles 2017_5Pieles 2017_6Pieles 2017_7Pieles 2017_8

Pieles 2017

Pieles 2017 1h 17min | Drama | 9 June 2017 (Spain) Storyline: In a strange world where people share numerous deformities, the same problem we all face challenges each of them: to find someone who accepts you as you are. Sometimes, that means finding yourself first. User review: I am absolutely disgusted by the pro-pedophilia […]
LA Plays Itself (1972)_BHMLA Plays Itself (1972)_1LA Plays Itself (1972)_2LA Plays Itself (1972)_3LA Plays Itself (1972)_4LA Plays Itself (1972)_5

LA Plays Itself 1972

LA Plays Itself 1972 51min | Adult, Drama | April 1972 (USA) Storyline: The film opens on a shot of the “Los Angeles City Limits” sign. It then cuts to Fred Halsted taking a walk in the forest and coming upon a man sunning himself in the nude. They briefly talk and end up having […]
Macho Dancer 1988_BHMMacho Dancer 1988_1Macho Dancer 1988_2Macho Dancer 1988_3Macho Dancer 1988_4Macho Dancer 1988_5Macho Dancer 1988_6Macho Dancer 1988_7Macho Dancer 1988_8

Macho Dancer 1988

Macho Dancer 1988 2h 16min | Drama | 18 January 1989 (Philippines) Storyline: Abandoned by his American lover, a handsome teenager from the mountains journeys to Manila in an effort to support his family. With a popular call boy as his mentor, Paul enters the glittering world of male strippers, prostitution, drugs, sexual slavery, police […]
Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED_BHMDear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED_1Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED_2Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED_3Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED_4Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED_5Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED_6

Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED

Dear Mr. Gacy 2010 UNRATED R | 1h 43min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 11 May 2010 (Canada) Storyline: 1993. Overachieving college student Jason Moss, fascinated by serial crime, decides to write his criminology class term paper on John Wayne Gacy, who is on death row and scheduled to be executed in six months time. […]
Balls to the Wall 2011_BHMBalls to the Wall 2011_1Balls to the Wall 2011_2Balls to the Wall 2011_3Balls to the Wall 2011_4Balls to the Wall 2011_5Balls to the Wall 2011_6

Balls to the Wall 2011

Balls to the Wall 2011 R | 1h 25min | Comedy | 30 April 2011 (USA) Storyline: An engaged guy is forced by his future father-in-law to take a side job moonlighting as an exotic dancer in order to pay extravagant wedding neither of them can afford. Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) Rated R for sexual […]