Adolescence pervertie 1974_BHMAdolescence pervertie 1974_1Adolescence pervertie 1974_2Adolescence pervertie 1974_3Adolescence pervertie 1974_4Adolescence pervertie 1974_5Adolescence pervertie 1974_6Adolescence pervertie 1974_7Adolescence pervertie 1974_8

Adolescence pervertie 1974

Adolescence pervertie 1974 1h 44min | Drama, Adult | 15 March 1974 (Italy) Storyline: Mirella, a sultry middle-aged maths teacher, falls in love with a student, Alain. But her bourgeois upbringing comes in the way of this fantasy love, until she finds out that her best friend had sex with the young man. User review: […]
Eragon 2006_BHMEragon 2006_1Eragon 2006_2Eragon 2006_3Eragon 2006_4Eragon 2006_5Eragon 2006_6

Eragon 2006

Eragon 2006 PG | 1h 44min | Action, Adventure, Family | 13 December 2006 (Indonesia) Storyline: The Kingdom of Alagaesia is ruled by the evil King Galbatorix, a former dragon rider that betrayed his mates and his people in his quest for power. When the orphan farm boy Eragon finds a blue stone sent by […]
Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_BHMPourquoi Mon Fils 2015_1Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_2Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_3Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_4Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_5Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015_6

Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015

Pourquoi Mon Fils 2015 Pourquoi mon fils? (original title) 21min | Short, Drama | 12 June 2015 (France) Plot: This is the time for Thomas and Louis to announce to their parents their homosexual bond. If for Louis everything seems to go for the best, on the other hand for the father of Thomas, Hervé, […]
Spunk 2015_BHMSpunk by Antonio Da Silva_1Spunk by Antonio Da Silva_2Spunk by Antonio Da Silva_3Spunk by Antonio Da Silva_4

Spunk 2015

Spunk 2015 37min | Adult, Short | 18 July 2015 (USA) Storyline: Spunk is an experimental documentary where reality and virtual reality blend into a surrealistic sexual collage. 36 minutes long, it showcases digital sex with webcams, mobile phones and the fantasies the participants live through the digital media. Spunk has two parts. In the […]
Heile Gansje 2013_BHMHeile Gansje 2013_1Heile Gansje 2013_2Heile Gansje 2013_3Heile Gansje 2013_4

Heile Gansje 2013

Heile Gansje 2013 Heile Gänsje (original title) 13min | Short, Drama, Romance | 10 December 2013 (Germany) Plot: A portrait of Berlin youth, sexuality, and identity. User review: The visual aspects of the film were very beautiful, but there really was not much of a story. Director: Matt Lambert Writers: Blake Wood (screenplay), Matt Lambert […]
Hugo och Josefin 1967_BHMHugo och Josefin 1967_1Hugo och Josefin 1967_2Hugo och Josefin 1967_3Hugo och Josefin 1967_4Hugo och Josefin 1967_5Hugo och Josefin 1967_6

Hugo och Josefin 1967

Hugo och Josefin 1967 1h 22min | Family, Comedy, Drama | 16 December 1967 (Sweden) Storyline: Josefin is a six-year-old girl who lives isolated in the countryside, where her father is a priest. She has no friends until she meets Hugo. He is a carefree boy who rather walk in the forest than go to […]
I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_BHMI Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_1I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_2I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_3I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_4I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_5I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_6I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_7I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994_8

I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994

I Like You, I Like You Very Much 1994 Anata-ga suki desu, dai suki desu (1994) 58min | Drama | 19 April 1994 (Japan) User review: This is an excellent example of the japanese ‘pink’ films. Short, well-acted and directed, and quite sexy in it’s own, modest way, without being graphic. Something Americans don’t seem […]
Kissing on the Mouth 2005_BHMKissing on the Mouth 2005_1Kissing on the Mouth 2005_2Kissing on the Mouth 2005_3Kissing on the Mouth 2005_4

Kissing on the Mouth 2005

Kissing on the Mouth 2005 1h 18min | Drama, Romance | 12 March 2005 (USA) Storyline: Raw. Honest. Naked. “Kissing on the Mouth” is post-college life in close-up. Ellen is sleeping with her ex-boyfriend while trying to ignore the fact that he’s looking for more than just sex. Her roommate, Patrick, isn’t helping matters with […]
Thundercrack 1975_bhmThundercrack 1975_1Thundercrack 1975_2Thundercrack 1975_3Thundercrack 1975_4Thundercrack 1975_5Thundercrack 1975_6Thundercrack 1975_7Thundercrack 1975_8

Thundercrack 1975

Thundercrack 1975 2h 40min | Adult, Comedy, Horror | 29 December 1975 (USA) Storyline: Take a clichéd Horror-story beginning, a remote Gothic mansion, an insane hostess, a group of strangers (four men, three women and a gorilla) and you pretty much begin to see that this is not meant to be a serious film, but […]
Disconnect 2012_BHMDisconnect 2012_1Disconnect 2012_2Disconnect 2012_3Disconnect 2012_4Disconnect 2012_5Disconnect 2012_6Disconnect 2012_7Disconnect 2012_8

Disconnect 2012

Disconnect 2012 R | 1h 55min | Drama, Thriller | 5 July 2013 (USA) Storyline: A hard-working lawyer, attached to his cell phone, can’t find the time to communicate with his family. A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online. A widowed ex-cop struggles to raise a mischievous son […]