The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014_BHMThe Beat Beneath My Feet 2014_1The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014_2The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014_3The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014_4The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014_5The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014_6

The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014

The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014 1h 31min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 20 July 2015 (UK) Storyline: A teenage boy lives with his single mum in a flat in South London. Into the flat below moves an anti-social, former Rock God who faked his death 8 years ago. The teenage boy works out who […]
It’s Only the End of the World 2016_BHMIt’s Only the End of the World 2016_1It’s Only the End of the World 2016_2It’s Only the End of the World 2016_3It’s Only the End of the World 2016_4

It’s Only the End of the World 2016

It’s Only the End of the World 2016 Juste la fin du monde (original title) 1h 37min | Drama | 19 May 2016 (France) Storyline: After 12 years of absence, Louis (Gaspard Ulliel), a writer, goes back to his hometown, planning on announcing his upcoming death to his family. As resentment soon rewrites the course […]
Incarnate 2016_BHMIncarnate 2016_1Incarnate 2016_2Incarnate 2016_3Incarnate 2016_4Incarnate 2016_5Incarnate 2016_6

Incarnate 2016

Incarnate 2016 PG-13 | 1h 31min | Horror, Thriller | 2 December 2016 (USA) Storyline: In New York, the boy Cameron lives with his Dutch mother Lindsey that is divorced from his alcoholic father Dan. One night, Cameron overhears a noise in the kitchen and is attacked by a homeless; however he kills the man, […]
Boys Love 2 (2007)_BHMBoys Love 2 (2007)_1Boys Love 2 (2007)_2Boys Love 2 (2007)_3Boys Love 2 (2007)_4Boys Love 2 (2007)_5Boys Love 2 (2007)_6Boys Love 2 (2007)_7Boys Love 2 (2007)_8

Boys Love 2 (2007)

Boys Love 2 (2007) 1h 28min | Drama | August 2007 (Japan) Storyline: Aoi, a young teacher with striking good looks, has just learned that his newest student Sora is the alluring teen prostitute he once hired. Here the nightmare begins. As the walls of the prestigious academy become a percolating hotbed of sexual intrigue, […]
Quelque part vers Conakry 1992_BHMQuelque part vers Conakry 1992_1Quelque part vers Conakry 1992_2Quelque part vers Conakry 1992_3Quelque part vers Conakry 1992_4Quelque part vers Conakry 1992_5Quelque part vers Conakry 1992_6

Quelque part vers Conakry 1992

Quelque part vers Conakry 1992 1h 18min | 16 June 1993 (France) Storyline: 1971: Guinea, thirteen years after independence. A revolutionary storm is brewing on the streets of the city of Fria. Somewhere near Conakry – Children play, far from the adults’ worries. The gigantic land stretches from the savanna to the marshes. In this […]
El mar 2000_BHMEl mar 2000_1El mar 2000_2El mar 2000_3El mar 2000_4El mar 2000_5El mar 2000_6El mar 2000_7El mar 2000_8

El mar 2000

El mar 2000 1h 47min | Drama, War | 14 April 2000 (Spain) Storyline: Two boys (Ramallo and Manuel) and a girl in the Spanish Civil War are involved in the death of other two boys, one killed, the other suicided. This terrible secret will be with them for all their lives. Years pass and […]
Akron 2015_BHMAkron 2015_1Akron 2015_2Akron 2015_3Akron 2015_4Akron 2015_5Akron 2015_6Akron 2015_7Akron 2015_8

Akron 2015

Akron 2015 1h 28min | Drama, Family, Romance | July 2016 (USA) Storyline: Benny, a college freshman at the University of Akron, Ohio meets and falls for fellow freshman Christopher at a football game. With the support of their families and friends they embark on a new relationship. But a tragic event in the past […]
1992 (2016)_BHM1992 (2016)_11992 (2016)_21992 (2016)_31992 (2016)_41992 (2016)_51992 (2016)_61992 (2016)_71992 (2016)_8

1992 (2016)

1992 (2016) 25min | Short, Drama, Romance | 24 January 2016 (France) User review: A lesson or only model for the relation father-son. a film about desire, errors, pleasure and broken of the line between teacher and student. a film who lost, scene by scene, its message. something missing and this fact transforms it in […]
Szamarkohoges 1987_BHMSzamarkohoges 1987_1Szamarkohoges 1987_2Szamarkohoges 1987_3Szamarkohoges 1987_4Szamarkohoges 1987_5Szamarkohoges 1987_6Szamarkohoges 1987_7Szamarkohoges 1987_8

Szamarkohoges 1987

Szamarkohoges 1987 1h 31min | Comedy, Drama | 3 September 1987 (Hungary) Storyline: The story of 10-year-old boy and his family against the backdrop of the bloody events of 1956, in Budapest. Children do not yet understand what is going on, but they’re happy because the schools are closed. But gradually, to adults and children […]
Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_BHMUna noche con Sabrina Love 2000_1Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_2Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_3Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_4Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_5Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_6Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_7Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000_8

Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000

Una noche con Sabrina Love 2000 1h 40min | Comedy, Drama | 8 June 2000 (Argentina) Storyline: In Curuguazu, located in the Argentinian countryside, seventeen year-old Daniel Montero has been raised by his grandmother for three years since the death of his parents in a car accident. Daniel has a boring life, working in a […]