Le ring 2007_BHMLe ring 2007_1Le ring 2007_2Le ring 2007_3Le ring 2007_4Le ring 2007_5Le ring 2007_6

Le ring 2007

Le ring 2007 1h 27min | Drama | 14 October 2007 (Canada) User review: This movie was selected in 3 film festivals: Berlin (Germany) 2008, Pusan (South Korea) 2007 and India 2007. I believe it was the first movie that directed Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette which is only 28 years-old. It was from my point of view […]
The Boy Next Door 2008_BHMThe Boy Next Door (2008_1The Boy Next Door (2008_2The Boy Next Door (2008_3The Boy Next Door (2008_4The Boy Next Door (2008_5The Boy Next Door (2008_6

The Boy Next Door 2008

The Boy Next Door 2008 14min | Short, Drama, Romance | 5 October 2008 (UK) Storyline: A closeted male travels and hires male prostitutes while away. Upon arrival, the hustler is nervous, uncomfortable and takes Valium to cope. Host suddenly gets a call and must leave. Gives the hustler money and tells him to stay. […]
Cowboys janken ook 2013_BHMCowboys janken ook 2013_1Cowboys janken ook 2013_2Cowboys janken ook 2013_3Cowboys janken ook 2013_4Cowboys janken ook 2013_5Cowboys janken ook 2013_6Cowboys janken ook 2013_7Cowboys janken ook 2013_8

Cowboys janken ook 2013

Cowboys janken ook 2013 25min | Short, Drama, Family | 6 July 2013 (UK) Storyline: Sven (18) and Gijs (18) are best friends. When the two boys find themselves in a fight after an evening out, Gijs ends up in a coma. Sven wrestles with guilt and the fear that he will lose his best […]
Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_BHMDichter op de Zeedijk 2000_1Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_2Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_3Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_4Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_5Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_6Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_7Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000_8

Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000

Dichter op de Zeedijk 2000 TV Movie 16 March 2000 | Drama | Romance Storyline: Constant Wegman (Benja Bruijning), a 14 year old boy, raised by his grandmother (Carry Tefsen) in Zeedijk, Amsterdam. She is the owner of a cafe-hotel “De Rode Laars” (“The Red Boots”). The dreaming Constant runs away from this world of […]
Gomen 2002_BHMGomen 2002_1Gomen 2002_2Gomen 2002_3Gomen 2002_4Gomen 2002_5Gomen 2002_6Gomen 2002_7Gomen 2002_8

Gomen 2002

Gomen 2002 1h 43min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 12 October 2002 (Japan) User review: Sei is reading aloud in his Primary 6 class when his pubescent body betrays him. Suddenly alert to the delights of the female sex, he develops an instant crush on junior high school pupil Nao. Nao has more than younger […]
The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_BHMThe Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_1The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_2The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_3The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_4The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_5The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens_6

The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens

The Human Body Episode 4 – Raging Teens 6h 34min | Documentary | Episode aired 10 June 1998 Storyline: Professor Robert Winston looks at the physical changes brought about by puberty. Footage shot inside the body reveals how sexual development happens. Star: Andrew Blackall Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : […]
The Brothers 1973_BHMThe Brothers 1973_1The Brothers 1973_2The Brothers 1973_3The Brothers 1973_4The Brothers 1973_5The Brothers 1973_6The Brothers 1973_7The Brothers 1973_8

The Brothers 1973

The Brothers 1973 1h 06min | Adult, Drama, Romance |1973 Storyline: In this film by Jason Soto, The Brothers, a soldier home on leave from Vietnam discovers love … the love of his brother! User review: Though Bruce’s training had been in visual art, Norman’s background was filmmaking, which he studied at UCLA and AFI. […]
Fateless 2005_BHMFateless 2005_1Fateless 2005_2Fateless 2005_3Fateless 2005_4Fateless 2005_5Fateless 2005_6Fateless 2005_7Fateless 2005_8

Fateless 2005

Fateless 2005 Sorstalanság (original title) R | 2h 20min | Drama, Romance, War | 10 February 2005 (Hungary) Storyline: An Hungarian youth comes of age at Buchenwald during World War II. György Köves is 14, the son of a merchant who’s sent to a forced labor camp. After his father’s departure, György gets a job […]
Deep End 1970 UNCUT_BHMDeep End 1970 UNCUT_1Deep End 1970 UNCUT_2Deep End 1970 UNCUT_3Deep End 1970 UNCUT_4Deep End 1970 UNCUT_5Deep End 1970 UNCUT_6Deep End 1970 UNCUT_7Deep End 1970 UNCUT_8

Deep End 1970 UNCUT

Deep End 1970 UNCUT 1h 32min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 18 March 1971 (Denmark) Storyline: 15-year-old Mike takes a job at the local swimming baths, where he becomes obsessed with an attractive young woman, Susan, who works there as an attendant. Although Susan has a fiancé, Mike does his best to sabotage the relationship, […]
Amor eterno 2014_BHMAmor eterno 2014_1Amor eterno 2014_2Amor eterno 2014_3Amor eterno 2014_4Amor eterno 2014_5Amor eterno 2014_6

Amor eterno 2014

Amor eterno 2014 1h 9min | Drama, Mystery, Romance | 4 October 2014 (Spain) Storyline: A middle aged teacher meets one of his young students whilst cruising in the local woods. Between them commences a love affair that takes a dark turn. User review: This film from the director who made Animals (2012), replicates the […]