Body Without Soul1

Telo bez duse 1996

Telo bez duse 1996 1h 34min | Documentary | 9 November 1996 (USA) A.K.S Body Without Soul 1996 Storyline Documentary look at doomed male prostitutes in Prague, ages 15 to 18, who troll at the public swimming pool, the train station, a video arcade, and a disco. After the boys talk about how they got […]
Black Sheep Boy (1995)2

Black Sheep Boy 1995

Black Sheep Boy 1995 Director: Michael Wallin Writers: Richard Board (monologues written by), Eric Newton (monologues written by) | 3 more credits » Stars: Stuart Cataldo, Drew Daniel, Peter Dunaj Storyline A narrator’s voice tells stories, primarily about meeting or being with boys who are almost men. As he talks, we see various boys, usually […]
Boys Briefs 4 (2006)6

Boys Briefs 4 – 2006

Boys Briefs 4 – 2006 Directors: Greg Atkins, Mary Feuer Stars: Greg Atkins, Nancy Beatty, Bryan Bevege Review: The fourth entry in the popular Boys Briefs anthology series of gay-themed shorts collects six films of varying length and quality that focus exclusively on that most transitory of relationships: the one between a sex worker and […]
Boys Life 5.2006 Dvdrip3

Boys Life 5 – 2006

Boys Life 5 – 2006 Directors: Michael Burke, Eytan Fox Writer: David Brind (segment) Star: Jason Hayes User review: First, an overview of this release, obviously the 5th in line of the “Boys Life”-series. To me it’s probably the most successful, due to its more romantic vein. While several episodes in the earlier discs have […]
Pelle erobreren (1080p)8_BHM
Pelle erobreren 1987 – 1080p

Pelle erobreren 1987 – 1080p

Pelle erobreren 1987 – 1080p Director: Bille August Writers: Martin Andersen Nexø (novel), Bille August (screenplay) Stars: Pelle Hvenegaard, Max von Sydow, Erik Paaske Storyline The end of the 19th century. A boat filled with Swedish emigrants comes to the Danish island of Bornholm. Among them are Lasse and his son Pelle who move to […]

Svolochi 2006

Svolochi 2006 1h 37min | Action, Drama, War | 2 February 2006 (Russia) Director: Aleksandr Atanesyan Writers: Aleksandr Atanesyan, Vladimir Kunin Stars: Andrey Panin, Andrey Krasko, Aleksandr Golovin Storyline A “Hitlerjugend” kind of story, set in the Soviet Union during the Second World War, based on a fictitious story from the eponymous book by Vladimir […]

Un mundo para Raúl 2012

Un mundo para Raúl 2012 15min | Short, Drama | 15 July 2012 (USA) Director: Mauro Mueller Writer: Mauro Mueller Stars: Alexandré Barceló, Adrian Alonso, Gerardo Taracena Storyline When thirteen-year-old Raul is asked to entertain the local landowner’s son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys. Review: One of the most […]

Oxygono 2003

Oxygono 2003 Blackmail boy Directors: Thanasis Papathanasiou, Michalis Reppas Writers: Thanasis Papathanasiou (scenario), Michalis Reppas (scenario) Stars: Nena Menti, Maria Kavoyianni, Akilas Karazisis Storyline In the small, closed community of a provincial town, Magda tries to maintain a balance within a family facing many serious problems. The families apparently normal, bourgeois, every-day life will crack […]

The Better Angels 2014

The Better Angels 2014 PG | 1h 35min | Biography, Drama, History | 7 November 2014 (USA) Director: A.J. Edwards Writer: A.J. Edwards Stars: Jason Clarke, Diane Kruger, Brit Marling Storyline Indiana, 1817. The entire nation, only 40 years old and a few years removed from a second war of independence, is raw. Men, women, […]
The Quarry2_BHM
The Quarry 2010

The Quarry 2010

The Quarry 2010 13min | Short, Drama Director: Ryan Hanson Writer: Ryan Hanson Stars: Ruben de Baat, Meagan Brodie, Jacob Ahearn Storyline Set in the 1990’s, The Quarry takes place over the course of one day, following the main character, Charlie. 12-year-old Charlie’s best friend Natalie is moving away, and as he confronts his growing […]