The History of Love 2016_BHM

The History of Love 2016

The History of Love 2016 12 | 2h 14min | Drama, Romance, War | 7 September 2016 (France) Storyline: The story of a long-lost book that mysteriously reappears and connects an old man searching for his son with a girl seeking a cure for her mother’s loneliness. User review: After “Go, Live and Become”, “The […]
Nocturama 2016_BHM

Nocturama 2016

Nocturama 2016 16 | 2h 10min | Drama, Thriller | 8 July 2016 (France) Storyline: Some young folks, tired of the society they’re living in, plan a bomb attack over Paris before to take shelter for a night in a shopping center. User review: I love the Metacritic summary for „Nocturama”: some young folks, tired […]
Les minets sauvages 1984_BHM

Les minets sauvages 1984

Les minets sauvages 1984 1h 30min | Adult | Video User review: “Les Minets Sauvages” is Jean-Michel Cadinot’s darkest, and most sexually violent film of his impressive career. The film deals with the power struggle among youths at a rough juvenile prison outside of Paris. The film opens with actor Didier Hamel entering the prison […]
The Secret Kiss 2017_BHM

The Secret Kiss 2017

The Secret Kiss 2017 1h 11min | Drama, Mystery | 20 September 2017 (UK) Storyline: Ray is a loner until he meets the mysterious Paul whilst exploring the woods, a place he can see in his dreams. As their love deepens Ray begins to suspect that Paul may not be who he seems and that […]
Angel in the Toilet (1999)_BHM

Angel in the Toilet 1999

Angel in the Toilet 1999 32min | Short | 1 January 1999 (Japan) User review: In a dank and dirty public toilet loiters a semi-naked youth with tattered wings. From time to time, men enter, urinate and excrete, wash and leave, unaware of the figure watching them. Then a moustachoied figure in a tank top […]
Touch (2002)_BHM

Touch 2002

Touch 2002 29min | Drama, Short | January 2002 (USA) Storyline: A boy, abducted and abused for eight years returns home to find that the experience remains an indelible part of him. User review: “Touch” is an extremely intense film. The director – or someone central to the making of this film – understand what […]
Goats 2012_BHM

Goats 2012

Goats 2012 R | 1h 34min | Comedy | 10 August 2012 (USA) Storyline: Fifteen-year-old Ellis is getting ready to leave his luxurious home in the foothills of Tucson for his freshman year at Gates Academy, an East Coast prep school. This means leaving behind Wendy, his flaky, new age mother and the only real […]
Amateur Teens 2015_BHM

Amateur Teens 2015

Amateur Teens 2015 1h 32min | Drama | 30 September 2015 (Switzerland) Storyline: A group of normal 14-year-old teenagers at a secondary school in Zürich with the normal yearnings for love and acceptance. But the power of social media, with its high-gloss selfies and perpetual pressure towards cooler and sexier, increasingly forces the kids to […]
The Other 1972_BHM

The Other 1972

The Other 1972 1h 48min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | 26 May 1972 (USA) Storyline: In the summer of 1935, 12-year-old twins Niles and Holland Perry live with their family on a Connecticut farm. Their loving grandmother Ada has taught them something called “the game.” A number of accidents begin happening, and it seems to […]
Paperhouse 1988_BHM

Paperhouse 1988

Paperhouse 1988 1h 32min | Drama, Fantasy | 2 June 1989 (UK) Storyline: Anna is becoming lost in the loneliness of her own world when she discovers she can visit another, a house she has drawn herself and occupied by a young disabled boy. But as she discovers more of the links between her fantasy […]