Explorers 1985_BHMExplorers 1985_1Explorers 1985_2Explorers 1985_3Explorers 1985_4Explorers 1985_5Explorers 1985_6

Explorers 1985

Explorers 1985 PG | 1h 49min | Adventure, Comedy, Family | 12 July 1985 (USA) Storyline: Ben Crandall, an alien-obsessed kid, dreams one night of a circuit board. Drawing out the circuit, he and his friends Wolfgang and Darren set it up, and discover they have been given the basis for a starship. Setting off […]
After School (2015)_BHMAfter School (2015)_1After School (2015)_2After School (2015)_3After School (2015)_4

After School 2015

After School 2015 7min | Short, Drama, Romance | June 2015 (USA) Storyline: Fifteen year-old JACK is forced to come face-to-face with his growing romantic feelings for his best friend DANNY. User review: one of many films about friendship between two boys. confessions, differences ,events. and the revelation about the other, different by the first […]
Un chant d’amour 1954_BHMUn chant d’amour 1954_1Un chant d’amour 1954_2Un chant d’amour 1954_3Un chant d’amour 1954_4Un chant d’amour 1954_5Un chant d’amour 1954_6

Un chant d’amour 1954

Un chant d’amour 1954 26min | Short, Fantasy, Romance | 11 December 1972 (Denmark) Storyline: Inmates in a French prison are attempting to fulfill their sexual and emotional needs under the confines of their individual cells. Two inmates in particular, who are in adjacent cells, try to make that connection to the other, both physical […]
Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986_BHMAlla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986_1Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986_2Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986_3Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986_4Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986_5Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986_6

Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986

Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn 1986 1h 27min | Family | 6 December 1986 (Sweden) Storyline The story of the children who live in Bullarby, Sweden, through the spring and summer months. User review: Growing up with Astrid Lindgrens books and TV-series and movies, I have to say that “Barnen i Bullerbyn” is my favorite. […]
Everlasting 2016_BHMEverlasting 2016_1Everlasting 2016_2Everlasting 2016_3Everlasting 2016_4Everlasting 2016_5Everlasting 2016_6Everlasting 2016_7Everlasting 2016_8

Everlasting 2016

Everlasting 2016 1h 25min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 13 February 2016 (USA) Storyline: A High School Filmmaker documents his solo journey from Colorado to L. A. in search of the serial killer responsible for the murder of his girlfriend. The film intermixes home footage, real time clips and the eventual climax with the murderer. […]
Stadt Land Fluss 2011_BHMStadt Land Fluss 2011_1Stadt Land Fluss 2011_2Stadt Land Fluss 2011_3Stadt Land Fluss 2011_4Stadt Land Fluss 2011_5Stadt Land Fluss 2011_6

Stadt Land Fluss 2011

Stadt Land Fluss 2011 1h 28min | Drama, Romance | 19 May 2011 (Germany) Storyline: A drama that tracks the relationship between two young apprentices working on an agricultural complex south of Berlin. User review: “Harvest” is a minimalist docu-drama concerning life in a German farming community. Utterly realistic production that uses a cast of […]
Toto le heros 1991_BHMToto le heros 1991_1Toto le heros 1991_2Toto le heros 1991_3Toto le heros 1991_4Toto le heros 1991_5Toto le heros 1991_6
Toto le heros 1991

Toto le heros 1991

Toto le heros 1991 Toto le héros (original title) PG-13 | 1h 31min | Comedy, Drama | 16 May 1991 (Belgium) Storyline: Thomas and Alfred were born around the same time; a fire in the nursery had nurses scrambling to save the newborns. Because he felt that he deserved Alfred’s good fortune at being born […]
The Pit 1981_BHMThe Pit 1981_1The Pit 1981_2The Pit 1981_3The Pit 1981_4The Pit 1981_5The Pit 1981_6

The Pit 1981

The Pit 1981 1h 36min | Horror, Mystery | 23 October 1981 (USA) Storyline: Twelve year-old Jamie Benjamin is a misunderstood lad. His classmates pick on him, his neighbors think he’s weird and his parents ignore him. But now Jamie has a secret weapon: deep in the woods he has discovered a deep pit full […]
Behind Blue Skies 2010_BHMBehind Blue Skies 2010_1Behind Blue Skies 2010_2Behind Blue Skies 2010_3Behind Blue Skies 2010_4Behind Blue Skies 2010_5Behind Blue Skies 2010_6Behind Blue Skies 2010_7Behind Blue Skies 2010_8

Behind Blue Skies 2010

Behind Blue Skies 2010 Himlen är oskyldigt blå (original title) 1h 50min | Drama | 15 October 2010 (Sweden) Storyline: Coming of age film that takes place in the Swedish archipelago during 70s about young Martin (Bill Skarsgård) who gets a summer job working at a hotel. The hotel manager Gösta (Peter Dalle) takes a […]
The Day Will Come 2016_BHMThe Day Will Come 2016_1The Day Will Come 2016_2The Day Will Come 2016_3The Day Will Come 2016_4The Day Will Come 2016_5The Day Will Come 2016_6The Day Will Come 2016_7The Day Will Come 2016_8

The Day Will Come 2016

The Day Will Come 2016 Der kommer en dag (original title) 1h 50min | Drama | 21 April 2016 (Denmark) Storyline: ‘Der kommer en dag’ is a movie about an orphanage where violence and humiliations is a part of the everyday life. The history is based on real stories from a boy home called ‘godhavn’, […]