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Blind Date 2016

Blind Date 2016 24min | Adult, Short | Nov 16 2016 Storyline: The boy action is non-stop in this one of a kind film noir thriller that proves that even in death there can be a “happy ending!” In fact this 25 minute short film is crammed with no less then 3 of them as […]
Eden Lake 2008_BHMEden Lake 2008_1Eden Lake 2008_2Eden Lake 2008_3Eden Lake 2008_4Eden Lake 2008_5Eden Lake 2008_6

Eden Lake 2008

Eden Lake 2008 R | 1h 31min | Horror | 12 September 2008 (UK) Storyline: Nursery teacher Jenny and her boyfriend Steve, escape for a romantic weekend away. Steve, planning to propose, has found an idyllic setting: a remote lake enclosed by woodlands and seemingly deserted. The couple’s peace is shattered when a gang of […]
Afterschool 2008_BHMAfterschool 2008_1Afterschool 2008_2Afterschool 2008_3Afterschool 2008_4Afterschool 2008_5Afterschool 2008_6

Afterschool 2008

Afterschool 2008 1h 47min | Drama, Mystery | 1 October 2008 (France) Storyline: Having joined a recently created video club, a lowly prep-school sophomore – desensitized from reality by frequently viewed Internet imagery – accidentally captures on video the final moments of admired twin senior classmates dying from poisoned drugs. Rather than galvanize the school […]

Devil’s Playground 2002

Devil’s Playground 2002 1h 17min | Documentary | 11 January 2002 (USA) Storyline: Amish teenagers experience and embrace the modern world as a rite-of-passage before deciding which life they will choose. User review: I don’t see how it could have been made any better.. I have actually “met” one of the girls on this documentary.. […]
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The Manipulated Living 2012

The Manipulated Living 2012 7min | Short, Drama, Thriller | 24 August 2012 (USA) Storyline: It’s the short film about a young boy whose life is dark and manipulated in a way of child abuse. The purpose is to help the children and make the word a safer place for them. Director: Harrison J. Bahe […]
Starred Up 2013_BHMStarred Up 2013_1Starred Up 2013_2Starred Up 2013_3Starred Up 2013_4Starred Up 2013_5Starred Up 2013_6Starred Up 2013_7

Starred Up 2013

Starred Up 2013 1h 46min | Crime, Drama | 21 March 2014 (UK) Storyline: Eric Love is a 19 year old teenager who is so violent he has been ‘Starred Up’ (Moved to Adult prison) where he finds his father Neville who Eric hasn’t seen since he was 5 (since he was put into care). […]
Flight of the Navigator 1986_BHMFlight of the Navigator 1986_1Flight of the Navigator 1986_2Flight of the Navigator 1986_3Flight of the Navigator 1986_4Flight of the Navigator 1986_5Flight of the Navigator 1986_6Flight of the Navigator 1986_7Flight of the Navigator 1986_8

Flight of the Navigator 1986

Flight of the Navigator 1986 1h 30min | Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi | 1 August 1986 (USA) Storyline: A 12-year-old boy goes missing in 1978, only to reappear once more in 1986. In the eight years that have passed, he hasn’t aged. It is no coincidence that at the time he “comes back”, a flying saucer […]
I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_BHMI’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_1I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_2I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_3I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_4I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_5I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_6I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_7I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009_8

I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009

I’m Glad My Mother Is Alive 2009 Je suis heureux que ma mère soit vivante (original title) 1h 31min | Drama | 30 September 2009 (France) Storyline: Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching, Thomas finds her single, with a […]
Daydream Obsession 2003_BHMDaydream Obsession 2003_1Daydream Obsession 2003_2Daydream Obsession 2003_3Daydream Obsession 2003_4Daydream Obsession 2003_5Daydream Obsession 2003_6Daydream Obsession 2003_7

Daydream Obsession 2003

Daydream Obsession 2003 1h 27min | Drama | Video 23 November 2003 Storyline: Clayton has a problem with his roommate Brian… he’s secretly in love with him! Blinded by passion, he can’t tell the difference between his daydream fantasies and reality. Can he control his desire or will he cross the line? User review: This […]
Like Grains of Sand 1995_BHMLike Grains of Sand 1995_1Like Grains of Sand 1995_2Like Grains of Sand 1995_3Like Grains of Sand 1995_4Like Grains of Sand 1995_5Like Grains of Sand 1995_6

Like Grains of Sand 1995

Like Grains of Sand 1995 Nagisa no Shindobaddo (original title) 2h 9min | Drama, Romance | 16 December 1995 (Japan) Storyline: The movie is built around the very complex relationships between Yoshida, leaving Shimizu for Aihara (or at least he tries to), and his friend Ito, whose love for Yoshida seems to have little chance […]