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Dear followers!

I have some boyhood movie in DVD/BD format or just better quality but these contents are hase really big file size. For example: En tu ausencia 2008 BlueRay

Format : 1080i AVC MPEG-4
Size : 22.11 GB
Video : 1080i (16:9)
Framerate : 25.000 fps progressive
Audio : SPA 5.1 AC3 @ 192 kbps (see below)
Subtitle : English HC

I would like to know your opinion about the uploading. Please leave comment or send me an email to boyhoodmovies at protonmail dot com email address if you want to download these movies.

As you noticed the HTTPS protocol is enabled on boyhoodmovies. Now this feature is support the HTTP/2 that is mean the site safity and speed is much better. I hope you like it! 🙂

And finally I would lke to say a BIG THANKS for everyone who supported my work!

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I love to share boyhood movies and gay themed movies with everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want!

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Comment (13)

  1. Hi , in first a big thank’s for all you give us.
    You can put here bigger file , I could download if I have not .
    I like hd quality .
    So , do what you want Ithink I’ll be always happy come back.
    Thank’s a lot.

  2. I would like you to convert them to a downloadable size without sacrificing on the quality. Handbrake is one such tool that would be helpful.

  3. Thanks for all the videos!

    Sure, will download larger video files though the host may be a hindrance. Would love a HD versions of Jongens / Boys, if you have it.

    Also, have been searching for this short for awhile – Wij Waren Wolven (We Were Wolves).

  4. Thanks for all these. Appreciate it

    Just a question. How does the thumbs up work. How long does it take before my thumbs up click (and going yellow) registers in the count? Mine seems to work sometimes and not at other times.
    Im not worried but being guided myself by the numbers at times, I would like to add my weight to some likes for the benefit of others


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