306 (2010)

306 (2010)
10min | Short, Drama | 9 July 2010 (USA)


306 is a film that makes the viewer question: Is the closest person in your life normal? A family member, friend, or a lover? What is the norm that we are suppose to follow in life? What is perceived as normal on the outside is usually just a daily costume, which we as people like to dance around in to assimilate into society. The question is: Who is Eric Hays? Or more specifically: What is Eric Hays hiding? 306 gives the viewer a chance to see a secret that no one else gets to see.

User review:

seductive manner to propose a simple question – who is the other? not out of ordinary secrets but what is the detail who defines him ? the manner used by director to suggest more to say, to give clues without a verdict, to guide the viewer in a trip and create the right end are admirable. because all seems be around the title. number of the days from year. number of the first hotel room. number of days elapsed on the first date. it is only a day. from many other. before and after the story. and this fact does it special. and almost perfect portrait of the common existence as shelter of a dark side of it. more important – the kick to reflection. about the other, sure. and about ourselves.

Director: Elliot Dal Pra London (as Elliot London)
Writers: Elliot Dal Pra London (as Elliot London), Gregory Phelan
Stars: Brian Estel, Scott Lynch-Giddings, Raquel Montero

306 (2010)

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Duration : 11 min 1 s
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